Store Policies


Rare Christian Books
19275 Highway 28
Dixon, MO 65459
Phone/Fax 573-336-7316

Payment Methods Accepted:


·Checks (USA Banks only)
·Discover Card
·Master Card
·Visa Card
·Postal Money Orders
·International Postal Money Orders

·Western Union 
Money Orders
·Walmart Money Orders



NO C.O.D.s [People don't pay their C.O.D.s] 

NO American Express [Charges are Extremely High]



Only MISSOURIANS pay a tax of 4.975%


Return/Refund Policy:

We will provide a refund or credit to the buyer of any item that arrives in a damaged condition.

Restocking Fee is 15% to 25% [We are not a lending library]

We try to ship the same day as the order.

Phone 573-336-7316