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4720 Increased Spiritual Capacity




4721 The Riches of His Grace as Seen Thru David & Solomon




4730 Attaining Increased Spiritual Capacity




4731 The Riches of Christ In the Wisdom and Revelation of God (Part 1)




4740 The Riches of Christ In His People: Inheritance




4741 The Riches of Christ In His People: Sonship




4750 The Riches of Christ In the Wisdom and Revelation of God (Part 2)




4751 The Riches of Christ In the Cross & the Church of Christ




4760 Reality Through the Cross




4761 The All-Inclusiveness of the Cross




4770 The Cross and the Two Humanities




4771 The Cross and the Ministry of the Unveiled Face




4780 The Cross and the Battle For Sonship




4781 The Cross and Emancipation From Circumscribed Horizons




4790 The Cross and the Dynamic of Victory




4800 The Great Transition From One Humanity To Another




4801 Practical Devastation of Our Old Humanity




4810 Battleground of the Two Humanities




4811 The Place and Destiny of Man In the Divine Economy




4820 Nature and Purpose of the Church Now and In the After Ages




4821 Significance of Jesus Christ Crucified, Risen & Exalted




4830 The Crisis of Our Times




4831 A New Israel




4841 The Controversy of Zion




4850 Zion- - -Embodiment of the Spiritual Values of Jesus Christ




4851 A Final Shaking




4860 The Person of the Call and the Fellowship




4861 The People and the Purpose of the Call




4870 The Process of the Call




4871 The Prospect of the Call




4880 A Personal Revelation of Jesus Christ (Peril of the Call)




4881 The Lord's Table




5000 Meditations of Christ




5020 Remembering




5021 Incarnation




5022 The Earthly Life of the Lord Jesus




5023 The Cross




5024 Forty Days After the Resurrection




5025 The Advent of the Holy Spirit




5026 The Church




5027 The Coming Again of the Lord




5028 Titles of the Risen Lord




5029 The Presence of the Lord




5030 Beholding....Transfigured




5031 What Paul Saw




5032 He Must Reign




5033 Emptying Unto Fulness




5034-14 Persistent Purpose of God (14 tapes)




(Total number of T. Austin-Sparks tapes = 61)