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WB Paperback NEW 
A Reprint of an 1836 original. In this reprint, youth can learn..Loyalty from a buffalo; Discernment from a grasshopper; Gratitude from a lion; Honesty from a woodpecker;..and many other lessons. Provides excellent guidance for all ages. 
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2 Author Unknown PICTORIAL PRIMER--Easy Lessons for Little Ones at Home
NP Hard Cover NEW 
Compiled from two primers published in the mid-1800's by the American Tract Society, THE PICTORIAL PRIMER is filled with illustrations, picture alphabets, catechisms, stories about Jesus, reading lessons, and much more--giving your little ones an exciting opportunity to learn about God as they learn to read. 
Price: 12.95 USD
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3 Barth, Jeff CHILD TRAINING AND THE HOME SCHOOL ---A Legacy of Grace
Parable Pub.; 164 Pgs. 1991 Paperback Like New 
Contents: Introduction; Chapter Titles: 1. Facing the Facts; 2. The Place of Authority; 3. How Parents Have Lost the Authority; 4. Taking the Authority; 5. Gaining Control Through One Requirement; 6. Understanding Willfulness; 7. The Beauty of a Subjective Will; 8. Three Major Areas of Child; 9. Legality and Grace in Child Training; 10. The Rod Gives Wisdom; 11. The Grace Phase in Child Training; 12. Family Bonding; 13; Ministering to the Spirit of Your Child; 14. Further Spiritual Training; 15. Character and Social Lifestyle; 16. Home Schooling, A Road To Greater Success. 
Price: 12.99 USD
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4 Barth, Jeff WHAT ABOUT CHURCH? -----Guidlines for Fellowship for the Home Schooling Family and the Home Church Alternative
Parable Pub.; 138 Pgs. 1994 Paperback Like New 
As more and more families are questiong the impact the traditional church is having on their home, they are asking the question, 'Are there any alternatives?' Many home schooling families are seeing success with their home schooling, but they sense their church involvement is causing some problems for their homes. This book offers some Biblical answers to this urgent dilema, and provides counsel for those who wish to stay a part of a traditional church organization as well as direction for those who desire to face the challenges and blessings of something new. 
Price: 10.99 USD
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5 Boyer, Rick SOCIALIZATION TRAP, THE ---Protecting Your Children From Age Segragation & Other Pitfalls.(revised)
R.G.B. 145 Pgs. 1995 1995 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. THE SOCIALIZATION TRAP is the Boyers' answer to the common misconception that home taught children are socially deprived. This book analyzes Scripture, scientific research and personal experience to demonstrate that when it comes to the learning of healthy effective social skills, there's no place like home! Contents: Part 1: The Trap ---1 Blind Guides; 2. A Good Example of a Bad Example; 3. What Happens in Peer Groups; Part II: School and Socialization ---4. Adults in School; 5. The System in School; 6. Peers in School; 7. Curriculum in School; Part III: Danger And Opportunity ----8. The Electronic Socializer; 9. A Social Circle for Your Child; 
Price: 11.99 USD
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6 Federer, William J. AMERICAN QUOTATIONS (CD-Rom)
Amerisearch, Inc.; 845 Pgs. NEW 
An Exhaustive Collection of Profound Quotes from Founding Fathers, Presidents, Statesmen, Scientists, Constitutions. Court Decisions. For use in Speeches, Papers, Debates, Essays. This CD Rom also contains Noah Webster's 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language. The King James Version, Strong's Greek & Hebrew Definitions, Nave's Topical Index. System Requirments: 4MB RAM recommended 100k of free hard disk space. CD Rom player. Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher 
Price: 49.99 USD
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SPP 1977 Hardback; 212 Pgs. Good Good 
The informative report of Mel and Norma Gabler's ongoing battle to oust objectionable textbooks from public schools---and to urge publishers to produce better ones. 
Price: 12.99 USD
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VF Hard cover NEW 
Thrilling stories of Survivors with photographs and sketches. Detailed and Accurate Account of the most awful Marine disaster in history, constructed from the real facts as obtained from those on board who survived. Record of Previous Great Disasters of the Sea, Descriptions of the development of safety and Life-Saving appliances, a Plain statement of the causes of Such catastrophes and How to avoid them. 
Price: 24.99 USD
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9 Marshall, Peter & Manuel, David FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA --For children
BBH Paperback NEW 
Discovering God's Plan for America in Her first Half-Century of Independence --1787-1837 
Price: 17.99 USD
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GPP Spiral; sketches NEW 
Thirty unique activity sheets provide hours of coloring, cutting, and pasting fun, with simple craft items commonly found at home. Each page accompanies one of the stories from the Miller Family Series, and reinforces the lesson theme. For Ages 4-7 
Price: 6.99 USD
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HSP 1995 Paperback; 227 Pgs. NEW 
This book is a rich resource for parents in preparing their children---from infancy onward--for school. She answers questions such as: What Activities (birth through five years) develop pre-academic skills?---Which abilities will make a successful student?---What types of early learning experiences are best?---How will I know if my child is ready for school? 
Price: 8.99 USD
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HHP Spine Stapled; sketches NEW 
A History book you can trust. Taken from original documents, the text and illustrations have been thoroughly researched to ensure accuracy. It includes 31 lessons covering the founding period of America. Text from original writings, documents and quotations of founding fathers. Illustrations taken from original paintings and sculptures and much more. 
Price: 11.99 USD
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BLP 1990 Paperback; 332 Pgs. Fair; Pages yellowed with age 
Eighteen great topics for studying the Bible with Scripture verses included 
Price: 6.99 USD
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FPH Spine Stapled; 31 Pgs. NEW 
The author beseeches you, by the love Christ has for you, and for your own spiritual good, that you read this little book thoughtfully and carefully, and prayerfully, and that as far as these instructions are in harmony with the Bible and we trust that you will give them the respect that is their due. 
Price: 4.99 USD
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15 Otto, Donna STAY AT HOME MOM $11.99 SALE! $8.99
HHP 1997 Paperback; 203 Pgs. NEW 
This book is for women at home and those who want to be...a book that applauds the stay-at-home mom and cheers her on with practical ideas to make the journey an adventure. 
Price: 8.99 USD
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16 Parley, Peter (Goodrich, Samuel G.) PARLEY'S HISTORY OF THE WORLD (A Pictorial History of the World, Ancient and Modern For the Use of Schools)
Hearthstone Pub.; Originally Published in 1881 1881 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. This book was originally printed in 1858, with an update in 1881. The value of this book is that it predates the revisionists who change history to accomodate current social and world political goals. Another worthy factor is that world history begins with the first man, Adam. Each generation bases its future or fall upon the previous generation. This book affords us an understanding of the Christian principles and the lessons of history in Civil War days that were the basis of education. Whether the American republic rises to the next generation or falls upon the present one depends upon traditional education, not political indoctrination. The publisher recommends this book to the comprehensive school system ---public, Christian, private, or home. 
Price: 29.95 USD
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17 Pride, Mary BIG BOOK OF HOME LEARNING (4 Vols.)
Crossway Books; 286 Pgs.; 467 Pgs.; 438 Pgs. 320 Pgs. 1991 1991 0891075674 / 9780891075677 Paperback Good Signed by Author(s)
Paperback. Good. About the series ----Designed to be used as a set, the four volumes of THE BIG BOOK OF HOME LEARNING are a complete guide to education for parents, teachers, and others. This is the only resource award-winning Big Book. It includes hundreds of new reviews, updated prices and information, and many photos and illustrations. 
Price: 40.00 USD
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18 Pride, Mary BIG BOOK OF HOME LEARNING (Vol. 1) ----Getting Started
Crossway Books; 286 Pgs. 1990 1990 0891079157 / 9780891079156 Soft cover Good Signed by Author(s)
Paperback. Good. Designed for today's busy parent, GETTING STARTED puts you quickly in touch with the books, catalogs, magazines, supplies, and organizations that can help guarentee your child's educational success. Is your child enrolled in school? You will discover how children learn best & learn simple methods of helping your child at home. Thinking about home schooling? Turn to ample sections for beginning home schoolers, including the acclaimed curriculum Buyer's Guide to all packaged programs available for families at home. Need help fast? The supplier Index shows you where to get every item reviewed in the book. 
Price: 17.95 USD
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19 Pride, Mary BIG BOOK OF HOME LEARNING (Vol. 2) ---Preschool & Elementary
Crossway Books; 467 Pgs. 1991 1991 0891079165 / 9780891079163 Paperback Good 
Paperback. Good. For elementary school children, this book offers even more. Langauge arts --including research and thinking skills, speech & drama. Math & science ---including nature study. Home economics ---teach the kids to cook & clean! Physcial education, foreign & classical language programs for the seven-year-old set. Plus resources you need to help your child. 
Price: 22.50 USD
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20 Pride, Mary BIG BOOK OF HOME LEARNING (Vol. 3) ---Teen and Adult
Crossway Books; 438 Pgs. 1991 1991 0891079181 / 9780891079187 Paperback Good 
Paperback. Good. Only 3 percent of American teens graduating from high school are able to write a convincing two-paragraph letter. Beat the odds with this book! Starting with the basic school subjects, you'll find reviews of exciting and unusual resources you can use at home to quickly improve skills in reading, writing, researching, math, and science. Then move beyond the basics. Business skills. Foreign & classical languages. Home Economics. How to get into college ---and how to graduate without spending a fortune! Learn a trade by correspondence ---here's how. Plus sources to improve your basic knowledge of geography, history, literature, and more. An investment in lifetime educational fulfillment! 
Price: 22.50 USD
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