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Hendrickson Pub.; 192 Pgs. 1998 1998 1565633334 / 9781565633339 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. Elizabeth Achtemeier has carefully chosen thirty-one Old Testament passages that are difficult to understand and more difficult still to preach. The sacrifice of Isaac, God's command for Hosea to marry a harlot, Moses' use of the bronze serpent to heal snake-bitten Israelites---these and many other passages are illuminated for the preacher who no longer wants to fear these texts. In each chapter, Achtemeier discusses the text and then offers suggestions for forming a sermon based on that text. In treating specific unsettling passages, Achtemeier also addresses thematic difficulties found throughout the Old Testament, such as the frequent militaristic portrayals of God, the often perplexing behavior of Old Testament prophets, and the many anthropomorphic descriptions of God. 
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Zondervan Pub. 213 PGS. 1986 1986 0310511615 / 9780310511618 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. The author's purposes for this volume are that it provide practice in learnig how to identify problems according to biblical norms, practice in laying out biblical plans of action, and familiarity with variety of types of problems. By working through the many cases provided, the counselor will be better able to identify and respond to the issues that typically confront Christian counselors. This is not merely a book for the classroom; it is a tool for all sorts of training and personal development programs. 
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3 Adams, Jay E. CHRISTIAN COUNSELOR'S MANUAL ---The Practice of Nouthetic Counseling
Zondervan Pub. 476 Pgs. Pgs. 1986 1986 031051150X / 9780310511502 Hard Cover Like New Like New 
Hard Cover. Like New/Like New. The CHRISTIAN COUNSELOR'S MANUAL is a companion and sequel volume to the author's influential COMPETENT TO COUNSEL. It takes the approach of nouthetic counseling introduced in the earlier volume and applies it to a wide range of issues, topics, and techniques in counseling: Who is qualified to be a counselor? How can counselees change? How does the Holy Spirit work? What role does hope play? What is the function of language? How do we ak the right questions? What often lies behind depression? How do we deal with anger? What is schizophrenia? These and hundreds mor questions are answered in this comprehensive resource for the Christian counselor. A full set of indexes, a detailed table of contents, and a full compement of diagrams and forms make this one of the best reference books currently available for Christian counselors. 
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4 Adams, Jay E. COMPETENT TO COUNSEL ---Introduction to Nouthetic Counseling
Zondervan Pub. 287 PGS. 1986 1986 0310511402 / 9780310511403 Hard Cover Like New Like New 
Hard Cover. Like New/Like New. Using biblically directed discussion, nouthetic counselig works by means of the Holy Spirit to bring about change in the personality and behavior of the counselee. As the author points out in his introduction, "I have engrossed in the project of developing biblical counseling and have uncovered what I consider to be a number of important scriptural principles.There have been dramatic results.Not only have people's immediate problems been resolved, but there have also been solutions to all sorts of long-term problems as well." 
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Baker Book House; 276 Pgs.;, 1978 1978 0801001226 / 9780801001222 Paperback Used (red underlining) 
Paperback. Used (red underlining). LECTURES ON COUNSELING contains a wealth of practical, biblically-oriented counseling information and instruction --which makes it an ideal volume for the student soon to begin pastoral work. The opening chapters explore three subjects of interest to those preparing for a counseling ministry: The attitudes of today's evangelical students toward counseling; Resouces available for a counseling ministry; The best use of resouces for effective pastoral counseling; The convenience of this digest is augmented by "The Counselor's Topical Worklist", which tabulates Scripture passages that apply to common problems and anxieties. Indexes of topics, Scripture texts, and names are also included. This single book presents four of Dr. Adams' recently published and widely-received works: Your Place in the Counseling Revolution; What About Nouthetic Counseling? (Part One); Coping with Counseling Crises; The Use of the Scriptures in Counseling 
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6 Adams, Jay E. MORE THAN REDEMPTION (A Theology of Christian Counseling)
Baker Book House; 338 Pgs. 1979 1979 0801001595 / 9780801001598 Hard Cover Good Good 
Hard Cover. Good/Good. MORE THAN REDEMPTION is a first attempt to consider a biblical theology of counseling. As such, it is woefully imbalanced and incomplete. No one knows this better than the author. Yet, it has been his conviction over the years that, though incomplete, materials shuld be published whenever they can be presented in some sort of systematic form. He knows of no better way to test views, provide current help for those who are struggling on the front lines and to further the goal of calling pastors back to the work that their forefathers abandoned. For those reasons ---inadequate as it may be ---he has released this volume which is available to you. 
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7 Adams, Jay E. PREACHING WITH PURPOSE ---The Urgent Task of Homiletics
Zondervan; 162 Pgs. 1986 1986 0310510910 / 9780310510918 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. The amazing lack of concern for purpose among homileticians and preachers has spawned a brood of preachers who are dull, lifless, abstract and impersonal; it has obscured truth, hindered joyous Christian living, destroyed dedication and initiative, and stifled service for Christ. Preaching needs to become purposeful, says Jay Adams, because purposeless preaching is deadly. This book was written to help preachers and students of preaching to discover the purpose that preaching has and the ways that the Scriptures inform and direct the preaching task. 
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8 Adams, Jay E. WRINKLED BUT NOT RUINED ---Counsel for the Elderly
Timeless Texts; 112 Pgs. 1999 1999 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. An older person may be like a fruit-bearing tree that still produces in old age! He needn't waste the last years of his life watching TV. He may still have a productive place in God's kingdom ---if only he will. Most books that seek to help elderlyl person's major on sociological or psychological studies. Here is something different! In WRINKLIED BUT NOT RUINED, Adams sets forth biblical commands and principles that will help pastors, families and churches minister to elderly believers in a Godly manner. Adams applies scripture to the problems and opportunities of old age in ways that can make the latter years fruitful and rewarding. 
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9 Alexander, James W. THOUGHTS ON PREACHING ---Being Contributions to Homiletics
BOT; 318 Pgs. 1988 1988 Hard Cover Like New Like New 
Hard Cover. Like New/Like New. Few things are more helpful to preachers than the thoughts of a great preacher. In this volume we have such THOUGHTS ON PREACHING from the illustrious pen of Dr. James W. Alexander. First published posthumously in 1864, it contains sections from his private writings with their illuminating comments on the work of the ministry. Here too are his Letters to Young Ministers on such themes as Devotion to the Work of the Ministry, The Happiness of Christ's Ministry, Extempore Preaching, and other aspects of the life and work of a preacher, as well as papers on Expository Preaching, Discipline and Study, and related themes. 
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10 Anderson, Ken BOLD AS A LAMB
Zondervan Pub.; 1991; 175 Pgs.; 1991 Paperback Good Ex-Library 
You cannot understand China without meeting heroes like Samuel Lamb! In an age when secularism and materialism numb the human spirit, China's amazing Christians demonstrate the power of living faith. In 1950 china's Christian's numbered about a million. Today, estimates range between 30 and 70 million! This is the facinating, eye-opening account of one of China's best known pastors, his dauntless congregation, and how they found joy and optimism in the face of relentless persecution. 
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11 Anderson, Robert C. EFFECTIVE PASTOR, THE ----A Practical Guide to the Ministry
Moody Press; (1985) 373 Pgs.; 1985 Hard Cover NEW As New 
The author builds his practical guide on two fundational suggestions: 1. Love your people not as a means to an end, but with a constant, genuine, humble, love. 2. Preach the Word faithfully, using the Bible not to condemn but to show what God is really saying. ---A sourcebook for ministers. 
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12 Anderson, Robert C. EFFECTIVE PASTOR, THE ---A Practical Guide to the Ministry
Moody Press; (1985) 378 Pgs. 1985 Paperback NEW 6 X 9 
Robert Anderson's practical guide to the pastoral ministry highlights the many aspects of a pastor's job: his qualifications, prerequisites, and requirements; his relationships with his wife and family, his congregation, those outside the congregation, and in counseling and visitation; his tasks including worship services, the Lord's supper, and baptism, evangelism, weddings, funerals, and special events; his administrative tasks such as public relations, correspondence, Christian education, youth and music ministries, and encouraging fellowship. An excellent volume of ideas, advice, and general rules for the contemporary pastor in his everchanging ministry. 
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13 Anonymous APPLICATION FOR THE OPEN POSITION OF PASTOR: [Small Tract][See our list of Tracts]
10 or more of a title makes them .05 each. SHIPPING COST WILL BE REDUCED RCB Tract 
This tract will reveal what a real Pastor should be if he's really called by God to do His work. It describes an example of an Apostle in the Bible. 
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14 Anonymous NICOLAITANISM IN THE CHURCH? [Large Tract][See list of Tracts]
10 or more of a title makes them .10 each. SHIPPING COST WILL BE REDUCED. rcb Tract 
God clearly states that He HATES the deeds as well as the doctrine of the Nicolaitans. If God HATES it vehemently, it is well for us to understand what it is and HATE IT ALSO. 
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15 Anonymous PREACHER WHO WOULDN'T DO [Small Tract][See our list of Tracts]
10 or more of a title makes them .05 each. SHIPPING COST WILL BE REDUCED RCB Tract 
This is a description of a Pastor who wouldn't be accepted in the modern churches today. 
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16 Anonymous TRUE SHEPHERDS! [Small Tract][See our list of Tracts]
10 or more of a title makes them .05 each. SHIPPING COST WILL BE REDUCED RCB Tract 
This tract refers to Pastors and their congregation and how they take care of their people. 
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17 Author Unknown ROMANS ---Practical Illustrations ---Indexed to Scripture Passages
Leadership Ministries Worldwide; 120 Pgs. 2004 2004 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. Looking for ways to illustrated your point? End the exhausting search for illustrations to enhance your sermons, lessons, and speeches. This easy-to-use book contains over 120 illustrations from Romans. You will find new, never-before-published illustrations along with illustrations from your favorite authors. There is an illustration for every occasion. 
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18 Banks, Louis Albert WINDOWS FOR SERMONS
Funk & Wagnalls Co.; 1902; 433 Pgs.; 1902 Hard Cover Poor 5 1/2 x 7 3/4 
This book is in poor condition as far as the cover is concerned. It is water damaged and discolored and somewhat bent out of shape. There are stains on the inside cover along with writing and a name in it. The spine is broken on the inside cover. The pages are fully intact, however. The contents of the book is packed with illustrations gathered from everywhere, but especially from the current life and discussion of the world. 
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19 Barber, Cyril J. MINISTER'S LIBRARY, THE ( VOL. 2 1975-1985)
Moody Press; (1987) 541 Pgs. 1987 Hard Cover NEW As New 6 1/4 x 9 1/4" 
This is a book for pastors, seminarians, and other church workers who depend on their libraries for valuable resource material. It will help you select those books that will enhance your personal library and give you the best book for your money. 
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20 Barber, Cyril J. MINISTER'S LIBRARY, THE ---VOL 2 1972-1980
Ada, Michigan, U.S.A. Baker Book House; 1983; 224 Pgs.; 1983 Hardcover New Fine 7 X 10 1/4 
THE MINISTER'S LIBRARY is essential for building and organizing an orderly and useful library. Pastors, theologians, seminarians, and Christian workers on all levels urgently need an orderly and efficient, yet simple way of classifying their materials to get the most out of their growing libraries. 
Price: 29.95 USD
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