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61 Guyon, Jeanne SONG OF SONGS
WH 1997 Paperback; 221 Pgs. NEW 
The greatest love story every written, the Song of Songs describes the emotional unfolding story of the Bridegroom and His bride 
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62 Guyon, Madam BOOK OF JEREMIAH (Reprint of ORIGINAL 1907)(This is not like the later modernized editions)
RCB 1907 REPRINT Spine Stapled NEW 
THIS IS NOT THE MODERNIZED or ABRIDGED EDITION. This is the ORIGINAL REPRINT, Translated from the French by Frederick Miller. This book included SELECTIONS FROM MADAM GUYON'S WRITINGS. Added is a list of Madam Guyon's Writings and books about her with notations about each book + a short biography of Madam Jeanne Guyon. 
Price: 5.99 USD
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63 Guyon, Madame WAY OUT ---EXODUS
SS 1985 Paperback; 155 Pgs. NEW 
Here is a commentary on the book of EXODUS as seen from the principles and dynamics of the deeper Christian life. 
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64 Harvey, E. & L. NUGGETS FROM EPHESIANS (Volume One)
O.P.T.S. 2004 Paperback NEW 
Paperback. Like New. For over forty years Edwin and Lillian Harvey edited a magazine called "The Message of Victory." Their search for inspired articles led to the building up of a large resource of helpful writings, which span centuries, denominations, gender, and class to express true faith in Jesus Christ and Hiim crucified. This book consists of gleanings from their files on Ephesians, compiled by a few faithful friends who worked for many years with Edwin and Lillian. 
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Gospel Tract Pub.; 208 Pgs. 2002 Paperback Like New 
The author presents the Epistle as a unified, logically-connected argument from beginning to end. The objective of his exposition is to develop this argument, that of using the Old Testament to show that in itself is contained the seeds of the dissolution of its own ceremonial structure, and of the introduction of better things in Christ as Son, Man, Apostle and High Priest. 
Price: 18.99 USD
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66 Hendriksen, William MORE THAN CONQUERORS ---An Interpretation of the Book of Revelation
Baker Book House; 216 Pgs. 2000 2000 0801057922 / 9780801057922 Paperback Like New 
Like New. With an uninterrupted printing history since it was first published in 1939, Dr. Hendriksen's interpretation of the Book of Revelation has served as a solid resource and a source of inspiration for generations. Now, for the first time, this classic is available in paperback. "In form, symbolism, purpose, and meaning the Book of Revelation is beautiful beyond description," writes Wiliam Hendriksen. Using sound principles of interpretation, MORE THAN CONQUERORS unfolds the mysteries of the apocalypse gradually, always with the purpose of showing that "we are more than conquerors through Christ who loved us." 
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BBH 1981 Hardback Good Fair; Frayed edges on top of cover 
Distinguishing Features: Introduction; New Translation; Commentary; Summaries; Outlines; Critical Notes; Bibliographies 
Price: 14.99 USD
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BBH 1981 Hardback; 290 Pgs. Good Slightly frayed in places 
Written with clarity and profound simplicity, which make it helpful for Sunday School teachers, and yet with scholarly detail, which makes it suitable as a textbook.... 
Price: 16.99 USD
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69 Henry, Matthew MATTHEW HENRY'S COMMENTARY---In One Volume
Z 1961 Hardback; 1,986 Pgs. Like New 
This careful abridgment presents in one volume the wealth of exposition and comment, metaphors, analogies, and illustrations that have set Matthew Henry's Commentary apart as one of the enduring legacies of faith. It is ideal for Personal devotions, Bible Study, Sermon and Lesson Preparation. Forever fresh and never failing to render new pearls of wisdom, MATHEW HENRY'S COMMENTARY is a book you will reach for often to obtain deeper understanding of the Scriptures. 
Price: 29.99 USD
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70 Hughes, R. Kent COLOSSIANS AND PHILEMON---The Supremacy of Christ
CB 1989 Hardback; 185 Pgs. Like NEW Like NEW 
In this study of Colossians R.Kent Hughes' expositions go to the heart of the text in Colossians, amplifying its message with memorable illustrations and penetrating insight. The Colossians having received the true Christian faith were soon confronted with distortions of the truth concerning the divinity and humanity of Christ and at the same time tempted by spiritual elitism. 
Price: 16.99 USD
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71 Hughes, R. Kent EPHESIANS---The Mystery of the Body of Christ
CB 1990 Hardback; 304 Pgs. NEW 
EPHESIANS is part of a Bible Commentary series entitled: PREACHING THE WORD. The series is noted for its unqualified and practical application. The Apostle Paul's Letter to the Ephesians is one of the most dynamic portions of all of Scripture. With its dual focus on Christ and the Church, with its careful presentation of doctrine, then duty, it points the way to true Christian living and victory in a sin-embattled world. 
Price: 19.99 USD
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OPTS Paperback; 560 Pgs. NEW 
..."Among all the books of the Bible, Proverbs is most aptly styled 'wisdom literature,' being intensely practical in nature. These short commentaries on its text are intended to be both instructive an devotional 
Price: 12.99 USD
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73 Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn ROMANS -----The Law: Its Functions & Limits (Exposition of Chapters 7:1-8:4) $38.99 SALE $24.99
Zondervan; 356 Pgs. 1973 1973 Hard Cover AS NEW AS NEW 
Hard Cover. AS NEW. In this volume, Dr Lloyd-Jones moves step by step through the apostle Paul's reasoning on the law. In his thorough examination of the "Gospel according to Paul", Dr. Lloyd-Jones comes to grips with the struggle between our carnal & spiritual natures. He provides the basic & relevant truths regarding the Law, and shows how it fits into God's complete plan of salvation. 
Price: 24.99 USD
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74 Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn ROMANS ---Assurance (Exposition of Chapter 5:1-21) $38.99 SALE 424.99
Zondervan; 370 Pgs. 1971 1971 Hard Cover AS NEW AS NEW 
Hard Cover. AS NEW. This fourth Vol. comes to grips with the issues of assurance & salvation & union with Christ as expressed & expounded in the Pauline letter. 
Price: 24.99 USD
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75 Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn ROMANS ---Sons of God (Exposition of Chapter 8:5--17) $38.99 SALE $24.99
Zondervan; 438 Pgs. 1975 1975 Hard Cover AS NEW AS NEW 
Hard Cover. AS NEW. This volume deals with the questions of the doctrine of sanctification & the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It therefore deals with matters that are not only crucial in the living of the Christian life, but also highly controversial. 
Price: 24.99 USD
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76 Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn ROMANS --Atonement & Justification (Exposition of Chapters 3:20-4:25 $38.99 SALE $24.99
Zondervan; 250 Pgs. 1970 1970 Hard Cover AS NEW AS NEW 
Hard Cover. AS NEW. What is the theme of the Epistles to the Romans? It is made clear by the apostle in verses 16 & 17 of the first chapter. It is good news of God's way of salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. That of course, is the grand theme of the entire Bible, but nowhere is it set forth more clearly, and argued out in a more masterly manner, than in this epistle. Here we have the most extended treatment found in the entire range of Scripture of the crucial & vital doctrine of "justification by faith". That is the theme the apostle works out in detail in the section from Romans 3:19--5:11 
Price: 24.99 USD
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ZPH 1963 Hardback; 381 Pgs. NEW 
A Study and Analysis of the more than 250 Parables in Scripture including those in the Old Testament, as well as those of Our Lord, and others in the New Testament. 
Price: 17.99 USD
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78 Luther, Martin COMMENTARY ON ROMANS $19.99 SALE! $14.99
ZPH 1954 Paperback; 223 Pgs. NEW 
This classic commentary is significant not only for its Biblical insights but also for its historical perspective. It serves as a valuable introduction to the study of Martin Luther's own spiritual pilgrimage and the roots of the Reformation. 
Price: 14.99 USD
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79 Luther, Martin (McGrath & Packer, editors) GALATIANS
CB 1998 Paperback; 303 Pgs. Good 
This classic commentary from the heart of a courageous apostle will encourage and equip all who desire to understand, live out, and communicate the true gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Price: 19.99 USD
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Moody Press; 270 Pgs.;, 1978 1978 Hard Cover Good Good 
Hard Cover. Good/Good. The book of Hebrews is a timely book. It deals with Christ's supremacy & encourages us to be all we can be in the Christian life. It gives us insights & practical suggestions for everyday life. 
Price: 19.95 USD
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