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41 Barnardo, Thomas J. (Fessenden, David E.) FATHER TO NOBODY'S CHILDREN
Christian Literature Crusade; 1995; 133 Pgs.; 1995 Paperback NEW 4 1/4 x 7 
Though he lived a hundred years ago, Dr. Thomas Barnardo is a name still warmly remembered throughout England. He was a young medical student who thought of the cold, hungry and homeless children which became the springboard leading him into a lifelong ministry in the East End of London. 
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Harvest House; 1999; 247 Pgs.; 1999 Paperback NEW 5 1/4 x 8 
This book provides helpful hints, success stories from other women who have started profitable home-based businesses, and dozens of home business startup ideas will inspire you to bring your work home--and experience the best of both worlds. 
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43 Beausay, William & Kathy GIRLS! ----Helping Your Little Girl Become an Extraodinary Woman
Revell; 234 Pgs. 2003 2003 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. If you want your daughter to grow up to be a confident, caring woman who is extraodinary by any standard, now is the time to instill those winning qualities. GIRLS! show you how to give your daughter the affirmation and motivation that will enrich her life. With energy, humor, and down-to-earth wisdom, the authors teach you how to: Expand your daughter's creativity; Encourage your child's dreams; Help your daughter build personal and public leadership skills; instill confidence and self-worth; Guide girls toward disciplined habits and positive attitudes; Appreciate what makes your daughter unique; This one-of-a-kind parenting manual helps you navigate the special challenges of raising a daughter. Whatever you do, don't underestimate what your little girl can do! 
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Focus on the Family: 267 Pgs. 1994 Hard Cover Like New Like New 6 1/2 x 9 1/2 x 1" 
In this book, Bennett helps you understand society's need for traditional morality, discipline, and accountability. Using examples of real success stories, he shows what we can do to improve our schools and win the war against drugs. At a critical time in our nation's history, this book will strenghthen your conviction that we must preserve the past to secure our children's future. 
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45 Bennett, William J. DE-VALUING OF AMERICA
FOTF 1992 Hardback; 267 Pgs. NEW NEW 
In these pages Bennet tells the stories from his controversial career that clearly define the values he believes are worth fighting for. He talks about the fight for our culture and our children. 
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Hearthstone Pub.; 195 Pgs. 1995 Paperback Like New 
WHO'S WATCHING THE PLAYPEN is not a book about child molestation. It is a book about the subtlety of the ungodly. WHO'S WATCHING THE PLAYPEN? is not a book about fear; it's a book about courage and hope. This book is designed to give parents information needed in order to stand guard over the souls of their children. The greatest deterrent to a child molester is the presence of a well-informed parent. The Bible says, "I have not given you the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind" (2 Tim. 1;7). 
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Revell, 1982, 189 pgs. PB, good condition 1982 Paperback Good 
Has your son or daughter become a stranger around the house? Do you wonder where he or she is going? DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN ARE? offers scriptural counsel & specific ideas to show you how to prevent the tragedy of alienation. John Benton , long time director to the Walter Hoving Home for runaway teens, presents practical strategies for promoting closeness with your teen that include: Correcting mistakes in parenting; Coping with rebellious teens; Enjoying your children; Keeping y our children out of trouble; Getting your children interested an involved in the church; Being a christian example to your kids. This updated version addresses such timely topics as drug/alcohol abuse, depression, and suicide. DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN ARE? can help you achieve a bond with your teen that you've never had before. 
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Salvation Army, 1902 reprint, 190 pgs., HB, excellent Condition, 1987 1987 Like New 
Like New. There are 25 chapters with the preface written by William Booth. He writes: "These Letters were, with one or two exceptions, originally published in 'The Social Gazette' and 'The War Cry', two of the weekly publications of The Salvation Army in th e United Kingdom." ".they were intended to interest and instruct those to whom The Army especially strives to adopt itself, & to whom it seeks before all else to be useful. Many of these, perhaps the majority, have but a very imperfect knowle dge of the obligations of family and social life, much less of its refinements." 
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EP Paperback NEW 
Here are fascinating insights into a number of areas of life in biblical lands yesterday and today---clothing and jewels, feasts, home life, women, peasants, fields, tombs, trades, and much more. A fine handbook that will be of real value to ministers, Sunday school and Bible teachers, and all who love God'w Word. 
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CPB 1995 Hardcover; 507 Pgs. Good 
Timeless stories for today's family concerning personal values, spiritual values, and relational values 
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51 Brown, Louisa WHAT'S A GIRL TO DO?
GEF 1971 Spine-Stapled NEW 
This book answers questions about "boy meets girls": Is sex wrong? Does God have a chosen mate for me? Why can't marriage be 50/50? Why Date? Who Sets the Pace? What about Blind Dates? 
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52 Bunyan, John FAMILY DUTY
CL Spine-Stapled NEW 
A father's duty to the family in general. The Duty of Wives. 
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53 Burron, Arnold H. DISCIPLINE THAT CAN'T FAIL ---Fundamentals For Parents
Mott Media; 133 Pgs. 1984 1984 0880621168 / 9780880621168 Paperback Good 
Paperback. Good. This is a premise of an exciting new book on childrearing DISCIPLINE THAT CAN'T FAIL. Why can't it fail? The author is bold enough to title his book as he has because God promises that if we raise children in His ways, & train them according to His blueprint, we cannot fail. This handbook of Biblical discipline isn't only for parents, it is for educators, grandparents, & other family members, as well as ministers & Sunday School teachers. 
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54 Bushnell, Horace CHRISTIAN NURTURE
Baker Book House, 1991, 407 pgs., PB, condition good 1991 Paperback Good 
CHRISTIAN NURTURE is the best known of Bushnell's books & according to Smith "it has exerted more influence on the modern theory of Christian education than any other single work." "Before socialization became an accepted form for the nurturing pro cess," says Perry G. Downs, assistant professor of Christian education at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, "Bushnell had laid the groundwork for the home as a nurturing center. During the current emphasis on the family CHRISTIAN NURTURE is bot h insightful & relevant to the modern scene." 
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55 Byrum, Isabel C. BIBLE ABC BOOK
OPTS Paperback NEW 
A book of A B C's; The tiny folks is sure to please; So here it is with every letter placed in right, And more than this, a rhyme as well that will some Bible story tell, To help the children learn with ease the puzzling list of A B C's 
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56 Campbell, R. K. CHRISTIAN HOME, THE
Believer's Bookshelf; 65 Pgs.; 1996 0881720062 / 9780881720068 Paperback Like New 5 1/4 x 8 
The Christian home is under attack today more than ever before. Can we protect our homes and make them honoring to God? R. K. Campbell thinks so, and gives the reader a biblically-based look at such topics as: Characteristics of the Christian Home.The Importance of Marrying in the Lord,Etc. 
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57 Campbell, R. K. CHRISTIAN HOME, THE
Believer's Bookshelf; 65 Pgs.; 1972 Hard Cover Like New Good 5 3/4 x 8 1/4 
The Christian home is under attack today more than ever before. Can we protect our homes and make them honoring to God? R. K. Campbell thinks so, and gives the reader a biblically-based look at such topics as: Characteristics of the Christian Home.The Importance of Marrying in the Lord,Etc. 
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58 Campbell, Ross RELATIONAL PARENTING with Study Guide
Moody Press; 191 Pgs. 2000 2000 Hard Cover Like New Like New 
Hard Cover. Like New/Like New. It takes more than discipline to raise good kids. It takes a whole different approach to parenting. This is a book that could revolutionize the way you interact with your children. It's a book for everyone who has a nagging feeling that the approach to parenting they've been using for years just isn't working. It's also a book for parents of young children --parents who hope to avoid some of the problems they see in other families. Ross Campbell, a loved and long-respected psychiaatrist whose books have been read by millions, contends that parenting is about something much bigger than just behavior control. Parenting is about helping your chld to eventually take responsibility for his or her own behavior. It is a long-range approach to parenting which recognizes that children are intricate personalities --and that your reaction to specific behaviors will profoundly affect your child's self-concept, relationships, and even their eternal soul. This is a book about parenting that anticipates, not just reacts. 
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59 Carrick, Brent KEEPERS AT HOME ---An Open Letter to Christian Husbands With Working Wives $4.99 SALE $2.99
RCB; 15 Pgs.; (no date) Stapled Paperback NEW 
Very few Christians recognize the dangers of women working away from home. It had not previously been an issue. Many preachers, who at first stood against it, became increasingly silent. Does the Bible have much to say concerning this issue? This book examines each passage with the desire to understand and obey what the Bible teaches 
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RCB 1917-1918 Reprint Spine Stapled NEW 
"What have they seen in thy house?" 2 Kings 20:15 Do you have a Godly home? 
Price: 3.99 USD
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