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261 Anderson, Sir Robert REDEMPTION TRUTHS
Kregal Pub: 185 Pgs. 1980 Paperback Like New 5 1/8 x 7 1/2 
Contents: Forward by Arnold Fair; Biographical Sketch by Warren W. Wiersbe; 1. How A Sinner Can Be Saved; 2. Significance of the Passover; 3. Fulness of Our Redemption; 4. God's Provision for the Way; 5. Recognizing My Need; 6. Receiving His Provision; 7. Justification and Sanctification Through Redemption; 8. Change of Dispensation; 9. Doctrine of the Gospel; 10. Sonship and the New Birth; 11. Christendom and the Judgment; 12. Hope of the Christian; 13. The New Apostasy; Scripture Index; 
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262 Anderson, Sir Robert TYPES IN HEBREWS
Kregal Pub.; 1981; 184 Pgs. 1981 Paperback Good Ex-Library 5 X 71/2 
The book is in good condtion except for red spots on the page edges, otherwise no underlining, marks or names written inside the reading pages. There is some writing on the title page, but that's the only writing that was found. The contents has a Preface with 14 chapters and 4 titles to the Appendices. 
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S. P. C.; 112 Pgs. 1978 Paperback Like New 
Contents: Chapter 1. After Sanctification; 2. Virtue Added to Faith; 3. Knowledge Added to Faith; 4. Temperance Added to Faith; 5. Patience Added to Faith; 6. Godliness Added to Faith; 7. Brotherly Kindness Added to Faith; 8.Charity Added to Faith; 9. Entrance Into the Everlasting Kingdom; 
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264 Anderson, T. M. PRAYER AVAILETH MUCH ---How to Receive Power From God and See Results
S. P. C.; 80 Pgs. 2002 2002 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. Contents: Forward; 1: The Fellowship of Prayer (Phillipians 4:6); 2: Our Requests Made Known Unto God (Phillippians 4:6); 3: God's Peace Obtained in Answer to Prayer (Phil. 4:6,7); 4: The Praying that Glorifies God (John 14:13); 5: Praying Without Doubting (Mark 11:23); 6: Praying With Desire (Mark 11:24); 7: A Manifestation of God in Answer to Prayer (Acts 4:31); 8. The Intercessory Prayers of Christians (Luke 11:5,6); 9: The Three Essentials of Prayer (Luke 11:10); 10: Asking and Receiving (Luke 11:10); 11: Seeking and Finding (Luke 11:10); 12: The Knocking That Obtains an Opening (Luke 11:10): !3: The Immortal Prayers of the Saints (Revelation 5:8); 14: Christ Pleads His Will (John 17:24) 
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SPC 2002 Paperback; 80 Pgs. NEW 
How to Receive power from God and See Results 
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266 Andreola, Karen (revisor) BEAUTIFUL GIRLHOOD $12.99 SALE! $8.99
G.E.B. Co.; 205 Pgs;, 1993 1993 1883934028 / 9781883934026 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. What can be more beautiful than the budding and blossoming of girlhood? Those years of transition from childhood to womanhood are filled with wonderful interest and promise. But the young feet that travel this way may be unsteady and unsure. Each could use guidance, a helping hand along the way. To encourage our girls to a nobler life and truer ideals is the task of this book. 
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CLC Hard Cover NEW 
This compilation of daily devotional readings emphasizes the focuses of Andrew Murray's writings and preaching--holiness and the deepening of the spiritual life. Included are such classics as: HUMILITY; THE FULL BLESSING OF PENTECOST and WAITING ON GOD. 
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268 Andrew, Brother AND GOD CHANGED HIS MIND
Fleming H. Revell Co.; (1990) 191 Pgs. 1990 Paperback Fair (used) (underlining) 
With deep insight and practical advice, Brother Andrew challenges Christians to awaken from complacency and to renounce ungodly fatalism. It is possible to know and even change the mind of God through prayer. 
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269 Andrew, Brother AND GOD CHANGED HIS MIND $24.99 SALE! $16.99
CB 1990 Hardback; 191 Pgs. Good; Used; Notes--underlining 
With deep insight and practical advice, Brother Andrew challenges Christians to awaken from complacency and to renounce a fatalistic attitude. It is possible to know and even change the mind of God through prayer. 
Price: 16.99 USD
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270 Andrew, Brother ETHICS OF SMUGGLING, THE
Tyndale House Pub.; 1978; 139 Pgs.; 1978 Paperback As New 4 1/4 x 7 
The forward in this book is given by Corrie Ten Boom. This book answers 3 questions that were handed to Andrew Murray during a campaign: 1. "Is the Communist government put in authority by God? 2. Were othere totalitarian governments --for example, Hitler's and the Roman Empire's ---placed by God? 3. Can a Christian criticize his government when it goes against the Word of God? Read what Brother Andrew says about smuggling Bibles which some think are unethical. 
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271 Andrew, Brother IS LIFE SO DEAR? ---When Being Wrong is Right
Thomas Nelson Pub.; 161 Pgs. 1985 Paperback As New 
IS LIFE SO DEAR is Brother Andrew's call to spiritual arms. In order to oppose the forces that threaten to exterminate Christianity --including communism, and more importantly, our own apathy --Christians must learn to fight for their faith. "If we say nothing and do nothing, our very default becomes a major contribution to the triumph of godlessness." 
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272 Andrew, Brother (with Charles Paul Conn) BATTLE FOR AFRICA
Fleming H. Revell Co.; 1977; 156 Pgs. 1977 Hard Cover As New Fair; (small tear at top) 
BATTLE FOR AFRICA explains Brother Andrew's strategies and how Christians in the free world can help. 
Price: 10.95 USD
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273 Andrew, Brother (with John & Elizabeth Sherrill GOD'S SMUGGLER
Baker Book House; 255 Pgs. 2001 Hard Cover Like New Good Signed by Author
Told it was impossible to minister behind the Iron Curtain, Andrew knew that nothing was too hard for God. Crossing "closed" borders, he prayed, "Lord in my luggage I have scripture I want to take to your children. When You were on earth, You made blind eyes see. Now, I pray, make seeing eyes blind. Do not let the guards see those things You do not want them to see." And they never did. For 35 years, Brother Andrew's life story has inspired millions to step out on their own journeys of faith. This young Dutch factory worker's near-incredible adventures testify God's step-by-step guidance and hour-by-hour provision----available to all who follow His call. Far from being over, Brother Andrew's current adventures are his most challenging yet. In a new prologue and epilogue, the Sherrills carry his story into the new millennium with an account of Andrew's work in the "closed" societies of Islam. 
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274 Andrew, Brother (with John & Elizabeth Sherrill GOD'S SMUGGLER
Fleming H. Revell Co.; (1967) 224 Pgs. 1967 Paperback Fair; Pages yellowed with Age 
Tension builds page by page in this remarkable true document .more thrilling than a spy story with its numerous near escapes and mounting climaxes of danger. 
Price: 7.99 USD
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275 Andrew, Brother (with John and Elizabeth Sherrill) GOD'S SMUGGLER
Guideposts Associates, Inc.; 1967; 240 Pgs. 1967 Hard Cover Good; Name Inside; Fair (1/2" Tear at Bottom 
The extraordinary story of a Christian missionary who has carried the Word of God to every Communist country, preaching to underground worshippers and smuggling the Bible to believers behind the Iron Curtain. 
Price: 14.99 USD
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276 Andrew, Brother (Wooding, Dan) BROTHER ANDREW (Men of Faith Series)
Bethany House Pub.; 1983; 144 Pgs. 1983 Soft cover As New 4 1/4 x 7 
As a boy during World War II, Brother Andrew was a messenger for the Dutch resistance movement, helping night and day to sabotage the Nazi control of Holland. Years later, while attending Bible college, he was challenged to the dangerous task of delivering Bibles in Eastern Europe. That story, as told in God's Smuggler, kindled a remarkable movement in the West to find ways to take the gospel where doors were considered shut. 
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277 Andrewes, Lancelot SERMONS ON THE NATIVITY
Baker Book House; 1955; 308 Pgs.; 1955 Hard Cover Good No Jacket 
These 17 sermons were preached on Christmas Day before King James at Whitehall in MDCXV 
Price: 49.95 USD
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278 Andrews, Edward Deming PEOPLE CALLED SHAKERS, THE (Search for the Perfect Society)
Dover Pub. 351 Pgs. 1963 1963 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. For 35 years, the author of this book as been a devoted student of the history, beliefs and ways of The United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing, better known as the Shakers. Out of his extensive research into manuscripts and primary sources and his conversations with friends in present-day Shaker communities has come a warm, illuminating history, the most thorough ever written on these pious humble people and the distinct impression they made on American life. The book opens with an introductory assessment of the Shaker contribution to the history of American social experimentation, as seen from the modern point of view. There follows the often amazing story of Ann Lee and the origins of the movement in 18th century England, its emigration to New England, the early Shaker experiments in communism, and the expansion to the American West. The author then pauses to examine in detail the ideology behind the Shaker dedication to physical labor; Shaker industry and design, including a discussion of the spare, utilitarian folk art so popular today; the highly formalized mode of worship, with its lively songs and dances and its often violent emotionalism; strange manifestations during the revival periods of the 1830's and 40's; the rigid internal organization of the Shaker community and its original economic and sociological theories; Shaker relations with the outside world; and the decline of the sect after the Civil War. 
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279 Andrews, Edward Deming & Faith Andrews WORK AND WORSHIP AMONG THE SHAKERS --Their Craftsmanship and Economic Order
Dover Pub.; 1974; 224 Pgs. 1974 Paperback As New 
Edward Demming Andrews and Faith Andrews have gathered together previously unavailable material on the amazingly diverse industries of the Shakers and have incorporated it with the best of existing scholarship on the subject. In addition, there are over 100 superior black-and-white illustrations, a concise history of the Shakers, a summary of their relationship with the world's law, a throrough coverage of Shaker patents, and a final assessment of Shaker culture and its contribution. 
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280 Andrews, Gini YOUR HALF OF THE APPLE ---God and the Single Girl
Zondervan Pub.; 1974; 159 Pgs.; 1974 Hard Cover Fair (used) (underlining) No Jacket 
The Forward is done by Francis Schaeffer. There are 15 chapter titles which include the following: 1. It Started with Eve; 2. Going Whose Way? 3. A Roadmap to Utopia? 4. Are You Above Rubies or why Should He Want You? 5. Hearts Are Trumps; 6. The Waiting Game; 7. The Dating Game; 8. Whatever Became of the Birds and the Bees? 9. The Skeleton in the Wardrobe; 10. Comfort, Conformity, or Camouflage? 11. What's Your Reality Quotient; 12. Mixed-up, Hung-up, or Tuned Up? 13. WHOSE Telephone's Ringing off the Hook? 14. Are YOU So Glad Your're Not Young Anymore? 15. Meanwhile, Back at the Farm .or Schoolroom.or Office 
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