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21 Alexander, Noble with Rizzo, Kay D. I WILL DIE FREE -----Tortured in a Cuban Prison for Preaching the Gospel, Noble Alexander Refused to Recant and Found strength in His Cry.
Pacific Press Pub.; 188 Pgs. 1991 1991 Soft cover As New 
Paperback. Like New. Humberto Noble Alexander stood naked and freezing before his captors in the stark, slab-gray interrogation room. Fairness and justice meant nothing here. This was 1962.in Castro's Cuba. Falsely accused of conspiracy to assassinate the Communist dictator, this young preacher of the gospel would spend the next twenty-two years as a political prisoner in one of the most inhumane and brutal prison systems on earth. I WILL DIE FREE tells the remarkable story of Noble Alexander's determined fight to stay alive and remain faithful to his Lord inside the very gates of hell. Denied sleep, given maggot-infested gruel to eat, beaten unmercifully, and forced to labor beyond the normal limits of human endurance, "the Pastor" remained unbroken and more determined than ever to see the cross of Christ triumph behind concrete walls of unimaginable human misery. From a place where death is often preferred to life comes a stunning testimony of persecution and perseverance that will awe and inspire all who read it with the truth that our God reigns. 
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22 Alyward, Gladys (Benge, Janet & Geoff) GLADYS AYLWARD ---The Adventure of a Lifetime
YW 1998 Paperback; 203 Pgs. NEW 
As improbable as it seemed, Gladys Alyward was certain God had called her to China as a missionary. But now, at age 27, she was being dismissed from missionary training school for failing her Bible Class. What follows is an amazing adventure of faith and determination. Gladys, a housemaid from England, dared to trust God in the face of dire and seemingly hopeless circumstances. Her life is one of the truly great missionary stories of our era. 
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Bible Truth Pub.; 115 Pgs. No Date ; Reprint; Hard Cover NEW 5 X 71/2 
This book includes Pen Sketches from Real Life taken from Original Sources of Information. The Contents include the following chapter titles: 1. Count Guicciardini; 2. Rosesetti; 3. Eugenio; 4. Luigi; 5. Pietro; 6. Domenico; 7. Francesco and Rosa Madiai; 8. Ernesta; 9. Lisa; 10. Angiolina; 11. Teresa; 
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24 Andrew, Brother (with John & Elizabeth Sherrill GOD'S SMUGGLER
Baker Book House; 255 Pgs. 2001 Hard Cover Like New Good Signed by Author
Told it was impossible to minister behind the Iron Curtain, Andrew knew that nothing was too hard for God. Crossing "closed" borders, he prayed, "Lord in my luggage I have scripture I want to take to your children. When You were on earth, You made blind eyes see. Now, I pray, make seeing eyes blind. Do not let the guards see those things You do not want them to see." And they never did. For 35 years, Brother Andrew's life story has inspired millions to step out on their own journeys of faith. This young Dutch factory worker's near-incredible adventures testify God's step-by-step guidance and hour-by-hour provision----available to all who follow His call. Far from being over, Brother Andrew's current adventures are his most challenging yet. In a new prologue and epilogue, the Sherrills carry his story into the new millennium with an account of Andrew's work in the "closed" societies of Islam. 
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25 Andrew, Brother (Wooding, Dan) BROTHER ANDREW (Men of Faith Series)
Bethany House Pub.; 1983; 144 Pgs. 1983 Soft cover As New 4 1/4 x 7 
As a boy during World War II, Brother Andrew was a messenger for the Dutch resistance movement, helping night and day to sabotage the Nazi control of Holland. Years later, while attending Bible college, he was challenged to the dangerous task of delivering Bibles in Eastern Europe. That story, as told in God's Smuggler, kindled a remarkable movement in the West to find ways to take the gospel where doors were considered shut. 
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26 Anthony, Ole CROSS FIRE
LI 1976 Paperback; 209 Pgs. Good 
Ole Anthony interviews men and women who have made their mark in the world---Corrie Ten Boom; Tom Landry; Keith Miller; Derek Prince; Col. Jim Irwin; Shira Lindsey; Kyle Rote, Jr. and others. 
Price: 9.95 USD
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27 Appelman, Hyman [Ed Reese] $4.99 SALE $2.99 LIFE AND MINISTRY OF HYMAN APPELMAN
RCB Spine Stapled NEW 
He was a writer of over 42 books. 
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28 Appleman, Hyman J. (Reese, Ed) LIFE AND MINISTRY OF HYMAN APPLEMAN, THE (1902 -- Christian Hall of Fame Series)
Fundamental Pub. 1975 1975 Soft cover Good 
Paperback (stapled). Good. In the past fifty years there have been few evangelists whose ministry have been as effective, far reaching and productive as that of this converted Jew. He actually helped spear-head the modern day swing to mass evangelism, as his city-wide endeavors in the early forties whipped up enthusiasm for evangelism that was all but forgotten since the era of Billy Sunday, Mordecai Ham and Bob Jones, Sr. 
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29 Asbury, Francis (Bilhartz, Terry D. editor) FRANCIS ASBURY'S AMERICA
Francis Asbury Press, 1984, 1st ed., 128 pgs., paperback, pictures, good Condition 1984 Paperback Good 
On Christmas Day, 1784, sixty traveling preachers gathered in Baltimore to elect Francis Asbury their general superintendent and establish the Methodist Episcopal Church. Under asbury's leadership, this budding church blossomed, and within thirty y ears it surpassed all others as the largest denomination in America. This bicentennial volume, based on Asbury's journal, recounts the fascinating story of the doggedly determined itinerant bishop who oversaw this most successful missionary outreac h program in the history of American Christianity. 
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30 Asbury, Francis (Ludwig, Charles) FRANCIS ASBURY: GOD'S CIRCUIT RIDER
Mott Media; 1984; 196 Pgs. 1984 Paperback Good Ex-Library 
The age of Francis Asbury was on of strife and upheaval. But largely because of Asbury himself, it was also an age of religious fervor and evangelistic zeal in this country that hasn't been seen since. His death marked an end to an era; his life still challenges all christians everywhere to imitate this godly example. 
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31 Asbury, Francis (Mains, George P.) FRANCIS ASBURY ---Illustrated
S. P. C.; 72 Pgs. 2003 2003 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. The Explosion of growth in Methodism after the American Revolution was largely due to the massive efforts of Francis Asbury. Persecuted for his Loyalist sentiments, he nevertheless remained in America throughout that bloody conflict (when other English-born preachers fled) and earned the respect of Americans everywhere. Here was a man who allowed himself no more than four hours of sleep a night so that he had more time to do his Master's work and who willingly sold his shirt so poor circuit riders would be clothed. The frontier was no stranger to the hoofbeats of his horse as he swept from preaching point to preaching point, undeterred by snow, ice, rain or blistering sun. 
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32 Asbury, Francis (Rudolph, L. C.) FRANCIS ASBURY
Abingdon Press; (1984) 234 Pgs. 1984 Paperback Good 
Through a deft interweaving of thorough research and his own balanced interpretation, Dr. Rudolph reveals the character and personality of America's first Methodist Bishop. He delves extensively into Asbury's journal and letters and portrays him as a dedicated traveler, educator, preacher, evangelist, and revivalist --all set against the political and economic culture of post-revolutionary America. 
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33 Asbury, Francis (Tipple, Ezra Squier) FRANCIS ASBURY --The Prophet of the Long Road
S. P. C.; 210 Pgs. 2007 088019524X / 9780880195249 Paperback Like New 5 3/8 x 8 1/4 
The explosion of growth in Methodism after the American Revolution was largely due to the massive efforts of Francis Asbury. Forced into hiding for his Loyalist sentiments, he nevertheless remained in America throughout that bloody conflict --when other English-born preachers fled--and earned the respect of Americans everywhere. Here is the story of a true hero of Wesleyanism, told by one of the best biographers. 
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DP, 303 pages Paperback NEW 
All 13 books are included in the paperback. 
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35 Axtell, Dru I THOUGHT IT WAS GOD!
New Leaf Press; 160 Pgs. 1988 1988 0892211601 / 9780892211609 Paperback Good 
Paperback. Good. Dru Axtel was part of a world-wide ministry called to put marriages back together when her own marriage was a sham and "on the rocks". This book is the shocking account of faking joy, faith, and victory to save the face of God and the ministry. Dru openly shares how she operated in error and deception. Now she wants to set the record straight. This book is a vital warning to all of God's children and especially to those who minister. Dru was co-founder of "Born Again Marriages", a nationally known ministry holding marriage seminars from coast to coast. She was co-host of a bi-weekly teleision show sponsored by TBN, Marriage On The Rock, which won an Angel Award. Mother of two daughters, Kristin and Mandy, author, minister, and marriage counselor for fourteen years, Dru tells the inside story of being thrust into the limelight of portraying the ideal marriage while believing God to heal her own. 
Price: 10.95 USD
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36 Aylward, Gladys with Hunter, Christine GLADYS AYLWARD ---THE LITTLE WOMAN
Moody Press; (1974) 153 Pgs. 1974 Paperback NEW 4 1/4 x 7 
Nothing is impossible with God. This story of THE LITTLE WOMAN proves it! Read the true-life story of Gladys Aylward who, by faith, trusted God to provide for all of her needs. With less than ten dollars in her pocket, but armed with enormous faith, Gladys Aylward courageously answered God's call to become a missionary to China. Read how this "little woman" based her entire life on trusting God's promise: "Be ye not afraid of them ---I am your God." 
Price: 8.99 USD
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BP, 221 pages. Illustrations on every other page. Softcover NEW Ken Save, Illustrator 
THWACK! Once again, the whip sliced through Kaboo's skin. Held captive by his father's ene­ mies, the young African boy tied to a tree was certain he would die. Only God can perform miracles, and only a miracle could save Kaboo, and in doing so, change the lives of people throughout the world. Kaboo's story is the story of Samuel Morris, an African called to serve God in the United States. His story is an adventure of divine proportions! 
Price: 6.99 USD
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Logos Int.; 1976; 183 Pgs.; 1976 Paperback Fair 4 1/2 X 7 
This book is in fairly good condition. The cover is slightly worn and the back cover is somewhat soiled and discolored. There are no names or marks or underlinings inside the pages. This was Jim's first book and he tells the true story of the incredibly winding road he traversed to reach his positiion in his television talk show. It is a testament of faith. 
Price: 8.95 USD
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39 Bakker, Lori Graham MORE THAN I COULD EVER ASK
Thomas Nelson Pub.; 2000; 330 Pgs.; 2000 Hard Cover NEW As New 
MORE THAN I COULD EVER ASK recounts the beginning of Lori's relationship with Jim Bakker and shows how their pasts shaped their future together. It is a tale of redemption and grace and a Cinderella story, all rolled into one. 
Price: 24.95 USD
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40 Bakker, Tammy ---with Cliff Dudley I GOTTA BE ME
New Leaf Press; 1981; 138 Pgs.; 1981 Paperback Good 5 1/2" x 8 
The book is in good condition. It has a name written in pencil inside the front cover and there is one page that shows some red underlining on it. The cover of the book shows a little use, but otherwise it is in good shape. In this book, Tammy Bakker tells of her anguish and pain of a broken home. She also shares how her church persecuted her mother because she was a "divorced" woman. Tammy relates the struggles and heartaches of losing a TV station, of friends who turned against them, and God's tenderness to heal and restore relationships. 
Price: 9.95 USD
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