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21 Aylward, Gladys with Hunter, Christine GLADYS AYLWARD ---THE LITTLE WOMAN
Moody Press; (1974) 153 Pgs. 1974 Paperback NEW 4 1/4 x 7 
Nothing is impossible with God. This story of THE LITTLE WOMAN proves it! Read the true-life story of Gladys Aylward who, by faith, trusted God to provide for all of her needs. With less than ten dollars in her pocket, but armed with enormous faith, Gladys Aylward courageously answered God's call to become a missionary to China. Read how this "little woman" based her entire life on trusting God's promise: "Be ye not afraid of them ---I am your God." 
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BP, 221 pages. Illustrations on every other page. Softcover NEW Ken Save, Illustrator 
THWACK! Once again, the whip sliced through Kaboo's skin. Held captive by his father's ene­ mies, the young African boy tied to a tree was certain he would die. Only God can perform miracles, and only a miracle could save Kaboo, and in doing so, change the lives of people throughout the world. Kaboo's story is the story of Samuel Morris, an African called to serve God in the United States. His story is an adventure of divine proportions! 
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Logos Int.; 1976; 183 Pgs.; 1976 Paperback Fair 4 1/2 X 7 
This book is in fairly good condition. The cover is slightly worn and the back cover is somewhat soiled and discolored. There are no names or marks or underlinings inside the pages. This was Jim's first book and he tells the true story of the incredibly winding road he traversed to reach his positiion in his television talk show. It is a testament of faith. 
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24 Bakker, Lori Graham MORE THAN I COULD EVER ASK
Thomas Nelson Pub.; 2000; 330 Pgs.; 2000 Hard Cover NEW As New 
MORE THAN I COULD EVER ASK recounts the beginning of Lori's relationship with Jim Bakker and shows how their pasts shaped their future together. It is a tale of redemption and grace and a Cinderella story, all rolled into one. 
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25 Bakker, Tammy ---with Cliff Dudley I GOTTA BE ME
New Leaf Press; 1981; 138 Pgs.; 1981 Paperback Good 5 1/2" x 8 
The book is in good condition. It has a name written in pencil inside the front cover and there is one page that shows some red underlining on it. The cover of the book shows a little use, but otherwise it is in good shape. In this book, Tammy Bakker tells of her anguish and pain of a broken home. She also shares how her church persecuted her mother because she was a "divorced" woman. Tammy relates the struggles and heartaches of losing a TV station, of friends who turned against them, and God's tenderness to heal and restore relationships. 
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26 Banks, Albert Louis Lincoln Legion, The (It's Founder and Forerunner)
The Mershon Co.; 1903; 256 Pgs.; 1903 Hard Cover Fair (slightly damaged) 5 1/4 x 7 1/2 
The book is in fairly good condition. The cover is somewhat discolored with some wear on the spine and edges. There are no names or markings or underlinings inside the pages. The page edges are discolored and soiled with age. The contents of the book has ten chapters on the life of Abraham Lincoln with photos scattered throughout the book 
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CBG Softcover NEW 
Sheffey was a preacher who was well respected by the people of the mountains from Wytheville to Pearisburg to Bluefield, to Richlands, Virginia, and in several places beyond and in between. He was born in 1820 near Wytheville in the town of Ivanhoe. He died in 1902 in Staffordsville, Giles County, Virginia, in the little community of Trigg. In between his birth and death, he had a very interesting life, one that is not without controversy to this day. 
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Sword of the Lord Pub.; 215 Pgs. 1976 Paperback Like New 
These are short biographical sketches of men: men who did the work of an evangelist (II Tim. 4:5), that high, holy office, the individuals of which are a gift of God to the churches, to the nation (Eph. 4:11,12)! As such, these worthies wrought revivals of righteousness, raised up standards of spirituality, resisted the forces of evil, redeemed through their preaching multitudes of death-doomed, Hell-bound sinners to Christ, to heavenly home and hope. Contents; Charles M. Alexander; Hyman J. Appeman; Francis Asbury; William Edward Biederwolf; William Booth; David Brainerd; Billy Bray; Fred Brown; E Howard Cadel; William Carey; John Carrara; Peter Cartwright; J. Wilbur Chapman; Jonathan Edwards; Christmas Evans; Charles Grandison Finney; Mordecai Ham; Praying Hyde; Dr. Bob Jones, Sr. Sam Jones; Adoniram Judson; Jacob Knapp; B.R. Lakin; Paul Levin; Robert Moffat; D.L. Moody; Henry C. Morrison; Asahel Nettleton; Sam Raborn; Bill Rice; John R. Rice; Evan Roberts; Ira David Sankey; Girolamo Savonarola; Lee R. Scarborough; Gipsy Smith; C.H. Spurgeon; Billy Sunday; T. DeWitt Talmage; J. Hudaon Taylor; R.A. Torrey; Mel Trotter; Dr. George W. Truett; "Uncle John" Vassar; John Wesley; George Whitefield; 
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LWD Paperback NEW 
Clifford Barrett, by the grace of God was rescued from the river of death and certain hell. His conversion was a dramatic experience that challenged and compelled all that ever knew him and witnessed the transformation to change his name as surely as God had changed his nature. 
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30 Barrett, Eric C. & Fisher, David SCIENTISTS WHO BELIEVE ---21 Tell Their Own Stories
Moody Press; 208 Pgs. 1984 1984 0802476341 / 9780802476340 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. Science and the Christian faith. For centuries, men have hotly debated the relationship between the two. Do they confirm and support one another? Or do their very natures contradict one another? The stories of twenty-one scientists answer those questions more eloquently than any philosophical treatise. Here are men and women who have achieved career fulfillment in scientific fields, yet found further fulfilment through faith in Jesus Christ. They have not found the two contradictory in the slightest degree. In fact, for most, their Christian faith is a product of their scientific studies ---and their further studies and insights are a product of their faith. 
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31 Baxter, J. Sidlow MARK THESE MEN --A Unique Look at Selected Men of the Bible
Kregal Pub.; 168 Pgs. 1992 Paperback Like New 
The Bible is a treasure house of biograpies of people famous and infamous, rich and poor, good and evil. In short, it is full of ordinary people, people just like us. As Dr. Baxter points out in his foreward, "The biographical treasures of the Bible are exhaustless. Again and again we turn back to the figures which move before us in its pages, and find new relevancies, new significances, new applications to our own times and to our own lives. Somehow, these Scripture characters seem to be invested with typologically and representative qualities which live for all time." Included are provocative profiles of Elisha and Elijah, King Saul, Daniel, Gideon, Balaam, and Nehemiah. Also included are such New Testament character as: the Apostle Paul, Lazarus, the rich young ruler, Ananias, and Simon of Cyrene. 
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32 Baxter, J. Sidlow (E. A. Johnston) J. SIDLOW BAXTER, A HEART AWAKE $18.99 Sale $12.99
Authorized Biography by E. A. Johnston. 
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Free Presbyterian Pub.; 285 Pgs. 1985 Paperback Like New 5 7/8 x 7 1/4 
Among these ministers were men possessed of the highest mental gifts, and others were born orators, but it was not so much their gifts nor their oratory that appealed to the most serious minded of their audience. They were messengers of the Most High God, who showed to their hearers God's way of salvation.they were able ministers of the New Testament, whose labours were acknowledged and blessed of God. 
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34 Beecher, Henry Ward (Hibben, Paxton) HENRY WARD BEECHER ---An American Portrait
The Press of the Readers Club; 361 Pgs.; 1942 Hard Cover Good 5 3/4 x 8 5/8 
Beecher is here entire, from his boyhood, blundering, lonely, almost abnormal in the longing for friendly sympathy, through his frantic and fairly phony days as an ambitious young preacher on the Indiana frontier in 1837, up to his animacassar splendor as a metroplitan pastor filled with pomposity and metaphors and the best oyster stew. He slapped the backs of all men, he tickled the ribs of almost all the current ideas, and he kissed a surprising proportion of the women. 
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35 Beecher, Henry Ward (Olson, Bessie G.) HENRY WARD BEECHER ---A Great Pastor
Walfred Pub. Co.; 45 Pgs.; 1946 Stapled Like New 5 1/4 x 7 1/2 
This book is a small biography of a great preacher.Henry Ward Beecher. He was an unusual man in that he was entirely the same in public life as in his private life. He was probably known better, in a general way, for his lectures and orations than for his pastoral work. 
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YP Like New 
This is the powerful TRUE story of Gladys Aylward, missionary to China. Her amazing adventure of faith and determination is one of the truly great missionary story of our era (1902-1970).. Her worst nightmare had come true. As improbable as it seemed, Gladys Aylward was certain God had called her to China as a missionary. But now, at age twenty-seven, she was being dismissed from missionary training school for failing her Bible class. Without formal education or a missionary organization to back her, Gladys raised her own finances for the overland trip that would bring her to the country and people that God had etched so deeply on her heart....China. 
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SPC Softcover NEW 
G. C. Bevington was a simple man who entered a relationship with God that will challenge every reader. Travel with him through the southern countryside as he brings that fire of God to the people he encounters. You will be amazed by his diligence, and astounded by all God shows him while he spends five days in a hollow log, nine days under a tree and seventy - two hours in a hay mow. Those experiences of being alone with God enabled Bevington to get in touch with the power of God. 
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38 Bingham, Derick IRISH SAINT, AN ----The Life Story of Ann Preston Known as "Holy Ann"
All. Pub. 142 Pgs. Paperback Like New 
Contents: Preface; The Story of the Book; 1. A Foreview; 2. Early Home Life; 3. The Great Change; 4. Stumbling Upwards; 5. From Old World to New World; 6. Defeat to Victory, or the Second Great Change; 7. A New Name; 8. Power in Prayer; 9. The Story of the Well; 10. Daily Needs ---And God; 11. A Wonderful Teacher; 12. "To Your Rememberance" 13. Providential Protection; 14. A Godless Brother; 15. A Faithful Servant; 16. Correcting the Catholic Bishop; 17. Prayer for Healing; 18. The Habit of Prayer; 19. "Of Like Passions With Us"; Testimony of Ministers; Sunset; Illustrations: Ann Preston; The Reid Homestead; The Well; Ann's Cottage; The Prayer House; 
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39 Bingham, Helen E. HOLY ANN --The Life Story of Ann Preston Also Known as "An Irish Saint" $8.99 SALE $7.99
EP; 127 Pgs. 1995 Paperback Like New 
This humble Irishwoman, by her simple faith and prevailing prayer, moved the arm of God to perform modern miracles that read like stories from Old Testament times. This book carries the record of not just one, nor a dozen nor a hundred, but a lifetime of answered prayers. 
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40 Bingham, Rowland V. TRIUMPHANT STORY OF ANNIE JOHNSON FLINT [EDITED & ABRIDGED] + The Testimony of Annie Johnson Flint $6.99 SALE
RCB Spine Stapled, 20 pages NEW 
EDITED AND ABRIDGED: 1. Early Days 2. School Days 3. Characteristics 4. Mixing the Bitter With the Sweet 5.Pressed Into Poetry and Print 6. Sunset and Eventide + The Many Crosses to Bear, The Testimony of Annie Johnson Flint 
Price: 4.99 USD
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