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21 Bobgan, Martin & Deidre HYPNOSIS---Medical Scientific or Occultic?
EP 2001 Paperback; 142 Pgs. NEW 
Hypnotism is potentially dangerous at its best and is demonic at its worst. Satan transforms himself into an angel of light whenever neecessary to accomplish his schemes 
Price: 14.99 USD
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22 Bruce, F. F. DEFENCE OF THE GOSPEL, THE (in the New Testament)
Eerdman's; 105 Pgs. 1973 1973 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. This book includes 5 major topics: 1. The Gospel Confronts Judaism; 2. The Gospel Confronts Paganism; 3. The Gospel Confronts the Roman Empire; 4. The Gospel Confronts Pseudo-Christianity; 5. The Finality of the Gospel 
Price: 8.95 USD
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23 Burrell, Maurice C. / Wright, J. Stafford WHOM THEN CAN WE BELIEVE?
Moody Press; 128 Pgs. 1976 1976 0802495028 / 9780802495020 Paperback Good Dust Jacket Included 
Paperback. Good. In 1956 Tyndale Press published "Some Modern Religions" which has met a constant need up to the present time. After 17 years it was felt that the book was the beginning to be dated, & the publisher decided on a thorough revision. As one of the authors is new, it has seemed best to rewrite the whole book, and there is virtually nothing in this edition which is identical in wording with the former book. The change of title indicates this. The chapter titles in this book include: 1. Faith and the Faiths 2. Jehovah's Witnesses 3. Mormonism 4. Christadelphianism 5. Christian Science 6. Spiritualism 7. Theosophical Systems 8. Herbert Armstrong & the Worldwide Church of God 9. Religions of Inner Experience Appendix: The Christian Belief in the Trinity 
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24 Chrnalogar, Mary Alice TWISTED SCRIPTURES...A Path To Freedom From Abusive Churches
WH Paperback NEW 
Controlling discipleship did not end with the demise of the shepherding movement. It is alarmingly alive and well in the church today, and many Christians don't even realize they are involved in it. By wielding distorted Scripture, controlling groups keep many earnest believers struggling under the terrible tyranny of oppression, guilt, and fear. The gripping personal accounts and facts documented in this breakthrough book will either surprise you--or be painfully familiar. 
Price: 18.99 USD
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MC 1979 Paperback; 79 Pgs. NEW 
The Most dangerous Religion in America. This book deals with the cause rather than the symptoms of moral decline today and should alert intelligent Christians to reaffirm their faith in Bible Christianity. 
Price: 8.99 USD
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26 Ferraiuolo, Perucci DISNEY AND THE BIBLE--A Scriptural Critique of the Magic Kingdom
HB Paperback NEW 
While many books have been written about Disney, this book is the first to chronicle and document---in the light of the Bible---the Disney corporation's trends and tendencies, policies and agenda. This is a call for Christian parents and grandparents to consider what is being offered under the presumed innocence of the trusted Disney label! 
Price: 5.99 USD
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27 Finney, Charles G. WHY I LEFT FREEMASONRY
RCB; 6 Pages Spine Stapled New 
In this discussion of the Masonic Lodge, Finney speaks plainly, yet truthfully, and relies upon his own experience as reference for what he has to say. There have been few who even attempted to disprove his statements, and none who have been successful in doing so. 
Price: 1.49 USD
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RCB Spine Stapled NEW No Jacket 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 
Are you indulging in innocent amusements? "No amusement is innocent which is engaged in for the pleasure of the amusement, any more than it would be innocent to eat and drink for the pleasure of it." "N othing is innocent unless it proceeds from supreme love to God and equal love to man, unless the supreme and ultimate motive be to please and honor God. In other words, to be innocent, any amusement must be engaged in because it is believed to be at the time most pleasing to God, and is intended to be a service rendered to Him, as that which, upon the whole, will honor Him more than anything else that we can engage in for the time being." -Charles Finney (Reprint) 
Price: 4.99 USD
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Huntington House; 200 Pgs. 1994 Paperback Like New 5 3/8 x 8 3/8 
To over 7,000,000 people, Joseph Smith is the greatest of all prophets. But in THE BURNING OF A STRANGE FIRE, the reader will witness that Joseph Smith is, perhaps, the greatest false prophet the world has ever seen. Mormonism, says Fuller, has become one of the end-time deceptions of which the Bible warns. 
Price: 14.95 USD
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30 Godbey, W. B. DEMONOLOGY
RCB Spine Stapled NEW 
11 Chapters by W. B. Godbey. Also includes THE DEVIL AND DEMONS by Evangelist L. L. Pickett + DEMON POSSESSION IN RUSSIA by Rev. F. B. Meyer + THE DEVIL by Rev. Andrew Johnson + AN ANGEL VISIT by Rev. J. M. Dustman + THE EXPLODED DEVIL by Rev. Alfred J. Hough + Recommended Reading List + List of Books by W. B. Godbey + Short Biography of W. B. Godbey. 
Price: 5.99 USD
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RHI 2009 Paperback; 332 Pgs. NEW 
The Straight Scoop on Freemasons, the Illuminati, Skull & Bones, Black Helicopters, the New World Order...and many many more 
Price: 15.99 USD
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32 Gooding, David / Lennox, John CHRISTIANITY: OPIUM OR TRUTH
Gospel Folio Press; 141 Pgs.; 1997 Paperback Like New 5 3/5 x 8 
Many thoughtful people say they have difficulties wich stand in the way of their accepting the Christian Message. This book is designed to face those issues honestly and to show that these difficulties are not insurmountable. There is an intellectually acceptable way through to personal faith in Christ. 
Price: 12.95 USD
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33 Hammond, Frank PIGS IN THE PARLOR $11.99 SALE $10.99
ICB Paperback NEW 
The Practical Guide to Deliverance. 
Price: 10.99 USD
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LTP 2013 Paperback; 328 Pgs. NEW 
This book reveals the forces of darkness that are permeating schools, media, entertainment, and even churches---thus training children to love evil and dismiss the truth. The purpose of this book is to equip families to stand firm in the midst of spiritual war raging all around us. 
Price: 14.99 USD
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35 Kremer, Emile EYES OPENED--To Satan's Subtlety
HCP 1997 Paperback; 115 Pgs. NEW 
In the course of his many hours of counseling, Emile Kremer came to see that occultism in its various and insidious forms is an important factor in many spiritual, psychological and even physical problems. EYES OPENED is the outcome of this wide experience. It has been used to expose Satan's subtlety and show forth Christ's power to deliver. 
Price: 8.99 USD
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36 Lindsey, Hal EVERLASTING HATRED, THE --The Roots of Jihad
Oracle House Pub.; 265 Pgs.; 2002 Paperback Like New 6 X 9 Signed by Author
Islamic Fundamentalism's purpose is to replace the Judeo-Christian world order with an Islamic world order. Every American needs to understand the enormity of the threat we face and why. This book will answer these questions with evidence from both Biblical and secular history. It will also bring new hope for the coming "perilous times." 
Price: 19.95 USD
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C.L.C.; 36 Pgs.; (1997) 1997 Stapled Paper As New 5 1/4 X 3 1/2 
This book is a book that deserves serious thought. Wilbur Lingle has 20 important questions for you to think about. 
Price: 5.95 USD
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38 Lutzer, Erwin W. SEVEN SNARES OF THE ENEMY $14.99 SALE! $6.99
MP 2001 Paperback; 158 Pgs. Good; Used--underlining & markings 
Prepare yourself to resist seven inviting temptations: Greed--Gambling--Alcoholism--Pornography-- Sexual Sin-- Occultism-- The Search for pleasure. Learn why freedom from these sins is so difficult--and how it can be achieved. 
Price: 6.99 USD
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Christian Pub.; 116 Pgs; 1980 Paperback Good 
ENCOUNTER WITH DARKNESS is a reprint of a classic work on demonology formerly entitled MODERN DEMON POSSESSION. The widespread manifestation of demon activity in Western culture gives this book a new relevance. Its practical approach to detecting & overcoming the powers of darkness will prove helpful to every Christian. MacMillan's treatment of the subject is Biblical & Christ exalting. 
Price: 8.95 USD
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40 Maharaj, Rabi R. DEATH OF A GURU ---A Remarkable True Story of One Man's Search for Truth
Harvest House Pub.; 208 Pgs. 1977 1977 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. Rabi R. Maharaj was descended from a long line of Brahmin priests and gurus and trained as a Yogi. He meditated for many hours each day, but gradually disillusionment set in. He describes vividly and honestly Hindu life and customs, tracing his difficult search for meaning and his struggle to choose between Hinduism and Christ. At a time when Eastern mysticism, religion and philosophy fascinate many in the West, Maharaj offers fresh and important insights from the perspective of his own experience. 
Price: 12.95 USD
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