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MP 1977 Hard cover Good 
Parents who want to introduce their children to deeper New Testament teachings will appreciate A LIVING LETTER FOR THE CHILDREN'S HOUR. The choice of emphasis, simplicity of language, selection of illustrative material, and adaptation of Bible passages make this remarkable book fully suited to the needs of modern families. The Illustrations add life and interest for smaller children, the large print makes it possible for new readers to participate in the family devotions. 
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Harper Collins Pub.; 219 Pgs. 1994 1994 0060170832 / 9780060170837 Hard Cover LIKE NEW Like New 
Hard Cover. LIKE NEW/Like New. THINGS THAT MATTER MOST is for people who wonder why social problems don't seem to go away, no matter how much money we pour into them. who think that families do matter, that fidelity does count, that fighting for one's country is noble. who long for a sense of purpose more transcendent than collecting another paycheck. With an objective, analytic eye, Thomas traces our current national malaise rampant disease, crime, and despair to the false promises of the sixties. Ironically, by toppling all traditions; by declining drugs and sex "in" and God "out"; by promulgating a credo of "if it feels good, do it," produced the following: widespread erosion of standards; rise in sexual promiscuity & drug taking; increasing rarity of two-parent family & much more. 
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GEB Paperback; 193 Pgs. NEW 
A book that's been helping parents like you...for over 100 years. This book lays foundations for child training that will last a life time. It will improve your attitude toward your children. They will develop greater respect and trust in you. These simple principles put into practice will draw families closer together and allow God's blessing to be more clearly manifest in our homes. 
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184 Tucker, Ruth A. FAMILY ALBUM, THE
Victor Books, 1994, 224 pgs., HB, pictures, excellent condition 156476236X / 9781564762368 Like New 
Like New. This book starts with an introduction followed by 12 chapters, then an epilogue, notes, acknowledgments, selected bibliography and index. Today the family is threatened on all sides. We wonder sometimes whether the family as we know it will surviv e into the twenty-first century. But it is comforting to realize that families before us have faced similar uncertainties, and we can draw strength and encouragement from our christian heritage. The FAMILY ALBUM is beautifully woven collection of information about family life through the centuries, from "Adam, Eve, and the Boys' to "Norman Rockwell's America" arranged chronologically, each chapter captures enlightening and enriching era in the history of the family of faith, drawing together Scripture, annecdotes, quotations, and illustrations. This volume will be as at home in the church library, pastor's study, & classroom as it is on the coffee table. 
Price: 18.95 USD
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185 Twisck, Peter Jansz FATHER'S GIFT, A
Reprint of 1622 1982 Paperback New 
Paperback. NEW. "I know of no greater treasure or possession to leave for my children than a godly life and good teaching. May the Lord multiply these virtues in me. I have endeavored to present my treasures, jewels and possessions in the form of a will and testament. Part 1 consists of doctrines and practices. Part two deals with teachings. The third part is an admonition to love and obey one's parents in all godly and worldly things." --Peter Jansz Twisck---- CONTENTS: INDEX Author's Preface of A Father's Gift A Father's Gift 1. The Fifth Commandment 2. Children in Subjection to the Parents 3. Catholics Changed the Tenth Commandment 4. The Love of God and Parents is of Like Origin 5. Authority Over the Children 6. Parents Should Walk Worthy of Honor 7. Children's Love for the Parents 8. Be Mindful of the Parents' Care 9. Self-penial Brings Honor 10. Parents' Greatest Joy 11. How Children Should Honor Their Parents 12. Are We Indebted to Honor Unbelieving Parents? 13. The Third Chapter of Sirach 14. Long Life Promised Upon Obedience 15. Honor the Physician 16. Honor Godly Admonition 17. Examples of Godly Children 18. Wisdom Eternal Treasures 19. God Hears Obedient Children 20. Sons Seeking to Kill Their Fathers 21. Be Gentle With the Parents' Faults 22. Obey God Above All 23. Be a Consolation to Your Widowed Mother 24. Consider Your In-Law Parents as Your Own 25. Abstain From Offending Parents 26. Life Without Obedience is Life Without Blessing 27. Love Not With Words Alone 28. Appreciate Parents When You Have Them 29. The Father's Blessing 30. The Lord Will Notice Flowing Tears 31. Beware Not to Mock Your Parents 32. Cover Your Parents' Shortcomings 33. The Child Would Not Inherit Their Parents' Things 34. Bear With Your Parents' Afflictions 35. Good Example of Joseph Toward His Father 36. How Jesus Cared for His Mother 37. Example of Love to the Parents 38. The Wages of Un thankfulness 39. A Lesson From the Birds 40. Parents That Feel Unwanted Long for the Grave 41. God Never Forgets the Good Done to Parents 42. Duties Of Children Towards Their Aged Parents 43. Have Patience When Parents Get Old 44. Do Not Feel Wiser Than Your Parents 45. Heartaches of Two Kings 46. He That Curses Parents, His Lamp Shall be Outer Darkness 47. Always Be Honest With Your Parents' Things 48. Children Should be Thankful for Their Daily Bread 49. Children Will Receive Double Measure 50. Do Not Make Parents Go to a Guest Home 51. Encourage the Aged Parents in Their Weakness 52. A Son's Unkindness to His Father 53. Sorrow Can Cause Untimely Death 54. If Young Men Should Ask the Father's Consent to Marry His Daughter 55. Things to Observe for a Blessed Marriage 56. Submission to the Overseers of Orphans 57. Help Your Widowed Mother 58. Do Not Say Abroad What Does Not Edify 59. Honor the True Ministers of God 60. Samuel, A Good Example 61. Due Three Times Double Honor 62. Honor the Higher Powers 63. Esteem Our Fatherland 64. Respect the Elderly 65. Wisdom Found in Old Age 66. Esteem Your School Teacher 67. Servants Be Obedient to Your Masters 68. Be Obedient in All Things 69. Prevent Arguments and Harm 70. Children Learn More Through Their Eyes Than the Ears 71. Assist in Making the Home Consistent 72. The Joy of Obedient Children 73. The Living Example of Isaac 74. Joseph's Exaltation 75. Samuel's Submission 76. Saul Found a Kingdom 77. Solomon Honored His Mother 78. Jonadab's Obedient Children 79. Tobit's Obedient Son 80. Obedient Children 81. Honor Your Parents' Teaching 82. Christ's Example of Obedience 83. Children Need to Follow Christ's Example 84. Spiritual Preparation 85. The Importance of Working 86. True Knowledge Comes From God 87. To be Slothful is to be Wasteful 88. During Idleness Evil is Learned 89. Work and Have a Trade 90. To be Happy at Work is a Gift of God 91. The Importance of Showing Honor and Love to Parents 92. Examples of Obedience to the Father's Will 93. Examples to Warn Disobedient Children 94. Examples of Punishments Dealt to Disobedient Children 95. The Wrath of God Upon Disobedient Children 96. Children, Do Not Fall From Grace 97. Ungodly Children Bring Heartache to Their Parents 98. A Long Life Through Obedience 99. God's Promise to Abraham 100. The Glories of Eternal Life 101. The Assurance of Eternal Life to Obedient Children 102. The Promised Blessing of Life 103. The Lord Sanctions Rewards 104. Retain Purity in Life 105. A Prayer by Peter Jansz Twisck 
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OPTS; 63 Pgs. 1846 (reprint) 1986 Paperback Like New 
Contents: Chapter 1.The Brave Spirit; Chapter 2.The Arithmetic Lesson; Chapter 3.The New Suit of Clothes; Chapter 4.Leaving Home; Chapter 5.An Important Era; Chapter 6.Th Publisher 
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AMWC Spine Stapled NEW 
This book is based on the Scripture in Psalms 119:37 --"Turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity; and quicken thou me in thy way." Also in Psalms 101:3 --"I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me." 
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188 Wheeler, Joe L. (editor) DAD IN MY HEART ---A Treasury of Heartwarming Stories About Dads
Tyndale; 153 Pgs. 1997 1997 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. DAD IN MY HEART is a touching collection of classic short stories that will tug at your heart and take up permanent residence in your memories. These stories about fathers, beloved teachers, mentors, pastors, & other father figures are suitable for reading aloud to your family or enjoying alone for a cozy evening's entertainment. 
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189 Wilson, Douglas STANDING ON THE PROMISES ---A Handbook of Biblical Childrearing
Canon Press; 170 Pgs. 1997 1997 1885767250 / 9781885767257 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. God has designed each family to be a culture --with a language, customs, traditions, and countless unspoken assumptions. The culture of the family intimately shape the children who grow up in it. It is the duty of the father to ensure that the shaping takes place according to biblical wisdom. Some fathers establish a rebellious culture for their children and bring upon their children the wrath of God, sometimes for generations. Other fathers fail to establish any distinct culture, and outside cultures rush to fill the void. Through the Messiah, God promised blessings to His people. "their children, and their children's children forever." The norm for faithful members of the covenant is that their children will follow them in their faithfulness. The oddity should be children who fall away. Unless we reestablish faithful Christian culture in countless homes, we will never reestablish it anywhere else. 
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GB 2017 (1888 Reprint) Hard Cover; 712 Pgs. NEW NEW 
A Description of the habits and uses of every living creature mentioned in the Scriptures. With explanation of passages in the Old and New Testament in which Reference is made to them. 
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SOL Paperback; 72 Pgs. NEW 
The author gives plain practical advice on how to live an effective victorious life. He sets up in this book some guidelines of what young people should avoid and what they should do. The author had great love and concern for America's teenagers. 
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192 Worthington, Kirby & Everett L. Worthington VALUE YOUR CHILDREN
BBH 1995 Paperback; 112 Pgs. NEW 
Whether you have a traditional, blended, or single-parent family, it sure isn't easy being a parent today. VALUE YOUR CHILDREN presents a parenting blueprint, including thirteen steps to becoming a better parent. The authors help parents develop a vision for making better disciples of their children. Parents facing problems with their children are shown the AGAPE steps to solve parenting problems by using the pattern of "Faith working through love." Some of the problems addressed include fear, disobedience, rebellion, crises in faith sibling rivalry, family fighting, whining, and temper tantrums. 
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WP 1989 Paperback; 164 Pgs. Good 
A complete guide to Building Positive Relationships with Family, Friends, Co-Workers. The author Discusses: How to be flexible in relating to others without denying your own personality---Learning to respond to criticism constructively---Becoming an endangered species-a listener---Dealing positively with negative people---Relating to relatives. 
Price: 9.99 USD
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194 Yates, Susan Alexander HOW TO LIKE THE ONES YOU LOVE
BBH 2000 Paperback; 239 Pgs. NEW 
Each chapter includes a relevant Bible verse, focus questions, and activities for family friendship building. A hands-on personal and family resource, HOW TO LIKE THE ONES YOU LOVE has unlimited potential when used for group study and discussion. 
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SPC 1988 Paperback; 58 Pgs. NEW 
Home ties are being weakened ominously, communication skills have been in decline for over thirty years; creativity and imagination are suppressed by the force-feeding of television images and passion and violence on the screen are proven to promote the same in real life. The American Home has been hijacked, and is being diverted toward a moral spiritual and intellectual wasteland. At the controls is a seductive yet sinister power known as modern TV. Read how this can destroy your family and relationship with God. 
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196 Yohe, Dena YOU ARE NOT ALONE
W 2016 Paperback; 213 Pgs. NEW 
Hope for hurting parents of troubled kids 
Price: 9.99 USD
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197 Zabriskie, Francis Nicoll STORY OF A SOUL or Thoughts on the Parable of the Prodigal Son (1872)
KP Reprint Paperback; 149 Pgs. NEW 
Part I--The Departure Chapter Titles: 1. The Fatherhood of God; 2. The Portion; 3. Independence; 4. The Division; 5. Not Many Days After; 6. Gathering All Together; 7. The Far Country; 8. Riotous Living; 9. Waste; 10. Impoverishment; 11. Servitude; 12. Starvation; 13. Degradation; 14. Ready to Perish; 15. Helplessness; PART II---THE RETURN 16. Coming to Himself; 17. Repentance; 18. Decision; 19. Action; 20. The Homeward Way; 21. Confession; 22. Solicitings By the Way; 23. Vision of Christ; 24. The Reception; 25. The Embrace and the Kiss; 26. Faith and Full Salvation; 27. The Robe of Righteousness; 28. The Shoes and the Ring; 29. The Feast; 30. The Elder Son; 31. The Last Glimpse 
Price: 23.99 USD
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