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181 Alleine, Richard HEAVEN OPENED ---The Riches of God's Covenant
Soli De Gloria; 343 Pgs. 2000 2000 Hard Cover NEW NEW 
Hard Cover. Like New/Like New. "Good news from heaven. The Lord God has made and established a new covenant. This covenant is the hope of sinners, the riches of saints, the Magna Charta of the city of God. the Lord God has taken compassion upon you. He has made and established a new covenant which, if you lay hold of it, will recover all you have lost, ransom you from death, redeem you from hell, and advance you to a more sure and blessed condition than the original state from which you have fallen. This covenant is the hope of sinners and the heritage of the servants of the Lord. It is all that heaven and earth can afford, all that can be needed or desired, and by a firm and irrevocable deed is made over and made sure to all who sincerely embrace it." 
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Soli De Gloria; 2003; 412 Pgs. 2003 Hardcover NEW NEW 
Among the 26 chapter titles are: Keeping a Good Conscience; Sinful Self-Love; How to Guard the Heart; A Loose and Listless Heart; Ordering Our Desires; Ordering Our Fears; The Great Care of Every Man is to Keep His Heart; 
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Muhlenberg Press; 1944; (two Volume set) 1944 Hard Cover Fair Used; Slightly Damaged; 
This book has the Editor's Preface; Acknowledgements; Contributors; Introductory Articles; Commentaries; 
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184 Allen, A. A. LET MY PEOPLE GP!
A. A. Allen Pub.; No Date, 42 Pgs; Spine Stapled Damaged; Fair 5 1/2 x 7 1/2 
Tradition or restoration Revival - Which? Exposes the Sin of Denominational Tradition Today. Proves that Revival will Never Come to the Church Denominations bound by the tradition of the Elders. Answers the question, "Why do Denominational Preachers Fight Miracle Revival?" Will give the reason Preachers Stick to their Man-Made Organizations and Will Never be Free. What does God say about Real Pentecostal Manifestations? 
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185 Allen, A. A. MY BESETTING SIN "Missing 16 Pages"
A. A. Allen Pub.; 42-16= 26 Pgs; No Date; Stapled Good 5 1/4 x 7 1/2 
MISSING PAGES This book deals with The Sin That So Easily Besets You, so that you may win the prize at the end of the race. You must rid yourself of that besetting sin! "Everybody does it," is not sufficient excuse! "Everybody" is not accomplishing the thing God has called you to do! If you go along with "everybody," you will never fulfill your calling. 
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Fleming H. Revell Co.; (1970) 128 Pgs. 1970 Paperback Fair (used) (underlining) 
Nothing is more frustrating than a locked door --and no key! So many of life's doors could be opened --if we just knew how. Each chapter of this book is a special key, a prayer key. Use them to unlock the closed dorors of your life. 
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187 Allen, Charles L. GOD'S PSYCHIATRY
Fleming H. Revell Co.; (1953) 157 Pgs. 1953 Hard Cover Fair (used) (markings) Poor 
This book consists of 4 Parts: Part I: How To Think Of God (the Twenty-Third Psalm); Part II: God's Rules for Living (The Ten Commandments); Part III: How To Talk To God (The Lord's Prayer); Part IV: The Keys To the Kingdom (The Beatitudes); 
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188 Allen, Charles L. IN QUEST OF GOD'S POWER
Fleming H. Revell Co.; (1952) 191 Pgs. 1952 Hard Cover Fair (used and Damaged Cover 
Chapter titles included in this book: Where Many Found That Power; The Person You Can Be; Handicaps Need Not Handicap; The Big Question of Forgiveness; Take Time For God; Pray About It; Faith Can Heal Our Emotional Sickness; Why We Worry And How To Stop; Security Can Be Yours; Are You Lonely? How To Get What You Want; The "What-Are-You-Going-To-Do Question; Let Christ Make You; Taking the Fear Out of Death; 
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Fleming H. Revell Co.; (1985) 63 Pgs. 1985 Hard Cover Good 
Contents of this book include the following chapter titles: 1. The Marriage Emotion; 2. How to Know You Are Really in Love; 3. Romance and Marriage; 4. Sex, Love, and Marriage; 5. Marriage Is More Than a Private Affair; 6. Steps to Happiness in Marriage; 7. The Home in the House; 8. Wisdom From the Wisest Book; 
Price: 16.95 USD
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190 Allen, Charles L. MIRACLE OF HOPE
R 1973; Hardback; 64 Pgs. good good 
Christians should never lose hope. Those who believe in the Bible find reason for hope on every page. Dr. Allen demonstrates the blessings of a hope-filled life and shows that one small grain of hope can transform total defeat into victory. 
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Fleming H. Revell Co.; (1956) 158 Pgs. 1956 Hard Cover; burgandy Color; Good; Used Underlining Fair Signed by Author
These chapters are based on Sunday night messages to his own congregation, and he describes some of the miracles which happened to those who responded to his invitation to let Christ place His hand upon them. 
Price: 18.95 USD
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Fleming H. Revell Co.; (1981) 123 Pgs. 1981 Hard Cover As New As New 
In VICTORY IN THE VALLEYS OF LIFE, the author examines the valleys we all face in life and shows us how to walk through them in faith, coming out safely on the other side. 
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193 Allen, Charles L. WHEN THE HEART IS HUNGRY
Fleming H. Revell Co.; (1955) 159 Pgs. 1955 Hard Cover Fair (used) (underlining) Good 
In this book, the author highlights the outstanding and most helpful truths of twenty-two parables and clarifies innumerable difficult passages, thus pointing out new directions for the spiritually lost. 
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194 Allen, Charles L. WHEN YOU LOSE A LOVED ONE
Fleming H. Revell Co.; (1959) 61 Pgs. 1959 Hard Cover As New Good 
Whether death comes to your loved one after a long and fruitful life or unexpectedly, by accident, it comes with a suddeness, a shock, for which one can never wholly be prepared. The purpose of this book is to help you during those first hours and days when you are struggling to comprehend and accept the emptiness in your life and in your heart. 
Price: 18.95 USD
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195 Allen, Charles L. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE
Fleming H. Revell Co.; (1978) 154 Pgs. 1978 Paperback Good; Name Inside; 
Dr. Allen shares how fellowship with god through frequent prayer and meditation will help you to know that you are loved by a Friend who is your constant companion. The right proportions of work, play, fellowship, and love are all very important in beginning a new life for yourself. But only worship --feeling the real presence of God every day of your life ---can assure you that you do not walk alone. 
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196 Allen, Charles L. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE
Fleming H. Revell Co.; (NO DATE) 154 Pgs. Hard Cover Good Fair 
Dr. Allen can show you how to find the strength and understanding you need to take the loneliness out of living alone. 
Price: 16.95 USD
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197 Allen, Gary (with Larry Abraham) NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY
Concord Press; 143 Pgs. 1971 1971 0686057384 / 9780686057383 Soft cover Good 
Paperback. Good. Chapter contents include: 1. Don't Confuse Me with Facts; 2. Socialism ---Royal Road to Power for the Super-Rich; 3. The Money Manipulators; 4. Bankrolling The Bolshevik Revolution; 5. Establishing The Establishment; 6. The Rockefellers and the Reds; 7. Pressure From Above and Pressure From Below; 8. You Are the Answer; 
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198 Allen, James AS A MAN THINKETH
Thomas Y. Crowell Co.; 47 Pgs. (no date) Hard Cover Good Fair Frayed Top & Bottom Edges 
The main purpose of this book is to show men and women that they themselves are makers of themselves. "Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream so shall you become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be," is the underlying idea. 
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199 Allen, Lee & Donna SPECIAL GUEST, THE
McDougal Pub.; 1996; 96 Pgs.; 1996 Paperback As New Signed by Author
THE SPECIAL GUEST is a heartwarming story about a family's tragedy and how they come to learn of a plan that is greater than their own personal circumstances. The timeless truths of this book will make it a reading delight for both young and old, arousing in the heart the sentiments which make Christmas so special. 
Price: 9.99 USD
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200 Allen, R. Earl PERSONAL JESUS, THE
Broadman Press; (1971) 127 Pgs.; 1971 Hard Cover Fair (used) (underlining) 
Contents of this book include: Preface by R. Earl Allen; Forward by Carl E. Bates; Following Chapter Titles are as follows: 1. The Personal Jesus; 2. The Face of Jesus; 3. The Hands of Jesus; 4. The Feet of Jesus; 5. The Voice of Jesus; 6. The Temptations of Jesus; 7. The Anger of Jesus; 8. The Tears of Jesus; 9. The Dilemmas of Jesus; 10. The Song of Jesus; 11. The Prayers of Jesus; 12. The Mind of Jesus; 13. The Sonship of Jesus; 14. the Friendship of Jesus; 15. The Touch of Jesus; 16. The Claims of Jesus; 17. The Love of Jesus; 18. The Person of Jesus; 
Price: 16.95 USD
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