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R 1977 Hardback; 224 Pgs. Like NEW 
In this book, the whole foundation revolves around the Bible, whereas in secular schools of thought no foundation(final standard of authority) exists. The Bible gives the Christian counselor a foundation, stability, guidelines, and even "life. 
Price: 18.99 USD
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122 Moody, D. L. WAY TO GOD AND HOW TO FIND IT [Reprint of Original 1884][CLASSIC]
CRP Paperback NEW 
Price: 8.99 USD
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123 Moody, D. L. (Chapman, J. Wilbur) HIS CREED (Three Cardinal Truths) 1.--The Word of God; 2. --The Return of Christ; 3. --The Work of the Holy Spirit;
F.B.C.P.; 17 Pgs. Soft cover As New 
Paperback (stapled). Like New. Mr. Moody was the most faithful advocate of every truth presented in the Word of God. He seemed to have the most wonderful conception of all the great principles underlying the plan of salvation. His belief in the atonement was never to be shaken, and his uncompromising position as touching the inspiration of the Scriptures was always commented upon by those who heard him preach for any length of time, but there are three special truths with which his ministry was particularly identified in the judgment of many of his friends. 
Price: 3.99 USD
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124 Morgan, G. Campbell TRUE ESTIMATE OF LIFE
BBH 1975 Paperback; 240 Pgs. Like New 
There are eleven chapters included in this book with the following: 1. Paul's Estimate of Life; 2. Health of the Spirit; 3. Naaman, or the Second" But"; 4. Wouldst thou be made Whole? 5. Clay in the Potter's Hand; 6. The Divine Government of Human Lives; 7. Redeeming the Time; 8. Gathering or Scattering; 9. Pitching Toward Sodom; 
Price: 9.99 USD
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TNP 2000 Hardback; 335 PGS. NEW NEW 
Deeper Christian Life: An Aid to it's Attainment---With Christ in the School of Prayer---Absolute Surrender and other Addresses 
Price: 24.99 USD
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126 Newton, John (Rev. Richard Cecil) WORKS OF JOHN NEWTON (6 VOLS.)
BOT 1980 (REPRINT OF 1820) Hardback NEW NEW 
Newton has a firm place in the classics of Christian literature. While his style is strong and clear, it is the spiritual attractiveness and importance of his main themes. which secure the permanent value of his writings. Most of his books came, unpremeditated, out of need to help his congregation or individual hearers, and it is in practical helpfulness towards Christian living that he exceeds. Conformity to Christ is the one subject in which all his themes finally focus. 
Price: 169.99 USD
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127 Payson, Edward LEGACY OF A LEGEND
SGCB 2001 Paperback; 163 Pgs. NEW 
Edward Payson was perhaps the greatest Americans minister of the first half of the nineteenth century. Hundreds and even thousands named their sons after him in hopes that they would grow up to be like him. This volume is a fitting introduction to such a great man who walked with God, and longed that others would join him. LEGACY OF LEGEND brings this forgotten saint back to a church desperately in need of heroes. 
Price: 9.99 USD
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CLC 2004 Paperback; 142 Pgs. NEW 
A "How to" manual on finding fulfillment in your work---Secular work is full-time service. If the life of our world today revolves around the workplace, then God's people should saturate those places with salt and light. This is no second-rate calling. It demands high-caliber Christians with a new visions to reach the world. It must have top priority. 
Price: 8.99 USD
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129 Pearse, Mark Guy CHRISTIANITY OF JESUS CHRIST: IS IT OURS? Part 1 0F 2--- CHRIST'S IDEA OF CHRISTIANITY [1901 Reprint] $9.99 SALE $5.99
RCB Spine Stapled NEW 
EXPANDED EDITION: Scriptures and Scripture References are added: Scriptures and Scripture References are added. Part 1 of CHRISTIANITY OF JESUS CHRIST: IS IT OURS? [EXPANDED EDITION] CONTENTS--- 1. Christ's Idea of Christianity........ 2. Our Idea of Christianity—Men and Methods........ 3. Our Idea of Christianity—Money.......... 4. Our Idea of Christianity—Intellectual Power......... 5. Christ's Idea of Christianity—Individuality....... 6. Christ's Idea of Christianity—The Promised Power.... 7. The Power Come—The Disciples Amongst the Romans...... 8. The Disciples Amongst the Greeks....... 9. The Disciples Amongst the Poor........ Publisher's Note: Definitions, Corrections or Additions are in [ ] 
Price: 5.99 USD
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130 Pierson, A. T. BIBLE AND SPIRITUAL CRITICISM $24.99 SALE! $14.99
BBH 1978 Hardback; 275 Pgs. Good Fair; Torn on back 
This book is a defense of the inspiration and integrity of the Bible. 
Price: 14.99 USD
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131 Pierson, A. T. INSPIRED WORD
H&S 1888 Hardback; 359 Pgs. Fair 
Series of Papers 
Price: 29.95 USD
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132 Pierson, Arthur Pierson KNOWING THE SCRIPTURES
AMG 1994 Hardback; 349 Pgs. NEW NEW 
This book is the second book in the Bible Study series, a part of the Pulpit Legends collection. This series is designed to acquaint a new generation with prominent biblical scholars of the past. 
Price: 24.99 USD
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133 Plumer, Wm. S. GRACE OF CHRIST
SP 1997 Hardback; 454 Pgs. NEW 
This book contains 53 chapters on the Grace of Christ or Sinners Saved or Unmerited Kindness. 
Price: 29.99 USD
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134 Prince, Derek GOD'S WILL FOR YOUR LIFE
WH 1986 Paperback; 63 Pgs. NEW 
Discover how you can have a new sense of purpose and experience God's Will for Your Life 
Price: 6.99 USD
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135 Prince, Derek GRACE OF YIELDING
WH 1977 Paperback; 92 Pgs.; Giant Print NEW 
You can be confident that, as you yield to the Spirit of Christ, you will walk in the abundance of God's power and blessings. 
Price: 8.95 USD
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136 Prince, Derek IF YOU WANT GOD'S BEST
WH 1985 Paperback; 106 Pgs. NEW 
The desire, the longing, the heart of God is to give you His very best. Derek Prince teaches you how to receive God's many gifts, including how to---Enjoy the Holy Spirit's friendship; Hear God's voice; Set priorities B;iblically; Obtain strong faith; Be overtaken by blessings 
Price: 7.99 USD
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137 Prince, Derek JUDGING: WHEN? WHY? HOW?
WH 2001 Paperback; 126 Pgs. NEW 
Some passages of Scripture say, "Judge," while others say, "Don't judge." Most Christians aren't sure that they should judge anything---others feel responsible to raise a moral standard, but don't know how much authority they have. Derek Prince cuts through the apparent conflict to explain: WHO is authorized to judge? WHEN is judgement called for? WHAT are we authorized to judge? WHERE are the limits? WHY does our attitude matter? 
Price: 8.99 USD
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138 Ravenhill, Leonard LEONARD RAVENHILL QUOTES + SHORT BIOGRAPHY by Many Authors
RCB Spine Stapled NEW 
This book WILL challenge your Christianity! Leonard Ravenhill was a Yorkshire man born in 1907 and brought up in Leeds, England. He had a most attractive personality and was a fiery Gospel preacher with unction. Gifted with a very keen mind, he was full of memorable sayings, such as: "This generation of preachers is responsible for this generation of sinners" and "A man wrapped up in himself makes a small parcel when death cuts the strings." 
Price: 7.99 USD
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139 Ravenhill, Leonard (Tomlinson) IN LIGHT OF ETERNITY, + [QUOTE BOOK], Updated 600+ pages, LIFE OF LEONARD RAVENHILL; NEW HARDBACK with MORE PICTURES + LEONARD RAVENHILL QUOTE BOOK [Spine Stapled]---NOW available Priority SHIPPING in the USA WILL BE $7.35
GM + RCB Hardback + Spine Stapled NEW & New 
NEW HARDBACK--UPDATED 600+ pages + MORE PICTURES, LIFE OF LEONARD RAVENHILL; [+ ALL 12 of his tracts, IF REQUESTED][+ His Recommended Reading List] "I have never encountered in my almost 70 years a more Godly man that was sold-out to the Lord Jesus Christ." ---J.J.M. Leonard Ravenhill's spiritual life, uniquely marked by experiential godliness, was from its beginning rooted in eighteenth century English Methodism. Had he lived two hundred years earlier, he could have been one of the men laboring in the gospel with John Wesley or George Whitefield. His grandmother, mother, and father were all converted to Christ through that spiritual heritage. Converted at age fifteen, Ravenhill later trained for Christian ministry under the saintly influence of Samuel Chadwick at Cliff College in England. Characterized by a deep life of prayer, passionate evangelistic zeal and a powerful preaching gift, his ministry drew traffic-jamming crowds in the British Isles during the 1930's and 1940's. Along with D. Martyn L1oydJones and J. Edwin Orr, Brother Ravenhill was one of the few specialists in the 20th century regarding the message of genuine revival and spiritual awakening. Cover picture: Leonard Ravenhill, age 25 CONTENTS: Life Chronology CHAPTERS: 1. THE BIRTH OF A PROPHET 2. APPREHENDED BY GOD: CONVERSION AND CALLING 3. CLIFF COLLEGE AND GOSPEL MINISTRY 4. A BAND OF BROTHERS: THE HOLINESS TREKKERS 5. REVIVAL AND THE CALVARY HOLINESS MOVEMENT 6. RAVENHILL THE PASTOR 7. CALVARY HOLINESS MISSIONS 8. MARRIAGE AND FAMILY 9. To AMERICA AND BETHANY FELLOWSHIP 10. WIDER PREACHING AND WORLD MISSIONS 11. NEW YORK CITY AND TEEN CHALLENGE 12. 1966-1979: NEW HORIZONS OF FAITH 13. LEONARD, LAST DAYS, AND TEXAS FRIENDS 14. THE FRIDAY NIGHT PRAYER MEETING 15. PRAYER: LIFE'S HIGHEST CALLING 16. ONE HOLY PASSION 17. PREACHING: THE MOST SERIOUS THING IN THE WORLD 18. MARKS OF A TRUE PREACHER 19. RAVENHILLS THEOLOGY 20. EVANGELISM GOD'S WAY 2l. REVIVAL GOD'S WAY 22. THE MINISTRY OF LETTERS 23. TWO SPECIAL FRIENDS 24. ONLY ONE LIFE: FINALLY HOME FOREVER 25. GOD-HONORING APPRECIATION APPENDICES: Appendix A: Ravenhill Sermons Appendix B: Ravenhill Fiery Arrows Appendix C: Ravenhill Poetry Appendix D: Ravenhill Recommended Reading Appendix E: Ravenhill Resources Index. Map of Great Britain, showing the dotted route Leonard walked across England at least twice in evangelistic ministry in the 1930's and the cities where he lived and ministered from 19071958: Leeds, Bolton, Burnley, Barnsley, Salford, Oldham, Manchester, Sheffield, Bath, and County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. Map of United States and the Bahamas, highlighting the cities where Leonard and Martha lived from 1958-1994: Minneapolis, Minnesota; New York City, New York; Rockford, Illinois; Nassau, Bahamas; Zachary, Louisiana; Seguin, Texas; Lindale, Texas 660+ Pages with more Pages of Pictures + LEONARD RAVENHILL QUOTE BOOK 
Price: 36.98 USD
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BTM 1989 Paperback; 175 Pgs. NEW 
While insisting on a plan of salvation, has the Person of Jesus Christ Himself been neglected? 
Price: 8.99 USD
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