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101 Hess, Rick and Jan A fULL QUIVER
Hess; 236 Pgs. 1989 1989 0970367007 / 9780970367006 Paperback Good 
Paperback. Good. The Hesses know that every couple has common questions & concerns about family planning --questions you've probably asked. How many children to have? When to have them? How to plan financially. A FULL QUIVER has fresh, encouraging answers to these questions. Here is the Scriptural proof that God can & will personally optimize your family size ---and how to let Him! 
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102 Hession, Roy REVIVAL IN THE HOME [Large Tract][See our list of tracts]
RCB Tract NEW 
TOPICS: Revival Begins in the Home. What is wrong with our homes? The Failure to Love. The only Way Out. List of writings of Roy Hession. 
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103 Jahsmann, Allan Hart/ Simon, Martin P. LITTLE VISITS FOR FAMILIES (Vol. 5)
Concordia Pub. House; 304 Pgs. 1995 1995 0570058023 / 9780570058021 Hard Cover Like New 
Hard Cover. Like New. LITTLE VISITS FOR FAMILIES helps your family spend valuable time together focusing on God's Word and its meaning for life. Created for families to read together, these devotions show God at work in everyday life. In each devotion you and your family open with a Scripture verse; read a meditation based on daily life; spend time talking as a family; explore an additional Bible reading; close with a family prayer. Help your family grow closer together and closer to God with LITTLE VISITS FOR FAMILIES. 
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104 Jahsmann, Allan Hart/ Simon, Martin P. LITTLE VISITS WITH GOD (Vol. 4)
Concordia Pub. House; 303 PGS. 1995 1995 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. LITTLE VISITS WITH GOD nurtures the faith of children and sows seeds that enrich lives for years to come. With this best-selling collection, you can encourage your child to learn about God and develop love and trust in Him. Each "little visit" includes a Bible verse; a life-related devotion; questions to help children get involved; suggested Scripture readings for older children; a prayer relating to the day's theme. 
Price: 13.99 USD
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Soli Deo Gloria Pub.; 300 Pgs. (1833 reprint), 1995 1995 1573580058 / 9781573580052 Hard Cover Like New Like New 
Hard Cover. Like New/Like New. If a person is not happy at home, he cannot be happy anywhere; and he who is happy there need be miserable nowhere. If happiness is to be found upon earth, it will be enjoyed within the hallowed circle of a family, united by love and sanctified by grace. Chapter contents include the following: 1. ---Domestic Constitution; 2. ---The Mutual Duties of Husbands and Wives; 3.---The Special Duties of Husbands and Wives; 4. ---Some Remarks on the Formation of the Marriage Union; 5.---The Duties of Parents; 6. ---The Duties of Children to their Parents; 7.---On the Fraternal Duties; 8. ---The Duties of Masters; 9. ---The Duties of Servants; 
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106 Kelly, Jim with Kluck, Ted PLAYBOOK FOR DADS---Parenting your kid in the Game of LIfe
FW Hardback; 189 Pgs. NEW NEW 
This book isn't a memoir, per se. Rather it's a reflection on some of the things that happened to me over the years , and how I think of those things in light of my most important title: Dad. To fans I'm the guy who helps used to play quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. Number 12. To my daughters, Cam and Erin, I'm their Dad. I'm the guy who helps get them ready for school, occasionally coaches their basketball teams, and tries he best to impart some life lessons. And I've lived a lot of life. I've learned a lot of lessons. lessons. 
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107 Kennedy, D James CHARACTER & DESTINY
Zondervan, 1994 303 pgs., HB, DJ, excellent condition 1994 Hard Cover As New As New 
Introduction: "A Crisis of Character". The book has three parts within 23 chapters. Part I: "The Cultural Mandate"; Part II: "The Secular Challenge"; Part III: "The Victory of Faith". Conclusion: "The Destiny of Man". It has a Bibliography; and Index: "Topical & Issue"; & last something about the author. America faces a crisis of moral authority. In this penetrating, informative book, Dr. D. James Kennedy takes readers to the core of today's cultural erosion. The United States' rich herit age of Christian liberty is now being corrupted by those who are trying to rewrite or reinterpret history. Even our traditional values are being undermined by our educational system. More than ever, we need to assert the truth --the truth of the e xistence of sin & of the absolute nature of morality. 
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108 Ketterman, Grace MOTHERING--An Expert's Guide to Succeeding in Your Most Important Role
Thomas Nelson Pub.; 464 Pgs. 1991 1991 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. Being a Mom in one of the most rewarding--and difficult-- challenges you'll ever face. And while books abound on how best to parent, none come close to this knowledgeable, in-depth resource by Dr. Grace Ketterman. From the moment you consider starting a family through raising teens and beyond, this book advises you on every aspect of motherhood: Becoming pregnant; Adjusting to a new baby; Working with a child's temperament; Managing sibling rivalry; Disciplining effectively; Handling specific ages and stages; Coping with adolescents; and much more. MOTHERING also helps you grow as an individual as you learn how to practice healthy self-care and balance the many roles of a woman. 
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Multnomah, 1992, 196 pgs., HB, DJ, good condition 
This book begins with "Acknowledgments", followed by a "Forward" written by Brig. Gen. Joe Foss, (retired) Recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor. It contains 11 chapters & conlcludes with an "Epilogue". In brief, engaging chapters, Kimmel covers these topics & more: "Courage to resist compromise"; "Courage to carry on in hardship"; "Courage to live within your means"; "Courage to keep promises"; "Courage to resist mediocrity"; "Courage to sacrifice short - term satisfaction for long term goals". 
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LTP 2013 Paperback; 328 Pgs. NEW 
This book reveals the forces of darkness that are permeating schools, media, entertainment, and even churches---thus training children to love evil and dismiss the truth. The purpose of this book is to equip families to stand firm in the midst of spiritual war raging all around us. 
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111 Land, Richard FOR FAITH AND FAMILY
B&HP 2002 Hardback; 212 Pgs. NEW NEW 
Christian families are under attack today like in no other generation. The evidence of the assault is all around---sexual impurity in marriage, divorce, homosexuality, pornography, abortions, cloning, embryonic stem cell research. 
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112 Lapin, Rabbi Daniel AMERICA'S REAL WAR ---An Orthodox Rabbi Insists That Judeo-Christian Values are Vital for Our Nation's Survival
Multnomah Press; 377 Pgs. 1990 1990 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. Are we one nation, under God.indivisible? Our country is in a tug-of-war. At one end of the rope are those who believe in a secular nation. At the other end are those who stand for a spiritual America. Orthodox Rabbi Daniel Lapin calls for a halt to the war ---through a return to our Judeo-Christian tradition. 
Price: 16.99 USD
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113 Leithart, Peter WISE WORDS
LC 1995 Paperback; 169 Pgs. NEW 
Family stories that bring the proverbs to life. A fascinating storybook that illustrates Biblical Proverbs and borrows imagery, plots, characters, settings, and themes directly from Scripture. 
Price: 9.99 USD
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B.B.H.; 270 Pgs. 2000 2000 0800744152 / 9780800744151 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. Yes, you can raise responsible, happy children ---without raising your blood pressure! Let psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Kevin Leman show you how--- and why ----his reality discipline works. In his humorous, practical, and direct style, this father of five shows just how easy it is to: foil finicky eaters, turn off temper tantrums, and minimize sibling rivalries; get your children to be responsible and successful; get your kid to do what you want them to do; know when to take the little buzzards by the beak; understand why children misbehave and what to do about it; set suitable allowances, curfews, and privileges; use authority and decisiveness to show your kids you care; give yourself freedom and put yourself back in the driver's seat. Now completely revised and updated, this consistent best-seller includes a new introduction, two new chapters, and a discussion guide for individual or group use. With Dr. Leman's help, you'll learn sure-fire techniques for developing a loving, no-nonsense approach to child training. 
Price: 16.99 USD
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115 Lessin, Roy WHITER THAN SNOW $12.99 SALE! $5.99
HB 2001 Hardcover Used; Like New 
Experience the Master's love that can make us WHITE THAN SNOW. Feel the warmth of the creator. Let Him search your heart and take your insecurities, leaving nothing but his grace. This book is filled with illustrations, pictures, and scriptures 
Price: 5.99 USD
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116 Macaulay, Susan Schaeffer FOR THE CHILDREN'S SAKE --Foundations of Education for Home and School
Crossway Books; 165 Pgs. 1984 1984 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. FOR THE CHILDREN'S SAKE is a book about what education can be ---for your child, in your home, and in your school. It is based first on a Christian understanding of what it means to be human --to be a child, a parent, a teacher ---and on the Christian meaning of life. At the same time it is deeply practical. Many of the central ideas have been tried and proven true over a century in almost every kind of educational situation. The ideas are in fact so true that they can be applied equally at home, in different schools, in Africa, in the inner city, and in your own community. But they are also ideas which Susan and her husband Ranald Macaulay have tried and proven in their own family and school experience. FOR THE CHILDREN'S SAKE is a book which can help every parent and teacher awaken the young minds of their children and give them a new richness, stability, and joy for living. 
Price: 16.99 USD
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117 Macaulay, Susan Schaeffer FOR THE FAMILY'S SAKE ---The Value of Home in Everyone's Life
Crossway Books; 286 Pgs. 1999 1999 1581341113 / 9781581341119 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. Home is where the heart is ---for many of us the word home brings warm thoughts and happy memories ---far more than the dictionary's simple definitions of "a place of birth or one's living quarters." It is the secure environment that allows our hearts to develop. A haven of growth, quiet, and rest. The place where we love and are loved. Sadly, though, this kind of home is beginning to disappear as our busy society turns homes into houses where related people abide, but where there is no "heart." With a desire to help you nurture your family's heart, Susan Schaeffer Macaulay presents a clear blueprint for constructing a home that survives the variety of situations that you face in modern life. With Jesus Christ as the foundation, using tools such as common sense, realism, and traditions, you can build a secure living environment where every member of your family can flourish. 
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118 Mackintosh, C. H. BEWARE OF LEAVING YOUR LITTLE ONES IN EGYPT! [Large Tract][See our list of tracts]
10 or more of a title makes them .10 each. SHIPPING COST WILL BE REDUCED RCB Tract 
This tract is a warning to parents who leave their little ones in the training of unconverted persons or those whose hearts are not one with him in values and beleifs. 
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Victor Books; 156 Pgs. 1992 1992 0896930505 / 9780896930506 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. This profound and honest book calls us to accpt the church's humanness ---the fact that we tend to make messes of our lives ----as it explores eight of our common dysfunctions. But the book also calls us to reaffirm that each local congregation in the body of Christ ought to be a place where we can come and feel loved, helped, forgiven ---and given hope to go out and do better next time. After all, God created the church to be the best family in the whole world. 
Price: 14.95 USD
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120 Maldaner, Gary and Cathy POLITE MOMENTS (Vol. 1)
PPP Spine Stapled NEW 
This is a book for children on how to be polite, mannerly, respectful to others, be reverent in the House of God, being obedient, listen, using time wisely, thinking of others, etc. very useful in the Christian home. 
Price: 2.99 USD
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