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101 McConnell, Jr. L. D. PURE IN HEART, "Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God" [Large Tract][See our List of Tracts]
10 or more of a title makes them .05 each. SHIPPING COST WILL BE REDUCED RCB Tract NEW 
This tract will answer the questions of how to be pure in heart with Scriptures to confirm it 
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102 McLaughlin, G. A. Saved and Kept $9.99 SALE $5.99
AP 1903 Reprint Paperback NEW 
How to Get Saved and How to Keep Saved. 
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JMP 1987 Spine-stapled NEW 
This book is about the four difficulties of Faith and Justification 
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104 Meyer, F. B. "I PROMISE" --Talks on the Christian Endeavor Covenant (1899 reprint)
RCB Spine Stapled NEW 
This writing will challenge you to be faithful to the Lord through His strength. Chapter Titles include the following: Introduction; 1. Salvation and Trust; 2. Winning God's Attention; 3. God Speaking; 4. "What would Jesus Do?" 5. Our Duty; 6. Conscience; A Biography of F. B. Meyer is also included in this writing along with his writings. 
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105 Meyer, F. B. BLESSED LIFE
CP 1996 Spine-Stapled NEW 
There is a Christian life which, compared to the experience of most Christians, is as summer to winter or the mature fruitfulness of a golden autumn to the struggling promise of a cold and late spring. This is what the author calls--THE BLESSED LIFE. We trust the Lord to do in and for us what we ourselves cannot do. 
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MP 1927 Paperback; 126 Pgs. Good 
The "must" of the new birth, of sacrifice, of decreasing self, of service, of spiritual worship, and four other messages written in order that "the inquiring soul may be guided in that upward climb and inner experience in divine union. 
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ZP 1985 Paperback; 173 Pgs. Good 
In this book a Baptist pastor offers his best counsel on the secrets of the Christian life. He explains that some Christians are frustrated because they suppose they get all their spiritual equipment oat the moment of conversion, yet, every Christian must pass through successive stages of spiritual growth. Meyer describes each stage of growth and how we can move forward in our Christian experience. 
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108 Miller, Basil HOW THEY WERE WON
RCB Spine Stapled New 5 1/2 x 8 
How Famous Christians came to Christ (Complete with all 36 Biographies + Recommend Reading) Find "How They Were Won." Some of them came to Christ through reading a book or tract. Others by their relative or other personal contact. Read about each one listed below: Hudson Taylor Wilfred Grenfell R. A. Torrey Harmon Schmelzenbach A. B. Simpson George Mueller George Williams Frances Ridley Havergal Sam Jones Phineas Bresee Richard Baxter William Wilberforce John Bunyan JohnR. Mott Augustine Charles G. Finney Zinzendorf Francis Asbury Kagawa Marion Lawrence Russell H. Conwell William Bramwell J. Wilbur Chapman Francis of Assisi Charles Crittenden John Wanamaker Stanley David Livingstone Charles H. Spurgeon Philip Doddridge "Gypsy" Smith D.L.Moody De Witt Talmage John Wesley George Whitefield John G. Paton Charles M. Sheldon Horace Bushnell 
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WP 1995 Paperback; 57 Pgs. NEW 
The life-changing power of a sight of Jesus Christ 
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110 Misc. (Blaiklock, E. M.--compiler and editor) WHY I AM STILL A CHRISTIAN
ZPH 1971 Paperback; 176 Pgs. Good 
Twelve internationally known scholars present a personal an intellectual apologetic for faith in Christ. 
Price: 9.99 USD
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111 Missler, Nancy KINGDOM POWER & GLORY--Overcomer's Handbook
KHW 2008 Paperback; 324 Pgs. Used; notes, writing 
After being a Christian for over 50 years Chuck and Nancy Missler consider the truths in this book to be some of the most life-changing principles they have encountered since their new birth. 
Price: 5.99 USD
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112 Montgomery, Henry / McCheyne, Robert Murray CHILDREN IN '59 + REASONS WHY CHILDREN SHOULD FLY TO CHRIST WITHOUT DELAY (2 books in 1)
RCB Spine Stapled NEW 
"THE CHILDREN IN 1859" deals with 1. The Sabbath School Prayer Meeting; 2. Children Praying; 3. Children Made a Blessing; 4. Children and a Sense of Sin; 5. Children and the Bible; 6. A Girl Prayes in the Field; 7. A Young Lad's Prayer; 8. A Little Girl Pleads. "REASONS WHY CHILDREN SHOULD FLY TO CHRIST WITHOUT DELAY" by McCheyne: 1. Because life is very short; 2. Because Life is very Uncertain; 3. Most that are ever saved fly to Christ when young; 4.Because it is happier to be in Christ than out of Christ. 5. It makes you glad all your days. 
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O.P.T.S. 73 Pgs.; (No date) Paperback New 
This book contains eight chapters on the subject of sowing and reaping, based on Paul's immortal words in Galatians: "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatever a man soweth, that shall he also reap" (Gal. 6:7) Inquirers after the way of salvation will receive light from these pages. Christians everywhere will receive pleasure and profit from the truths presented, and ministers of the Gospel wil find seed thoughts and sermon suggestions in this book from the master evangelist. 
Price: 5.99 USD
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LWD 2014 Paperback NEW 
CHAPTERS: 1. One of the Most Remarkable Conversions under my Ministry , .. , 2. The Man with Snakes in his Boots and Monkeys on his Bedpost . 3. A Gracious Manifestation of Grace . 4. The Difference in Offering Prayer and Issuing Orders . 5. Restoration and Salvation . 6. A Father's Prayers are Answered . 7. Unloading a Cow . 8. An Interesting Incident in My Early Ministry . 9. Obedience to the Higher Law . 10. Entering the Ministry on Horse-back . 11. Plowing Deep . 12. The Old Colored Preacher . 13. "A City Set On A Hill" . 14. My Arrest and Rescue . 15. Saved to Serve '.' 
Price: 6.99 USD
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115 Morrison, J. G. OUR LOST ESTATE
OPTS ND Softcover NEW 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 
The estate we lost and how it can be restored. 16 CHAPTERS 
Price: 8.99 USD
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116 Morrison, J. G. OUR LOST ESTATE (Morrison) / WAY OF THE CROSS (J. G. Mantle)
All. Pub.; 210 Pgs + 187 Pgs. 1991 Paperback Good 
This book has 2 Vols. in 1. The first volume: THE WAY OF THE CROSS (21 CHAPTERS) is a contribution to the doctrine of Christian Sanctity. The second vol. is OUR LOST ESTATE (16 CHAPTERS). It answers the questions: What was the Estate Which we Lost? Can the Lost Estate be Recovered? Is Holiness a Neccessity or a Luxury? Is Holiness obtainable in this Life? & other chapter titles. 
Price: 16.99 USD
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117 Mueller [Muller], George (Steer, Roger) SPIRITUAL SECRETS OF GEORGE MUELLER See LIVING REALITY [This is the Original}
Harold Shaw Pub.; 125 Pgs. 1985 1985 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. SPIRITUAL SECRETS OF GEORGE MUELLER distills the best of this 19th-century English social worker's principles. Here, based on his journals, is mature insight on such topics as guidance, faith, daily disciplines of spirituality, and methods for ordering one's private world. Mueller's life spanned Victorian England, leaving an impressive orphange program and, most of all, a demonstrated practice of faith for the support of charity. 
Price: 299.95 USD
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Christian Light Pub.; 112 Pgs.; 1989 Paperback Good; Back Cover Damaged; 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 
Nearly four decades ago when this book was printed in its first edition, may who are reading these pages were not yet born. Older ones remember the situation. A vaccuum in teaching had left many with an unsteady assurance about their abiding relationship with God. This book, then stood up boldly in that gap and steadied many feet. In the intervening time the shaking, rumbling, and corroding work of the enemy has attacked not only assurance but the foundational doctrine of salvation itself. 
Price: 9.95 USD
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119 Munger, Robert MY HEART---CHRIST'S HOME $2.99 BUY 2 OR MORE $2.50 each
IVP Spine Stapled NEW 
New. One of the most beloved works of Christian literature for the past fifty years now comes to you for the first time in this attractive miniature gift edition. With ten million copies in circulation, MY HEART CHRIST'S HOME vividly expresses what it means to bring every aspect of our lives under the leadership of Jesus. 
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WH Softcover NEW 
ABSOLUTE SURRENDER: 1. Absolute Surrender 2. Fruit of the Spirit Is Love 3. Separated Unto the Holy Ghost 4. Peter's Repentance 5. Impossible With Man, Possible With God 6. O Wretched Man That I Am! 7. Having Begun In the Spirit 8. Kept By the Power of God 9. Ye Are the Branches: An address to Christian Workers 
Price: 7.99 USD
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