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101 Meyer, F. B. JOSHUA
CLC 2002 Paperback; 209 Pgs. NEW 
This book contains 22 chapters: !. The Book of Joshua; 2. The Divine Commission; 3. A Three-Day Pause; 4. Crossing the Jordan; 5. The Stones of Gilgal; 6. Three successive Days. 7. The Warrior Christ; 8. The Walls of Jericho; 9. Arrest and Defeat; 10. The Valley of Achor; 11. Ebal And Gerizim; 12. The Wiles of the Devil; 13. A Memorable Day; 14. Claiming Victory; 15. Rest in the Heavenlies; 16. Land to Be Possessed; 17. A Veteran Comrade; 18. Receiving and Reigning; 19. The Conclusion; 20. Life in the Land; 21. Take Heed to Love; 22. Evensong 
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102 Meyer, F. B. PAUL
CLC 2002 Paperback; 192 Pgs. NEW 
This book has 21 Chapters: "I Met the Messiah" 1. Pre-Natal Grace; 2. "When I was a Child"; 3. Separated from Birth; 4. "The Martyr Stephen"; 5. A Light from Heaven; 6. The Inner Revelation of Christ; 7. The Emergence of the Life-Purpose; 8. "Always Led in Triumph"; 9. The Apostle of the Gentiles; 10. "Fourteen Years Ago"; 11. The Conflict of Paul's Life"; 12. A Lesson of Guidance; 13. "Ye Philippians"; 14. From Philippi to Athens; 15. "In Weakness and Fear"; 16. More Than a Conqueror; 17. Gathering Clouds; 18. The Furtherance of the Gospel; 19. "More Abundantly Than They All"; 20. "In a Strait Betwixt Two"; 21. "How Large Letters" 
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103 Meyer, F. B. Peter
CLC 1993 Paperback; 190 Pgs. NEW 
Contents: Chapter Titles: 1. Introductory; 2. Early Days in the Master's College; 3. The Settlement as to the Supreme Control. 4. A Fisher of Men; 5. Primer Lessons; 6. The Second Primer; 7. To Whom, If Not to Christ? 8. "I Give Unto Thee the Keys" 9. "With Him on the Holy Mount" 10. "For Me and Thee" 11. The shepherd on the Watch; 12. The Evening of the Denial; 13. "Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled" 14. ..." And Peter"... 15. "He was seen of Peter" 16. The Renewed Commission; 17. A Witness of the Resurrection; 18. "In the Name" 19. "You Builders" 20. Peter's Deepening Experiences Of the Holy Spirit; 21. The Door of Faith Unto the Gentiles; 23. "I Will Go With Thee to Prison" 24. "My Decease" 25. Life's Afterglow 
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104 Meyer, F. B. SAMUEL
CLC 2002 Paperback; 215 Pgs. NEW 
Chapter Titles: 1. An Age of Transition; 2. A Woman's Anguish of Heart; 3. The Young Levite; 4. The Vision of God; 5. Misfortune on Misfortune; 6. The Work of Reconstruction; 7. The Victory of Faith; 8. The Stone of Help; 9. A Great Disappointment; 10. The Voice of Circumstances; 11. As Occasion Serves 12. The Inner and Outer Conflicts; 13. Forsaken? Never! 14. Not Ceasing in Prayer; 15. The Causes of Saul's Downfall; 16. "Two Putting Ten Thousand to Flight"; 17. Failure Under the Supreme Test; 18. Remarkable Colloquy; 19. "An Evil Spirit from the Lord"; 20. "Sin Bringing Forth Death" 21. The Sin of Jealousy; 22. "Cruel as the Grave"; 23. A Great Sunset; 24. Endor and Gilboa; 25. An Epilogue 
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FB 2012 (1910 reprint) Paperback; 192 Pgs. LARGE PRINT NEW 
The Study of Samuel the Prophet is specially helpful to those who are called to live amid Time's "loud stunning tide." He was no recluse, dwelling apart in dreamy mysticism. Both as statesman and politician in the best sense, he was called upon to play a great part in his people's history. He was a king-maker and a King-breaker. What Bernard of Clairvaux was to the Middle Ages, that, but without his faults, Samuel was in early Hebrew history. 
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KP 1991 Paperback; 139 Pgs. NEW 
This classic devotional commentary on the twenty-third Psalm has a timeless quality that will endear it to a whole new generation of readers. Chapter Titles include the following: 1. The Psalm of Psalms; 2. The Shepherd Lord; 3. Pastors of Tender Green Grass and Waters of Rest; 4. "He Restoreth My Soul" 5. The Shepherd's Leading; 6. The Valley of the Shadow; 7. Comfort through the Rod And Staff; 8. The Banquet; 9."Thou Anointest My Head with Oil"; 10. The Overflowing Cup' 11. The Celestial Escort; 12. The House of the Lord Forever. 
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CF 2005 Paperback; 109 Pgs.; Small NEW 
F. B. Meyer takes us on an enlightening Journey looking at the origins, context and teaching of this wonderful Psalm, leaving us in no doubt as to how richly blessed we are by being able to call Jesus, the Lord our Shepherd. 
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108 Meyer, F. B. TRIED BY FIRE (Exposition of First Peter)
CLC 2001 Paperback; 203 Pgs. 
These Expositions do not attempt to be critical or exhaustive; but aim has been to deduce such spiritual exhortations and consolations from the glowing words of the apostle as will most readily help Christian people in the varied circumstances of daily life. 
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KP Reprint Paperback; 251 Pgs. NEW 
This is the Gospel of the Divine Life of Jesus. The eagle has always been its recognized emblem, as denoting its sublime and heavenly character. And, clearly, in its diction, its insight into the deepest truths, its repeated testimony to the Glory and Deity of our Lord, it hold a unique place among the records of His life. 
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110 Murray, Andrew HOLIEST OF ALL ---An Exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews
WH; 552 Pgs. 1996 1996 Paperback Good 
Paperback. Good. Originally prepared in Dutch for Christian people of South Africa, "The Holiest of All" has gone through numerous editions since its first publication in 1984. It is both a commentary of this important New Testament Epistle & a devotional book. These pages present an intimate and insightful study of every chapter of the epistle. Throughout the book, Murray reveals Jesus Christ as the fulfillment of Old Testament symbol and prophecy. 
Price: 24.95 USD
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111 Nee, Watchman KING AND THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN $19.99 SALE $9.99
C.F.P.; 386 PGS. 1978 1978 0935008241 / 9780935008241 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. In the present volume, Watchman Nee, leads us through the Gospel according to Matthew with this one theme in view ---Jesus as King. The highlights are found in Matthew chapters 5-7 where the reality (or spiritual principles) of the kingdom of Heaven is explained, in chapter 13 where the mysteries (transient outward appearance) of this same kingdom are interpreted, and in chapters 24 & 25 where the coming (or final public manifestation) of the heavenly kingdom on earth is expounded. All who love the appearing of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords are encouraged to read this commentary that they may be better prepared to meet Him. 
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C.F.P.; 282 Pgs. 1971 1971 0935008284 / 9780935008289 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. This book contains 4 Parts: Part 1: The Minister ---1. Three Kinds of Ministry; 2. The Contents and Delivery of the Word; 3. The Course and Ministry of Paul; 4. The Peak of the Ministry of the Word; Part 2: The Word of God ----5. The Basis of the Word; 6. The Need for the Holy Spirit's Interpretation; 7. The Need for the Holy Spirit's Revelation; 8. God's Word in Christ; 9. Knowing God's Word through Christ; Part 3: The Ministry ----10. The Foundation of Ministry; 11. Revelation and Thought; 12. Burden and Word; 13. The Discipline of the Holy Spirit and the Word; 14. The Word and Memory; 15. The Word and Feeling; 16. The Word and the Release of the Spirit; 17. Some Helps in Speaking; Part 4: The Objects of the Word ---18. The Objects of the Word 
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Canada J. I. C. Wilcox 1925 Hardback Fair No Jacket 
Lessons on the Epistle of Paul to the Romans + Outline Lessons on the Book of the Acts (1925) 
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114 Nicoll, W. Robertson, Editor EXPOSITOR'S BIBLE, THE -A Complete Exposition of the Bible in 6 Vols. with 2 complete indexes: 1. Topical 2. Scriptural
Baker Book House, 1982, 1903 reprint, HB, like new condition Cloth Like New 
Cloth. Like New. Vol. 1 - 853 pages; Vol. 2 - 790 pages; Vol. 3 - 846 pages; Vol. 4 - 922 pages; Vol. 5 - 925 pages; Vol. 6 - 925 pages + 208 pages of Indexes. The Expositor's Bible is the recognized standard of expository commentaries. It was written by 29 eminent scholars who were also preachers. They deplored the decay of the modern pulpit. The Old Testament is not antiquated. Turn to any of these volumes and there is always a sense of satisfaction that the authors are dealing squarely with their sub jects, without any attempt to sidestep difficulties by explaining them away, or to camouflage ignorance with wordy generalisations and pious phases. This is a commentary and an exposition with footnotes and a super index of topics and scriptures. 
Price: 250.00 USD
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RCB; 47 Pgs.; Complete Book Soft cover As New 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 
These Bible Studies were prepared for those who were students in Miss Paxson's class in a Bible seminary. She was using material which later was published under the title, Life on the Highest Plane. The questions are based on the teaching in each chapter of the book; they are now printed in this form to aid one, in personal Bible study or to provide a practical outline for Bible study groups. The studies can be used with or without the book LIFE ON THE HIGHEST PLANE. 
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RCB; 39 Pgs.; Complete Book Soft cover New 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 
Are you living faithless? Are you living in a wilderness? Do you want to live as an Overcomer like Caleb? This little book could be the "spiritual solution" needed for all defeated Christians! + List of Writings by Paxson. Spine-Staple 
Price: 4.99 USD
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117 Paxson, Ruth LIFE ON THE HIGHEST PLANE [3 volumes in 1]
KP 1996 Softcover Like New 
These Bible studies were first given to pastors and other Christian leaders in conferences in China. Later printed in 3 Vols., they brought great blessing to many. Dr. R. A. Torrey said: "A remarkable book ---one of the most satisfying I have eve r read. It deals pretty much with all the fundamentals of the Christian faith; the absolute authority of the Bible; the humanity and deity of Jesus Christ; His incarnation; the virgin birth; atoning death; resurrection and ascension; sin; the forgi veness of sin; justification by faith; the new birth; sanctification; Satan and others.in a scriptural way and a thorough way and rings true every time". He went on to say that "Life on the Highest Plane" was one of the most worthwhile books he h as ever read. "It is not merely to be read but to be studied & read again & again", he said. Every Christian should read this book and hear it's call to holiness. 
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RCB; 20 Pgs.; Soft cover As New 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 
When you have faced trials or difficult circumstances, have you ever asked God, "Why are You doing this to me? Don't you know what it is I'm trying to accomplish? Don't you care about me?" If you have, then take a tip from Daniel, who never really understood the nearness of God until he was inside the lions' den. The author of VICTORY OVER CIRCUMSTANCE rightly observes, "We want that sense of nearness to God; we want to realize what His power is---but outside the lions' den. And that is why we do not get that sense of nearness to God." In examining the four attitudes that cause defeat and meeting them with the fourfold attitudes for victory, the author can help you roll out from beneath the weight of circumstances and become a victor over them. 
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Thomas Nelson & Sons.; 1014 Pgs.; 1014 Hard Cover Fair; Spine Cover Damage 6 1/2 x 9 1/4" 
This important commentary is a careful and candid attempt to set forth the present results of intensive modern Biblical study. 
Price: 69.95 USD
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120 Penn-Lewis, Jessie SANCTUARY LIFE IN THE PSALMS $6.99 SALE $4.99
10 Chapters: 1. The Forerunner & His Pathway 2. How the Life Must Be Sought 3. The Thirst After God 4. The Guide & The Path 5. Through Death to Life 6. The Conditions of Entering 7. The Conditions of Abiding 8. The Outlook From The Sanctuary 9. The Sanctuary View of Suffering 10. The Life in the Sanctuary [Reference Scripture verses added.] Includes List of All Writings by Jessie Penn-Lewis 
Price: 4.99 USD
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