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Christian History

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1 Stock57. Light on the Reformation T.S. Siddle $10.99 sale $5.99 Heresy? Great Delusion? Learn the Truth!

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2 Anabaptists (Dyck, Cornelius J.) SPIRITUAL LIFE IN ANABAPTISM ----Classic Devotional Resources
Herald Press; 1995; 310 Pgs.; 1995 Paperback As New 
Through this collection of writings by early Anabaptist leaders, Cornelius Dyck shows that they had much to say about knowing God and trusting Jesus. SPIRITUAL LIFE IN ANABAPTISM speaks to readers of all backgrounds who want to ponder faith and its relation to prayer, Bible reading, church involvement, work life, and other day-to-day issues. 
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3 Anabaptists (Jackson, Dave & Neta) ON FIRE FOR CHRIST ---Stories of Anabaptist Martyrs
Herald Press; 184 Pgs. 1989 1989 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. Contents: List of Illustrations; Author's Preface; Martyr's Mirror: Stories for Today; 1. Between Ice and Fire ---Dirk Willems (1569); 2. The Lady and the Lad ---Jacques Dosie (1550); 3. Mama, I Want You to Know ---Maeyken Wens (1545); 4. The Cooper's Confession ---Hans Blietel (1545) 5. Love Stronger than Death --Maria van Beckum (1544); 6. The Misfire ---Jan Hendricks (1558); 7. I'll Never Betray Them ---Elizabeth Dirks (1549); 8. The Less You Know, the Better ---Adriaan Cornelisz (1552); 9. Together We Stand --Hans van Overdam (1550); 10. Oil is Good for Salad ---Weynken Claes (1527); 11. The Mulberry Pen --Joris Wippe (1558); 12. The Orphan's Inheritance --Jerome Segers and Lijsken Dircks (1551 and 1552); 13. Friar Cornelis and the Candlemaker --Jacob de Roore (1569); 14. A Long Day in May ---Michael Sattler (1527); 15. The Playboy's Conversion Jan Block (1572); Questions for Thought; Historical Notes on Each Story; For Further Reading; The Authors; 
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4 Anabaptists (Liechty, Daniel, Ed.) EARLY ANABAPTIST SPIRITUALITY ----Selected Writings
Paulist Press; 304 Pgs. 1994 Soft Cover Like New 
Contents; Foreward; Preface; Introduction; Part 1: Swiss Anabaptism; Part II: South German And Austrian Anabaptism; Part III: Hutterian Anabaptism; Part IV; Dutch Anabaptism; Appendix; Notes; Select Bibliography; Index; 
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5 Andrews, Edward Deming PEOPLE CALLED SHAKERS, THE (Search for the Perfect Society)
Dover Pub. 351 Pgs. 1963 1963 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. For 35 years, the author of this book as been a devoted student of the history, beliefs and ways of The United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing, better known as the Shakers. Out of his extensive research into manuscripts and primary sources and his conversations with friends in present-day Shaker communities has come a warm, illuminating history, the most thorough ever written on these pious humble people and the distinct impression they made on American life. The book opens with an introductory assessment of the Shaker contribution to the history of American social experimentation, as seen from the modern point of view. There follows the often amazing story of Ann Lee and the origins of the movement in 18th century England, its emigration to New England, the early Shaker experiments in communism, and the expansion to the American West. The author then pauses to examine in detail the ideology behind the Shaker dedication to physical labor; Shaker industry and design, including a discussion of the spare, utilitarian folk art so popular today; the highly formalized mode of worship, with its lively songs and dances and its often violent emotionalism; strange manifestations during the revival periods of the 1830's and 40's; the rigid internal organization of the Shaker community and its original economic and sociological theories; Shaker relations with the outside world; and the decline of the sect after the Civil War. 
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6 Apostolic Fathers APOSTOLIC FATHERS
MP 2009 Paperback; 317 Pgs. NEW 
Dating back to the first and second century, these works include the following. 1 Clement: a letter to the church at Corinth; 2 Clement: an early Christian sermon; Letters of Ignatius: Letters written by a pastor on his way to Rome to be executed. Letter of Polycarp to the Philippians: a letter to the church at Philippi; The martyrdom of Polycarp: the oldest martyr account outside of the New Testament; Didache: meaning "teaching," a manuel of church discipline; The Pastor of Hermas: an early form of allegorical fiction along the lines of 'Pilgrim's Progress.' 
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7 Author Unknown MARTYR OF THE CATACOMBS ----A Tale of Ancient Rome
C.B.G. 100 Pgs. 1998 1998 Stapled Like New 
Stapled. Like New. Contents: Foreward; 1. The Coliseum; 2. The Praetorian Camp; 3. The Appian Way; 4. The Catacombs; 5. The Christian's Secret; 6. The Cloud of Witnesses; 7. The Confession of Faith; 8. Life in the Catacombs; 9. The Persecution; 10. The Arrest; 11. The Offer; 12. Pollio's Trial; 13. The Death of Pollio; 14. The Temptation; 15. Lucullus; 
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8 Author Unknown MARTYR OF THE CATACOMBS, THE ---A Tale of Ancient Rome
C.L.P.; 155 Pgs. 1996 1996 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. Every eye was fixed on Pollio. He had only to pour the libation on the altar. A Simple act, but----"I Will never be false to my Savior." For a moment the hall was silent, until the chief magistrate spoke. "Then you must die." 
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SPC; 222 Pgs, 1987 1987 0880192119 / 9780880192118 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. Readable, come alive stories from the days of the early church. No dry history here. Every page pulses with devotion to Christ and the church. This book will put iron in young people to stand for Jesus, they will read and re-read it. 
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Unknown Pub.; 1948; 295 Pgs.; 1948 Hard Cover Good Ex-Library 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" 
The book is in good condition with no breaks in the spine and no writing or marks within the book. The edge pages are discolored and the cover slightly shelf-worn. The contents deals with the study of American Baptists polity and history deals specifically with relations between Northern and Southern Baptists. The major portion of it was submitted as a doctoral thesis to Yale University in June of 1947. 
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Church Book Room Press Ltd.; 1951; 290 Pgs,; 1951 Hard Cover Fair Used; Slightly Damaged; Fair 5 1/4 x 7 1/2 
This book is held together well with no spine breakage. The edge pages are soiled with brown spots. There is underlining inside the pages with a name written inside the front cover. There are notes written in pencil inside the back cover. The dust jacket is worn and frayed around the edges. This book deals with a much neglected piece of modern Church History. Beginning with the Evangelical Revival of the eighteenth century the author describes the Holy Club at Oxford and the early Methodists. He goes on to show that what was at first entirely a Church of England movement developed in two directions, the one party eventually finding its home in Nonconformity, the other ---nicknamed the "Evangelicals" remaining loyal to the Church. 
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12 Barbour, Hugh & Frost, J. William QUAKERS $39.95 SALE $32.95
FUP 1994, 434+ pages Paperback NEW 
The Quakers in Puritan England is a classic study in the beginnings of Quakerism and its relationship to the other religious movements of mid-seventeenth-century England. Hugh Barber presents vivid descriptions of early Quaker personalities and explains the complex puritanism from which they emerged. Central to the book is a chapter on "The Terror and Power of the Light" which emphasizes that "early Quakers affirmed that the same Light that condemned and wounded them was the source of their new power and joy." 
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13 Barker, William WHO'S WHO IN CHURCH HISTORY $19.95 SALE! $16.95
Baker Book House; 1977; 319 Pgs. 1977 Paperback Good Ex-Library 4 1/4 x 7 
Listed in this popular reference work are more than 1500 men and women --educators and theologians, priests and nuns, kings and popes, missionaries and preachers, martyrs and mystics, writers and musicians, doctors and scientists, even a clockmaker --all of whom left an imprint on the history of the church. You'll find each entry provides birth and death dates (where known) and a capsule summary of how and why the person achieved prominence in the church. Included are the earliest followers of Christ down to leaders in the twentieth century. 
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14 Barnes, W. W. SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION, THE ---1845-1953
Broadman Press; 1954; 330 Pgs.; 1954 Hard Cover Fair (slightly damaged) 6 1/4 x 9 x 1 3/4" 
This book is in fairly good shape. There is a name written inside the front cover and there is some underlining or marks on a few pages. The outside cover is slightly discolored along the outside edge and also a small tear on the top of the spine. The pages inside this book endeavor to tell the story of the Southern Baptist Convention and its origins and development through one hundred years. This story cannot be understood, even in part, with out some knowledge of current American history and world conditions. Much work and labor was put into this book. 
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WallBuilders; 1994; 23 Pgs.; 1994 Stapled Paperback NEW 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 
The American Revolution was to dream the unthinkable: fifty-six men who pledged there "lives, fortunes, and sacred honor" to overthrow the world's greatest military power. What was the spirit that motivated these men? What was the spirit behind the American Revolution? Learn the answers tro these questions as you investigate both their actions in this book. 
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16 Barton, David WIVES OF THE SIGNERS ----The Woman Behind the Declaration of Independence
WallBuilders; 283 Pgs. 2001 2001 Soft cover As New 
Paperback. Like New. Great American men have always understood the importance of women. John Adams described them as "the most infallible barometer. of morality and virtue in a nation." And Daniel Webster said the "promulgation of sound moralss" was a wojan's contribution to "the preservation of a free government." WIVES OF THE SIGNERS describes those women who, alongside their husbands, experienced the trials and triumphs of the struggle for independence and the challenge of building a new nation. WIVES OF THE SIGNERS highlights these great American women. 
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AEI 2002 Hardback; 272 Pgs. NEW 
Engagingly written, this complete and up-to-date account includes research never before published. Dispelling numerous popular myths concerning the English Separatist Movement. THE MAYFLOWER PILGRIMS establishes the movement's true role in the English, American, and Christian heritage. 
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18 Bell, Sallie Lee UNTIL THE DAY BREAK
Zondervan Bible Pub.; 244 Pgs.; 1950 Hard Cover Fair; 5 3/4 x 8 1/2 
This book is a novel at the time of Christ. It does not aim to be a historical novel in the truest sense of the word. A careful effort has been made, however to preserve the historical sequence of events and to portray the life of the period. 
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Ecclesiastical Histories; 212 Pgs.; (Reprint from 1875) 1985 Hard Cover Like New 5 3/4 x 8 3/4 
Contents: Chapter I: Historical Sketches of North Africa, the Principal Country of the Donatists; Chapter II: Optatus Against the Donatists --The Origin of this Work; Chapter III: Persecutions of the Donatists; Chapter IV: Extracts from the Writings of the Donatists; Chapter V: The Conference at Carthage, in Africa, between the Catholics and the Donatists; Chapter VI: The Second and Third Days of the Conference; Chapter VII: Closing Scenes of the Conference, Mostly by the Donatists; 
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Reformed Academic Press; 141 Pgs. 1993 Paperback Good 5 1/4 X 8 1/4 
Contents: Preface; Table of Dates; 1. The Puritan Preparation; 2. Calling, Constitution, and Character of the Assembly; 3. Scope of the Assembly's Deliberations and First Work; 4.The Solemn League and Covenant; 5. Questions of Church Government; 6. Questions of Church Government (cont'd) 7. Questions of Church Government (cont'd); 8. Directories: Erastianism: Psalm-Book; 9. The Confession of Faith; 10. The Catechisms: Close of the Assembly; Appendices; Bibliography; Index; 
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