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1 Baxter, Richard HOW TO SPEND THE DAY WITH GOD [Large Tract][See our list of Tracts]
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Richard Baxter gives examples of how to spend your time with God... Sleep; First Thoughts; Family Worship; Ultimate Purpose; Diligence in Your Calling; Temptation and things that Corrupt; Meditation; The Only Motive; Redeeming the Time; Eating and Drinking; Prevailing Sins; Relationships; Closing the Day 
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2 Bennett, Richard / Buckingham, Martin, ed. FAR FROM ROME NEAR TO GOD
BOT 1997 Paperback; 362 Pgs. NEW 
This book contains testimonies of fifty converted Roman Catholic Priests who found their way, by the grace of God, out of the labyrinth of Roman Catholic theology and practice into the light of the gospel of Christ. 
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3 Brand, Dr. Paul & Yancey, Philip FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE
ZP 1987 Paperback; 214 Pgs. NEW 
In this book, renowned surgeon Dr. Paul Brand and best-selling writer Philip Yancey explore the human body. Join them in a remarkable journey through inner space--a spellbinding world of cells, systems, and chemistry that bears the impress of a still deeper unseen reality 
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4 Brand, Dr. Paul & Yancey, Philip IN THE LIKENESS OF GOD
Z 2004 Hardback; 553 Pgs. NEW NEw 
This book includes eight moving litaries by Dr. Paul Brand on the human body, eight pages of photographs, and a new preface. by Philip Yancey 
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5 Buchan, Angus SECRET PLACE
MB 2014 Paperback; 125 Pgs. NEW 
In THE SECRET PLACE, Angus Buchan explains what this special time with God can mean. He shares touching anecdotes from his own life, and recounts stories from great Christian warriors through the ages, to illustrate the importance of these conversations with God. Having a regular quiet time will help you recover from the demands of life, and you'll find your faith becoming stronger as you grow in the Father.. You'll begin to discover that when you spend time with God, you hear His voice more clearly. 
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LJC 1979 Spine-Stapled NEW 
This book describes the New Testament Church--includes 14 chapters. 
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1973 Spine-Stapled; Pg. 24 Good 
The subject of the Kingdom of God has been, and is greatly misunderstood by many people. Visionists have dreamed of a coming age of blessedness and earthly glory, while many writers have described it in its loftiest phrase and by highly colored word pictures. It is our purpose to show what the Bible clearly teaches concerning the subject, giving scripture upon scripture, showing something great was going to happen, something glorious was gong to come, and something divine was going to be set up when Shiloh, meaning Christ the Messiah would come. 
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8 Elliot, Elisabeth GLORY OF GOD'S WILL
GTJ 1982 Spine Stapled; NEW 
Doing God's will means "offering up ourselves to Him, laying down our lives for the life of the world. This is the mystery of sacrifice. There is no calculating where it will end," says the author, but "I know He wants to give you beauty for ashes." 
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9 Elliot, Elisabeth LIBERTY OF OBEDIENCE
SB 1968 Paperback; 94 Pgs. NEW 
In THE LIBERTY OF OBEDIENCE, Elisabeth calls on us to examine more closely our obedience to God, measuring it in terms of our experience of His freedom, grace, and love. 
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10 Elliot, Elisabeth MUSIC OF HIS PROMISES
SP 2000 Paperback; 211 Pgs. NEW 
Whether you can take what life dishes out depends on what you take first. If you take from the grace of God the strength offered, you will find it absolutely sufficient to cover any need. You will find yourself quite amazingly able to bear the hardship of life's bitter battle as a good soldier. But the soldier has to be trained, prepared, and equipped first. Don't rush into the fray and try to 'take it' without first taking strength. 
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OMP 1999 Paperback; 158 Pgs. NEW 
Loneliness is an inescapable part of human life. We need only look at the personal ads to see the lengths to which people will go to avoid it. Elisabeth Elliot helps us to understand the nature of our loneliness and shows how God can turn it into something beautiful for his glory. 
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12 Fenelon EXISTENCE OF GOD $19.99 SALE
DP Softcover NEW 
92 Chapters 
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13 Ferguson, Sinclair HEART FOR GOD $18.99 SALE! $6.99
NP 1986 Hardback; 176 Pgs. Good Good 
In this book, Ferguson sounds a call to all Christians to deepen their own personal knowledge of the living God. Through a skillful and in-depth exposition of Scripture, he paints a rich and multicolored picture of the most profound aspects of God's nature and character, always urging us to consider carefully how these insights from God's Word should impact our lives--in a more unreserved commitment. 
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14 Frame, John M. NO OTHER GOD ---Response to Open Theism
P&R 2001 Paperback; 235 Pgs. NEW 
In this timely work, John M. Frame clearly describes open theism and evaluates it biblically. He not only answers open theist arguments but goes on to sharpen our understanding of the relationship between God's eternal plan and the decisions or events of our lives. 
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MWTB Spine Stapled NEW 
The following letters were first published by F. W. Grant in 1870 and reprinted in "Help and Food", 1906. First Letter: Principles of reception in Fellowship with remarks; Second Letter: Emphasizes the unity of the assembly as promoted and maintained by the connection with the Center--The Lord Himself; Third Letter: Takes up remembrance of the Lord Himself in the Lord's Supper; Fourth Letter: Points out the resulting worship through communion with the Father by the Holy Spirit's power. 
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16 Grubb, Norman DEEP THINGS OF GOD $14.99 SALE
ZP Softcover NEW 
Find the Deep Things of God 
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17 Grubb, Norman GOD UNLIMITED
ZP Softcover NEW 
Reveals the Real Truth. 
Price: 12.99 USD
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Table of Contents Introduction . LECTURE ONE -Law and Faith- . LECTURE TWO -Law And Grace- . LECTURE THREE -Contrast Of The Earthly And Heavenly Kingdom- . LECTURE FOUR -Explanation of Daniel's Prophecy- . LECTURE FIVE -Was The Kingdom of God Postponed?- . LECTURE VI -How Christ Fulfilled Prophecy- . LECTURE SEVEN -Eschatology- . INTRODUCTION TO LECTURE EIGHT . LECTURE EIGHT BIBLIOGRAPHY . 
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19 Hill, Grace Livingston (Everett, Betty Steele) GRACIOUS WRITER FOR GOD
CLC Paperback NEW 
Grace Livingston Hill is one of the most prolific writers of Christian novels--whose works spanned the first half of the 20th century. Her creative and dramatic writing has influenced the reading habits of thousands and thousands of readers. 
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20 Law, William (Murray, Andrew, ed) WHOLLY FOR GOD (The true Christian Life)
MP 2012 Paperback; 328 Pgs. NEW 
Series of Extracts from the Writings of William Law: Includes 3 books in 1, which include the following titles: SPIRIT OF LOVE --Part 1; SPIRIT OF LOVE---Part II: SPIRIT OF PRAYER; A SERIOUS CALL 
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