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Crossway Books, 1990, 252 pgs., PB, like new condition 1990 Paperback Good 
In BLESSED EVENTS couples vividly describe the varied paths that can lead to parenthood. What has infertility meant for the men and women who have experienced it? How do parents who already have their hands full handle the news of another pregnanc y? How does God equip a family to live with a child with a handicap? Does the Bible speak today about the issues of infertility, family size, and adoption? Against the odds, prayers have been answered & families lovingly constructed by the hand of God. Through personal accounts and Scriptural references, this book presents a holy celebration of new life according to those who have received God's provision firsthand. 
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Crossway Books, 1988, 159 pgs., PB, like new condition 0891075003 / 9780891075004 Like New 
Like New. Here in FRAGRANT OFFERINGS we find beautiful psalms, prose, prayers, & quotations from classical & contemporary Christian writers supporting the themes of each chapter in the book. There are practical suggestions, thought-provoking questions & spac e for reader notations. This gentle celebration of womanhood prompts every woman to reflect on her own walk with the master, to see herself as she really is and all God intends her to be. 
Price: 9.95 USD
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63 Faulkner, T. A. FROM THE BALL ROOM TO HELL ---Facts About Dancing from an Experienced Dancer
Denton Pub; 63 Pgs. 1980 1980 Paperback Good 
Paperback. Good. T. A. Faulkner: "I do not undertake to write upon a subject of which I am ignorant. There are, perhaps, few people living who have had more practical experience or better opportunities of finding out the evil influences of dancing than myself. I began to dance at the age of 12, & have spent most of my life since that time, until within a few months, in the dancing parlors & academies. For the last six years I have been a teacher of dancing, & for several years held the championship of the Pacific Coast in fancy & round dancing. I merely tell you these things to prove to you that I know whereof I speak & not because I am proud of them". "I wish this little book to accomplish, viz.: the opening of the eyes of the people, particularly parents, who are blind to the awful dangers there are for young girls in the dancing academy & ball-room, & of leading some, if possible, to forsake (as I have done) the old satisfactory life of selfish pleasure & sinful indulgence & enter upon the purer, nobler & far happier life which I have found in the service of the Lord. 
Price: 6.95 USD
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64 Ferraiuolo, Perucci DISNEY AND THE BIBLE--A Scriptural Critique of the Magic Kingdom
HB Paperback NEW 
While many books have been written about Disney, this book is the first to chronicle and document---in the light of the Bible---the Disney corporation's trends and tendencies, policies and agenda. This is a call for Christian parents and grandparents to consider what is being offered under the presumed innocence of the trusted Disney label! 
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65 Finley, Martha (Elsie Dinsmore) ELSIE ON THE HUDSON (Book 23)
CH Original Elsie Classics Paperback NEW 
While the newlyweds, Rosie and Will enjoy their honeymoon, Evelyn invites the rest of the family to join her at Crag Cottage, which overlooks the Hudson River. En route to the cottage aboard the DOLPHIN, the Travillas, Lelands, and Raymonds visit many historic sites and learn about the Revelotionary War and its heroes and villains. Meanwhile, Grandma Elsie and Annis visit relatives in Pleasant Plains Ohio. When the burglar whom Lulu captured escapes from prison, he seeks revenge. Chester Dinsmore, however, saves her life, and Captain Raymond is so grateful that he gives Chester permission to seek Lulu's hand in marriage. 
Price: 8.99 USD
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66 Foster, Marilynne VOICES ON THE FAMILY
Christian Pub.; 297 Pgs. 2001 2001 0875099262 / 9780875099262 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. The twenty-five chapters of VOICES ON THE FAMILY touch on a diversity of subjects spanning the spectrum of family experience: marital friendship, life-threatening illness, unexpected pregnancy, adoption, abandonment, widowhood, mentoring of sons & daughters, communication, wayward children, aging parents, death, divorce, and more. This "easy-read" compilation is for everyone who is interested in God's ideas about family. 
Price: 12.95 USD
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67 Fugate, J. Richard WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS ABOUT. CHILD TRAINING(Original Edition)
A.O.P. 288 Pgs. 1992 Paperback Like New 
This book is a unique coverage of the vital subject of child training. In a day when most information is based on man's constantly changing opinions and his limited observsations, it is exciting to see the objective truth of God's revelation presented. This truth is information by which man can live his life with the confidence that he is right. It is also truth that will produce predictable results when properly utilized. There are 5 Parts in this book beginning with an introduction. Part One: The Parent; Part Two: The Child; Part Three: Training Your Children; Part Four: Controlling Your Children; Part Five: Teaching Your Children; Appendices; Bibliography; and AfterWord; 
Price: 12.95 USD
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68 Fuller, Cheri WHEN FAMILIES PRAY ---Forty Devotions to Build, Strengthen, and Bond
Multnomah Press; 201 Pgs. 1999 1999 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. As a parent, it is your greatest responsibility. Yet in this era of high-speed communication, few of us know how to connect our own families with God. Discover the essence of prayer and experience the joy of communing with the Savior, as a family, for life. Thought-provoking questions will help you and your kids see God in a new light. Scripture, present-day stories of answered prayer, and inspirational quotes will encourage you and your family to begin a refreshing and rewarding lifelong walk with God. 
Price: 16.99 USD
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69 Fuller, Cheri WHEN MOTHERS PRAY --The Greatest Influence in a Child's Life
Multnomah Press; 224 Pgs, 1997 1997 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. In a world with so many negatives, you, as a mom, want to have a positive impact on your children. One of the most important ways you can do that is to pray for them --whether they are toddlers, teenagers, or adults. Discover how to overcome such hurdles as discouragement, lack of time, and inconsistency. And find out how to persevere in prayer when nothing seems to change. Allow your heart to be touched as moms from around the world share their own personal stories, struggles,.and ultimate victories. You will find new motivation to revitalize your prayer life ---and to make a difference in the lives of your children as you intercede for them. 
Price: 16.99 USD
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70 Gangel, Kenneth O. / Wilhoit, James C. CHRISTIAN EDUCATOR'S HANDBOOK ON FAMILY LIFE EDUCATION ---A Complete Resource on Family Life Issues in the Local Church
Baker Books; 352 Pgs. 1996 1996 Hard Cover Like New Like New 
Hard Cover. Like New/Like New. In these pages you will hear from twenty-seven family experts, including pastors, elementary/secondary teachers, college and seminary professors, media experts, and counselors ---including Tony Evans, Leith Anderson, Dennis Rainey, and David Carter! This fourth volume in THE EDUCATOR'S HANDBOOK series is not about family life directly but, rather, about how churches and ministry organizations can carry out programs of family life education. Family life education is much broader than counseling and, ultimately, much more valuable than crisis intervention. The book focuses on how to preempt problems before they become full-blown crises. The book is divided into four helpful sections: (1). Foundations for Family Life Education; (2) Education for Family Roles and Relationships; (3) The Church's Educational Ministry to Families, and (4) Education for the Family's Relationship to Society 
Price: 29.99 USD
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71 Gordon, Dr. A. J. BIBLE PATTERN OF CHURCH LIFE [Large Tract][See Our List of Tracts]
RCB Tract NEW 
Dr. Gordon clarifies what the True Scriptural Pattern of Church Life should be. 
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72 Gritters, Rev. B. GOD'S WILL CONCERNING REMARRIAGE [Large Tract][See our list of tracts]
10 or more of a title makes them .10 each. SHIPPING COST WILL BE REDUCED RCB Tract 
This tract explains the Biblical view of remarriage 
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Broadman & Holman, 1995, 151 pgs., PB, good condition 1995 Paperback As New 
There are 13 chapters with an introduction. FATHERS WHO MADE A DIFFERENCE profiles 15 biblical fathers, from Abraham, the humble, once-childless man who became the Father of Nations, to king David, the sinful yet spiritually passionate monarch whos e lineage eventually fulfilled the great prophecy of God in Christ on earth. Each chapter includes a biography of one father in the Bible, contemporary commentary, and a detailed series of questions & Bible references that encourage group discussion s as well as individual reflections. 
Price: 14.99 USD
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Zondervan Pub.; 189 PGS. 1999 1999 0310233399 / 9780310233398 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. CONFIDENT PARENTS, EXCEPTIONAL TEENS looks at the problem and the solution. From two pastors caught in the backdraft of Columbine comes an hones, hopeful, and biblical guide to bringing your children and yourself safely through the stormy teenage years. Ted Haggard and John Bolin give you an in-depth look at the five-step spiral of negativity that seeks to pull your teens into its vortex and offer straightforward interventions you can take to stop it. They help you vault over the communication wall between parents and teenagers. They reveal the importance of purpose and how to instill it in your kids. And they help you build the foundation of insight and faith you need to parent with confidence. 
Price: 13.99 USD
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75 Hale, E. E. IN HIS NAME--STORY OF THE WALDENSES (Character Classics)
AB Paperback NEW 
It is a fascinating story that transports us back over eight hundred years to southern France and there vividly portrays events and places while acquainting us with names and faces of a people who would become known as the Waldenses. 
Price: 9.99 USD
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FPH Paperback NEw 
This book was written to encourage HOME FOLKS in the business of building homes where Christ and His Gospel are honored. The stories in this book begin with the experience of young people contemplating marriage; then the beginning of the new home; the children from infancy to maturity; and last of all the problems of aged mothers and fathers and husbands and wives. 
Price: 6.99 USD
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77 Harvey, E. F. & L. SOUL SCULPTURE ---What You Owe Your Child
OPTS; 134 Pgs. 1994 1994 Soft cover As New 
Paperback. Like New. Homely Helps For Mothers and Fathers! Here is a fountain of inspiration for those concerned with the task of rearing children. Thoughts in poetry and prose from men and women of exceptional character are collected together i chapters covering the possibilities and responsibilities of adults toward the unborn infant, the growing child and the youth. The influence radiating from the home is often the deciding factor in the destiny of your child, not only for time, but also for eternity. Parents and guardians of the young will be inspired by reading the tributes paid by noble men and women to their fathers and mothers. 
Price: 9.99 USD
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78 Henty, G. A. BOY KNIGHT (VOL. 1)
SPC Paperback NEW 
Ride with the BOY KNIGHT, Cuthbert, as he saves the King from certain death in the Crusades! Hold your breath as he sneaks into the enemy castle with a small band of soldiers to take it by surprise! 
Price: 8.99 USD
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Moody Press, 1978, 160 pgs., HB, DJ, good condition Like New 
Like New. This book begins with a "Preface". There are 4 parts within 19 Chapters which include topics about "Loving Life", "Sharing Discoveries", "Fixing Values", & "Interlacing the Roots". It concludes with notes from various authors including James Dobso n & Paul Tournier. This book encourages parents to grow with their children towards maturing as a family & in a relationship with the Lord. Ethel Herr shares honestly about experiences that all families can indentify with. She writes about how he r children dealt with moving to new schools, about dating, about dealing with temper tantrums, about letting children make their own decisions, about times when her children questioned their Christian faith. She does not set her family up on a pede stal, but writes about them as real human beings with doubts, problems, & joys. 
Price: 14.95 USD
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80 Hess, Rick and Jan A fULL QUIVER
Hess; 236 Pgs. 1989 1989 0970367007 / 9780970367006 Paperback Good 
Paperback. Good. The Hesses know that every couple has common questions & concerns about family planning --questions you've probably asked. How many children to have? When to have them? How to plan financially. A FULL QUIVER has fresh, encouraging answers to these questions. Here is the Scriptural proof that God can & will personally optimize your family size ---and how to let Him! 
Price: 15.99 USD
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