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21 Maxwell, L. E.& Others FEAR OF GOD [Large Tract][See our List of Tracts]
This tract explains what fear really is and some of the reasons for fear. Fear is sin, but the fear of God is a good fear and explains why it is good. 
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22 Murray, Andrew LIVING TO PLEASE GOD
WH Paperback; 104 Pgs. NEW 
If you have ever asked these questions, this book will guide you into a fruitful life as a bondservant of Jesus Christ. Uncover the secrets of: enjoying God's presence; becoming one with other believers; preparing for spiritual warfare; obeying your heavenly Father. 
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23 Murray, Andrew NOT MY WILL
ZC 1981 Paperback; 102 Pgs. Good; Used 
Whether it be the providential will of God or His will in the realm of grace, Whether it be God's will as expressed in His commandments or as revealed in His promises, he who finds his very life in doing God's will find God Himself and the full blessedness of His presence. 
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BH 2001 Paperback; 272 Pgs. NEW 
Andrew Murray gives Bible-based examples of what God expects from parents and what He promises in return. The verse-by-verse guide will not only teach you to be a better parent, but will challenge you to live a stronger Christian life. This book contains 52 short chapters, each ending with a prayer, dealing with almost every aspect of parenting, ranging from the practical "The Sabbath and Children" to the sublime "The Heritage of Holiness". 
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25 Phelps, Austin STILL HOUR or Communion With God
C 2011 Paperback; 72 Pgs. NEW 
The "Still Hour" refers to the devotional prayer time of a Christian. The author describes the pitfalls of prayer such as apathy, laziness, and lack of desire. He warns of negative consequences when we approach prayer grudgingly, mechanically or insincerely. He also describes earnestness, enjoyment, and praying with purpose as qualities to ascribe to. 
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EOT Spine Stapled Good 
This message is very thought-provoking and has the depth that it takes to make its readers think and really count the cost. We trust that you will not only enjoy it and profit by it, but that you will helps us spread this message to many others. 
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1904 Reprint, 20 Pages Spine Stapled New 
1904 Reprint, Enlarged Print. This writing is not for the learned theologian, but for the humble child of God who loves Jesus and wants to love Him more, and know the truth and obey it at any cost.---Dr. James M. Taylor, Spine-Stapled 
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BOT 2012 Paperback; 284 Pgs. NEW 
This book was written 300 years ago and remains an oasis of truth in a desert of lies. It gives a description of what sin is, why it is so serious, and what we need to do about it. Here is serious medicine for a fatal epidemic. 
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29 Wiersbe, Warren GOD ISN'T IN A HURRY
BBH 1994 Paperback; 149 Pgs. Good; (Author's signature) 
Warren Wiersbe exhorts you to relax in God and enjoy the journey through life walking with Him. Sometimes He leads down smooth, tranquil paths, but at other times He takes us on bumpy roads where we can't see what lies ahead. This warm insightful book gives practical instruction for sharpening your discernment, developing a powerful prayer life, being involved in a church on the move, and standing firm in the furnaces of life. 
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30 Williamson, Audrey J. TAKE MY LIFE---The essence of a Christian's Response to God
BHP 1982 Spine Stapled Like New 
Deeply moving messages presented in this book were presented at the Fifth International Laymen's Conference of the Church of the Nazarene, held in Toronto, July 6-11, 1982. Now in book form, they lead us to re-examine our devotion to God and come to the place (as did Jeremiah) where "God's Word was in his heart as a burning fire, shut up in his bones." The step-by-step process of commitment brings fresh meaning to the well-meaning Havergal hymn, "Take My Life and Let it Be." 
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31 Wirt, Sherwood Eliot NOT ME, GOD
H&R 1966 Hardback; 94 Pgs. Good; Used; Underlining Good 
Confronted with the Eternal, One man Finds Surprising Answers to Problems that he Thought Had no Answers at All 
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32 Woychuk, N. A. BUILDING GOLD
SMP 2001 Paperback; 138 Pgs. NEW 
This book contains forceful and useful illustrations and will move the earnest reader to a closer walk with God, a more faithful work for God, and an increased devotion in the worship of God. 
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33 Wurmbrand, Richard IN GOD'S UNDERGROUND
LSBC 1968 Paperback; 276 Pgs. NEW 
Eyewitness Testimony of God's Presence Amidst the Horror of Communist Prisons. Imprisoned by the Romanian Communists for his work in the Christian underground, and subjected to medieval torture. Wurmbrand kept his faith---and strengthened it. For fourteen years, he shared that faith with suffering cell mates, and solaced them. In solitary confinement, he tapped out his message of hope and Christian love. 
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LSBC 1993 Paperback; 192 Pgs. NEW 
Out of fourteen years in jail under the Communists in Romania, I spent three years alone in a cell thirty feet below ground, never seeing sun, moon, or stars, flowers or snow, never seeing another man except for the guards and interrogators who beat and tormented me. I seldom heard a noise in that prison. The guards had felt-soled shoes and I did not hear their approach. I had no Bible, nor any other book. I had no paper on which to write my thoughts. The only things we were expected to write were statements accusing ourselves and others. During that time, I rarely slept at night. I slept in the daytime. Every night I passed the hours in spiritual exercises and prayer. Every night I composed a sermon and delivered it. I had faint hope that I would be released, so I memorized the sermons. In order to do this, I used a device of putting their main ideas in short rhymes. In this book are a few of the sermons. 
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35 Yocum, Dale M. ARMIES OF GOD
SOC 1987 Paperback; 143 Pgs. NEW 
Contents: Introduction; Chapter Titles: 1. War in Heaven; 2. The Holy War; 3. Israel God's Army; 4. The Church, God's Army; 5. Victory at Damascus; 6. When God Goes to War; 7. Conflict with Three Kings; 8. God's Gift of Jericho; 9. Learning From Failure; 10. Star Wars; 11. Strategy for Success; 12. Is There Not a Cause? 13. Battle Plan For Victory; 14. Strength for the Battle; 15. Good Soldiers of Jesus Christ; 16. Home-Trained Soldiers; 17. War With the Lamb 
Price: 9.99 USD
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36 Yocum, Dale M. GOD, THE MASTER SCIENTIST (Two Volume Set)
SPC 1991 Paperback; 286 Pgs. + NEW 
Studies on Science and the Bible 
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ANM 1905 / 1912 Paperback; 336 Pgs. NEW 
In THE MOSLEM DOCTRINE OF GOD, you will not only find answers to these questions but deepen your appreciation for God's character as revealed in the Bible as well as the need for Muslims to know Jesus Christ who is the true God and eternal life. By reading THE MOSLEM CHRIST, you will more fully understand the title's double entendre and be better prepared to know how to pray for and witness to Muslem's 
Price: 21.99 USD
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