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Church History Research and Archives; 1838 Reprint; 596 Pgs. 1990 Hard Cover As New 
This Work, Treating of the Divinely Appointed Office and the Fully Corresponding Character of the Two Ancient and Long Suffering Churches of the Vallenses and Albigenses, is, with every sentiment of respect and admiration, fitly inscribed, by their servant in Christ 
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22 Federer, William J. AMERICA'S GOD AND COUNTRY, Encyclopedia of Quotations
AI 1999 Hardback NEW 
HARDBACK, New. An Invaluable Resource Highlighting America;s Noble Heritage; Profound Quotes from Founding Fathers, Presidents, Statesmen, Scientists, Constitutions, & Court Decisions; For Use in Speeches, Papers, Debates, and Essays; 
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23 Hurnard, Hannah WATCHMAN ON THE WALLS ---An Eyewitness Account of Israel's Fight for Independence From the Journal of
Broadman & Holman Publishers; 184 Pgs. 1998 1998 0805413995 / 9780805413991 Soft cover As New 
Paperback. Like New. As a multilingual, medical missionary stationed in Jerusalem, Hannah Hurnard witnessed one of the most momentous years in the history of the Jewish people. It was 1948, a time of raging violence and religious animosity between the Arabs and the Jews. It was the birth of the New Jewish State of Israel. WATCHMAN ON THE WALL is a personal record of this tumultuous time, written by Hannah, one of the twelve Protestant missionaries who remained in the Jewish area of beseiged Jerusalem. For Hannah, who writes with passion, intelligence, and devotion, it is "an account of the wonderful mercy and goodness of God, during these historic twelve months." Part history, part autobiography, part thriller, and, even part Biblical interpretation, this book is an inspiring, riveting tale of one woman's faith and God's limitless grace even in the midst of political and social turmoil. 
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24 Josephesus, Flavius COMPLETE WORKS OF JOSEPHUS, THE (Enlarged-type Edition / Illustrated)
Kregal Pub.; 775 Pgs. 1981 1981 Paperback Good 
Paperback. Good. THE COMPLETE WORKS OF JOSEPHUS is a classic account of Jewish culture and history written by a comtemporary of Jesus Christ. This book is complete and unabridged, five works-in-one: Life of Flavius Josephus; Antiquities of the Jews; War of the Jews; Discourse concerning Hades Against Apion. Harmony of Greek and English numbering systems; Table of Jewish weights and measures; Old Testament text parallels to Josephus' histories; Twenty full-page illustrations; Completely updated index; Most-quoted source for archaeology and Bible history other than the Old Testament. 
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25 Josephus, Flavius (Whiston, William --translator) WORKS OF JOSEPHUS --Complete and Unabridged (new Updated Ed.) $39.95 Sale $19.99
HP.; 926 Pages Hard Cover NEW 
Hard Cover. NEW. The writings of Josephus ---the first-century Jewish historian ---are indispensable to a proper understanding of Jewish thought, background, and history up to and around the time of Christ. Here's what makes this one-volume edition of THE WORKS OF JOSEPHUS the best available: More Readable ---The entire text has been retypeset in modern, easy-to-read type. Easier to Use ---The Loeb Numbering System (now the standard way to cite Josephus) has been added to make it easier to locate passages referred to in other reference works. Also, all citations and cross-references have been updated from roman numerals to the modern form of citation, and Greek words occurring in the text have been transliterated. More Complete ---The complete text and notes of the four-volume set are included. Other one-volume editions of Josephus only include abridged notes. Also, the indexes in this edition have been thoroughly corrected and expanded, and maps have been included to provide additional geographical information. 
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Seedsowers; 245 Pgs. 1965 1965 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. The 2,000 year history of those Christians ---and churches ---- that have stood outside the Protestant-Catholic tradition. This book was originally published in India in 1964 and is little known in the western world. Beginning in the first century John Kennedy traces the history of Christian groups who remained outside formalized religion down through the ages. A stirring, passionate and sometimes heart-rending story of suffering to the centrality of Christ within the Body of Christ. John W. Kennedy is from Great Britain, but has lived in India since 1952 ministering among indigenous and apostolic Christian groups. 
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27 Luther, Martin TABLE TALK (Classic)
BL 2004 Paperback; 526 Pgs. NEW 
This book is a compendium of excerpts taken from conversations with his students and colleagues, who furiously scribbled notes as he spoke. Reading them, it's easy to imagine all of the sitting around the table, eating and drinking and discussing issues of great concern to reformists. These excerpts are frequently anecdotal, highly opinionated, sometimes sublime, sometimes unsophisticated, occasionally brutal...and always unequivocating. 
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28 Magill, Frank N. & McGreal, Ian P. CHRISIAN SPIRITUALITY, ESSENTIAL GUIDE....[Hardback] $34.95 SALE $24.99
This unique and outstanding reference for pastors, librarians, teachers, Christian scholars, and thinkers features: Nearly 2,000 years of Christian spiritual writing presented, examined, and summarized. 120 classic works from Clement of Alexandria, Origen, and Saint Cyprian through Ignatius Loyola, William Blake, and Kierkegaard to Teilhard de Chardin, Jakob Boehme, William Law, Amy Carmichael, C.S. Lewis, Richard Foster, and many many many others. Commentaries,- reviews, and summaries by more than 20 esteemed professo~s. ~~~ religious scholars. A detailed overview of the broad spectrum of Christian history and thought from its inception to the present day. 
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29 Marshall, Peter & Manuel, David LIGHT AND THE GLORY--for children
BBH Paperback NEW 
This book makes clear to young readers ages nine to twelve how God worked through the founders of America to establish this nation. The years of 1492 to 1789 begin the exciting story of God's plan for America. Study activities pose questions about the nation's future. 
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Wm. B. Eerdmans Pub.; 576 Pgs.; 1992 Paperback Like New 6 1/2 x 9 1/2 
As a history, it is intended to provide certain basic information about some of the most important themes, events, leaders, and changes in the Christian churches that have populated the upper two-thirds of the North American continent over the last four centuries. 
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31 Noll, Mark A.; Hatch, Nathan O.; Marsden, George M. SEARCH FOR CHRISTIAN AMERICA, THE
Crossway Books, 1983, 188 pgs., PB, fair condition, slight damage on upper spine & right corner 1983 0891072853 / 9780891072850 Paperback Good; Cover Spotted; 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 
This book takes a long & careful look at the CHRISTIAN AMERICA question. Among the issues examined are these: Was it authentic Christianity that characterized early America's religious climate? What was the relationship between the Great Awakenin g and the American Revolution? How much were American political institutions influenced by authentic, Biblical Christianity? What negative effects does wrong thinking about America's past have on Christian thought & action in relation to today's p roblems? In this important book, the authors argue that the key to understanding the present lies in a proper understanding of the past. It is only by coming to grips with the true nature of America's past that we can have a firm base from which t o engage the vast moral & spiritual problems facing our nation today. 
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32 Taylor, J. Paul GOODLY HERITAGE $9.99 SALE! $7.99
LWDP 2016 Paperback; 125 Pgs. NEW 
This book contains 6 Chapters and contemplates our heritage from early Christianity, the Reformation, early Methodism and early Free Methodism, and then moves on to speak to the reader regarding the preservation and transmission of the "goodly heritage." 
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Life Line; 431 Pgs. (reprint) 081700162X / 9780817001629 Hard Cover Like New 
Hard Cover. Like New. This book contains a Preface, an Introduction With Part 1 ---History of Baptist Principles; Part 2 --History of Baptist Churches. It also contains pictorial illustrations throughout the book including such men as Wiclif, Hus, Zwingli, Menno Simons, Oliver Cromwell, John Bunyan, Andrew Fuller, Charles Spurgeon, John M. Peck, Adoniram Judson, & many others. 
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34 Whitefield, George (Lambert, Frank) "Peddlar in Divinity"--George Whitefield--and the Transatlantic Revivals
PUP 1994 Hard Cover; 238 Pgs. NEW NEW 
Contents: List of Illustrations; Acknowledgements; Introduction; Chapter 1. eighteenth-Century Transformations: Whitefield's New Birth and the Consumer Revolution; Chapter 2. Whitefield's Adaptation of Commercial Strategies; Chapter 3. Creating an Intercolonial Revival; Chapter 4. Interpreting the New Birth: Audience Response; Chapter 5. Debating the Great Awakening in a religious Public Sphere; Chapter 6. the Americanization of Whitefield; Epilogue. Legacies; Index 
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FHRC 1891 Hardback; 231 Pgs. Good 
This book is recommended for Bible students. It includes readings & Sermons. Table of Contents: Chapter 1. Opinions; 2. It's History; 3. It's Structure; 4. A Book Within the Book; 5. Brief Sketches of the Books; 6. The New Testament; 7. Thoughts on the Great Controversy; 8. The Great Controversy---Continued; 9. Conclusion 
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36 Williams, William WELSH CALVINISTIC METHODISM---A Historical sketch of the Presbyterian Church of Wales
BP 1998 Paperback; 319 Pgs. NEW 
In this very readable book, William Williams captures the essence of a profound spiritual awakening which transformed the life of eighteenth and nineteenth century Wales. 
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Hartland Pub.; 191 Pgs. 1996 1996 0923309306 / 9780923309305 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. The Waldenses hold a special place in our Christian heritage. Their defense of the faith of Jesus Christ despite persecution & martyrdom is unique in the Christian Church. During the long centuries of papal supremacy, they defied the crushing power of Rome & rejected its false doctrines & human traditions. This stalwart people cherished & preserved the pure Word of God. Throughout this time despite the great danger involved, Waldensian missionaries left their rocky fortresses to share portions of Scripture with those searching for the light of God's Word. 
Price: 18.99 USD
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