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Netherlands Reformed Book & Publishing Co.; 2001; 2001 Paperback NEW 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" 
This 4 Volume set is packed with short stories for children, young adults, and senior adults. Many of these stories are good examples of being a Christian witness and what God can do in people's lives. 
Price: 28.95 USD
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182 Author Unknown SIMPLICITY THAT IS IN CHRIST [Large Print] $5.95 SALE
RCB Spine Stapled NEW 
LARGE PRINT. Topics include: Whatever Happened to the Church? Anointing Or Charisma? Through A Glass Darkly; The Restorer Of Paths To Dwell In Isaiah 58; That Which Is Not Christ; That Which Seeks To Take The Place Of Christ; The Issues of Life Proverbs 4:23-27; Can These Bones Live? Ezekiel 37: 1-14; To The Hidden Ones; Hidden In Christ; 
Price: 3.99 USD
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Mennonite Publication Office; 1958; 241 Pgs.; 1958 Paperback Good 
This book presents no ready-made answers for a code of discipline. It is, however, a source book for those who are in search of help on the problems of christian growth and conduct. Answers can never come from a book, but they can develop from a process of Bible study, prayer, and searching with the Holy Spirit. STUDIES IN CHURCH DISCIPLINE will help you in this process by giving you the careful thinking of many able Christian leaders on such problems as divorce and remarriage, race prejudice, ministerial conduct, business ethics, lodges, liquor, leisure and Sunday work. 
Price: 16.95 USD
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184 Author Unknown TALKATIVENESS [Small Tract][See our list of Tracts]
10 or more of a title makes them .05 each. SHIPPING COST WILL BE REDUCED RCB Tract 
This tract warns about too much talking can destroy our spirituality. Gives Scripture to support it. 
Price: 0.05 USD
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RCB; 53 Pgs. Stapled Like New 
Contents: Hearing the Call; Effective; The Finger of God; With All Your Heart; Henceforth You Will Be Catching Men; Going Forth; Sewing Beside All Waters; The Spirit and The Power of Elijah; Your Ministry; 
Price: 7.95 USD
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RCB; 53 PGS. Stapled Like New 
Contents; Why Be a Christian?; What Causes the Change?: The Christian and the "Church"; The Liberated Christian; What Is a Christian For?; 
Price: 7.95 USD
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187 Author Unknown WHOLE DUTY OF MAN, THE
Gilbert and Rivington, Printers; (no date found) 409 Pgs.; Hard Cover Poor; Damaged; 4 1/2 X 7 
The spine on this book is broken and is being held together with adhesive tape. A piece of the covering is torn off at the top of the spine and the corners are somewhat worn as well. The inside pages are discolored from age with brown spots on some. There are no markings or underlining in it. There is a presentation sticker on the inside cover with a name and a date given of June 1840. so it is an old book even though there is no copyright date found. The contents of this book are written in order to be read every Lord's day. It includes such topics on virtues as humility, temperance, chastity; diligence; kindness, etc. 
Price: 34.95 USD
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188 Author Unknown WHY DO THE HEATHEN RAGE? Combined Volumes --One--Two--Three
` Hillwood Ministries; 133 Pgs.; (no date) Paperback Good 
This book is like new. It has never been used and in good shape. The contents contain a compilation of newpaper essays which appeared in leading newspapers accross the nation 1962 to 1981. You will find here a keen insight on several scriptural passages concerning those who are departing from the truth of God's Word. While you may not agree with all of the author's beliefs, you will be awakened to a sense of contending for the faith which was once delieverd unto the saints." 
Price: 8.95 USD
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189 Author Unknown WORK WHILE IT IS DAY ----A Bible Study Ouline
RCB; 27 PGS. Stapled Like New 
This is an outlie of studies that can be used in groups or privately by followers of Jesus who honestly desire to know and exercise the ministry God has given them. Nothing in this booklet is of any use to a person who has not yet committed himself to Jesus as a daily follower or who, having put his hand to the plow, keeps looking back. This material is intended as a study aid for those who take seriously our Lord's teaching about the grain of wheat that bears fruit by dying .dying to self in all forms from laziness to spiritual pride. 
Price: 7.95 USD
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190 Author Unknown --Johnston, William (editor) CLOUD OF UNKNOWING, THE ---And The Book of Privy Counseling
Image Books; 195 Pgs. 1996 1996 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. Originally written in Middle English by an unknown mystic of the fourteenth century, THE CLOUD OF UNKNOWING represents the first expression in our own tongue of the soul's quest for God. A literary work of great beauty in both style and message, it offers a practical guide to the path of contemplation. The author explains how all thoughts and concepts must be buried beneath a "cloud of forgetting," while our love must rise toward God hidden in the "cloud of unknowing." William Johnston ---an authority on fourteenth-century spirituality and on the writings of this unknown author-provides a substantive and accessible introduction detailing what is known about the history of this text and its relevance throughout the ages. Also included here is the author's other principal work, THE BOOK OF PRIVY COUNSELING ---a short and moving text on the way to enlightenment through a total loss of self and consciousness only of the divine. In a new forword, Huston Smith shows "THE CLOUD OF UNKNOWING" as a highly relevant text for today's spirituality, containing essential elements from the varieties of religious experience. 
Price: 16.99 USD
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191 Avanzini, John DEBT-FREE GUARANTEE
Harrison House; 1994; 91 Pgs.; 1994 Paperback As New 5 1/4 x 8 1/4 
You can receive a debt-free guarantee from God! That's right. By following the simple steps outlined in this book, you will energize your out-of-debt program with the supernatural power of God Himself. 
Price: 9.95 USD
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192 Avanzini, John WAR ON DEBT --Breaking the Power of Debt;
HIS Publishg Co.; 1990; 190 Pgs.; 1990 Paperback Fair (slightly damaged) 5 1/2" x 8 1/4" 
This book is used with a name written in the inside cover. It is also slightly damaged with water spots on the edges of some of the pages. There is no underlining or markings inside the pages. The front cover has a small torn spot on the outside edge. This is Vol. 1 of the Financial Freedom Series written by John Avanzini. 
Price: 14.95 USD
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193 Avanzini, John and Ondrey, Patrick VICTORY BOOK, THE (Vol. III)
HIS Publishg Co.; 187 Pgs.; Paperback Good 8 1/2" x 11" 
The book is in good shape there are no tears or markings in it. The cover has a light crease and shows a little wear, otherwise it's good. This book is a workbook that will take you rapidly out of debt. It will show you how to get your spending back in line, even if you owe more each month than you earn. 
Price: 12.95 USD
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The Pontifical Gregorian University Press; 141 Pgs; 1975 Paperback; Good 5/8 X 9 1/2 
This book is an Excerpt of the Doctoral Dissertation Presented to the Department of Church History of the Pontifical Gregorian University. 
Price: 29.95 USD
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195 Backus, William GOOD NEWS ABOUT WORRY, THE
Bethany House; 1991; 219 Pgs.; 1991 Paperback As New 
THE GOOD NEWS ABOUT WORRY will help you: Understand your own anxiety better, identify how it affects you physically, mentally, and most of all spiritually. Locate and isolate the automatic thoughts that, running unbidden through your mind, stir up those unpleasant, anxious feelings and actions. Replace those pain-causing thoughts and beliefs with solid facts based on God's own words that lead to the life of peace Jesus has promised. 
Price: 14.95 USD
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196 Bahnsen, Greg L. & Gentry, Jr., Kenneth L. HOUSE DIVIDED --The Break-Up of Dispensational Theology
ICE; 1989; 411 Pgs.; 1989 Paperback As New 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" 
What HOUSE DIVIDED demonstrates is that dispensational theology has now been shattered by its own defenders. They are no longer willing to defend the original system, and their drastic modifications have left it a broken shell. They are also deeply divided among themselves on the crucial questions of biblical interpretation and social activism. In short, today's defenders of dispensationalism "destroyed the system in order to save it". No one has attempted to put this shattered theological system back together. No one will even outline its main points. 
Price: 24.95 USD
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Christian Pub.; 1993; 21 Pgs.; 1993 Stapled Paperback NEW 3 3/4 X 8 1/2 
This book will point out 7 definite errors in our modern contemporary churches today. 
Price: 4.95 USD
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198 Bailey, Waylon JOSHUA --Courage for the Future
Convention Press; 126 Pgs. 1995 0767332075 / 9780767332071 Paperback Good 6 x 9 
This study will remind adults they can face the future, even one that includes a new millennium, with courage because God keeps his promises. 
Price: 8.95 USD
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Columbia University Press; 1967; 151 Pgs.; 1967 Paperback Good; Used Underlining 
This book is in good condition, except for a name written inside the front cover and underlinings and notes written with comments throughout the book. The contents of this book's value can hardly be exaggerated. While Dr. Baillie carefully compares and summarizes the positions of modern theologians, his main concern is with the impact of revelation in men's lives. The wisdom, the sincerity, and objectivity, with which he approaches his subject make this a truly distinguished contribution to the theological literature addressed to a general reader. 
Price: 34.95 USD
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Baker Book House; 1976; 134 Pgs.; 1976 Paperback Good 5 1/4 x 7 1/2 
This is a clean copy and in good condition. It is almost like new except for little bare spots at the bottom of the cover edge and the bottom corner of the spine. The contents of this book is for Ministers and Christian laymen alike who will appreciate the keen challenge which supplies a firm foundation for living to all those willing to think through their faith and convictions. 
Price: 18.95 USD
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