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101 Misc. (Cuyler, Rev. Theo L -- Intro.) MOTHER, HOME AND HEAVEN ---Golden Thoughts on.
E. B. Treat; 453 Pgs.; Pictures;, 1882 1882 Hard Cover Fair 
Hard Cover. Fair. This book contains more than 300 widely-known authors on both sides of the Atlantic who have contributed to this work of 3 grand themes. They blend together beautifully, & interlock each other as light, heat & electricity are interlocked in a sunbeam. The Mother is the fountain-head of the Home. The Home is the fountain-head of society & of the Church of Christ. No influences in the universe contribute so much toward guiding immortal souls Heavenward as the Home & Mother. Poetic & Prose Literature of all ages and all lands are contributors to this book. A few well-known authors who have contributed to this book are: Richard Baxter; Henry Ward Beecher; Horatius Bonar; Horace Bushnell; Henry Clay; William Cowper; Fanny Crosby; Benjamin Franklin; Madame Guyon; Francis Ridley Havergal; Abraham Lincoln; George MacDonald; James Montgomery; D.L. Moody; John Newton; William Penn; C.H. Spurgeon; T. Dewitt Talmage; Daniel Webster; Isaac Watts; & many more. 
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102 Misc: Pink, Steele, Bunyan, Spurgeon, Unknown GODLY HOME $5.99 SALE $2.99
MZP Spine Stapled NEW 
Words of admonition and encouragement to Husbands, Wives, Fathers, Mothers, and Children. CONTENTS: 1. Family Worship - A. W. Pink.... 2. The Duties of Husbands and Wives - Richard Steele.... 3. Family Duty - John Bunyan.... 4. The Blood of Sprinkling and the Children - C. H. Spurgeon.... 5. Children to be Educated for Christ - Unknown.... 6. Faith and the Holy Spirit - John Bunyan 
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B.H.I.; 237 Pgs. (1897 reprint), 1998 1998 Hard Cover Like New 
Hard Cover. Like New. These stories, written and told a century ago by the famous evangelist, Dwight L. Moody, still powerfully communicate the three R's of savation: Ruination by the fall; Redemption by the blood; Regeneration by the Holy Spirit. While Moody uses children in the illustrations, the applications equally speak to teens or adults. Often exhoratation is given for parents themselves. 
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104 Morley, Patrick M. MAN IN THE MIRROR, THE; Solving the 24 Problems Men Face
Thomas Nelson, 1992, 307 pgs. HB, DJ, good Condition 1992 Hard Cover Good Good 
This book reveals 24 secrets of how to live successfully with the man in your mirror. This book is for you, the man grappling with the pressure & stress of everyday life. This book is recommended for Christians who are tired of "going through the motions" spiritually, and are ready to experience the rich, meaningful & abundant life available to true & faithful followers of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
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105 Morris, Harold TWICE PARDONED ---An Ex-Con Talks to Parents and Teens
Focus on the Family: 176 Pgs. 1986 1986 Paperback Good 
Paperback. Good. Ordinary people can get themselves into extraordinary trouble, warns Harold Morris, whose contacts with the "wrong crowd" in high school eventually led him to Georgia State Penitentiary in 1970. Falsely charged with armed robbery and murder, 29-year-old Morris faced two life sentences. In this graphic personal story, the author recounts the horrors of prison life and how family and friends, when they discovered his predicament, rushed to his side with a message of hope in Jesus Christ. Amidst a flood of tears, Morris fell to his knees in a roach-infested cell and opened his heart to the Savior. Opportunities for discipleship and ministry soon followed, as did his eventual release and full pardon in 1981. 
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BH OLDER ED. Paperback; 288 Pgs. Used 
With unusual sensitivity and insight Andrew Murray Presents Biblical steps for bringing our children to Christ and helping them grow in faith 
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107 Murray, Andrew PRINCIPLES OF TRAINING FOR PARENTS [Large Tract][See our List of Tracts]
This tract will inform you of the importance of training your children and how to follow the instructions of training. It also will tell you how to produce a Juvenile Delinquent; then on how to raise a Christian 
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BH 2001 Paperback; 272 Pgs. NEW 
Andrew Murray gives Bible-based examples of what God expects from parents and what He promises in return. The verse-by-verse guide will not only teach you to be a better parent, but will challenge you to live a stronger Christian life. This book contains 52 short chapters, each ending with a prayer, dealing with almost every aspect of parenting, ranging from the practical "The Sabbath and Children" to the sublime "The Heritage of Holiness". 
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WH 1984 Paperback; 312 Pgs. NEW 
Children are gifts from the Lord. In this practical guide to parenting, Andrew Murray shows the essential qualities of being a parent who loves the Lord. He also shows you how to: Build your family in the Lord; Alleviate stressful family situations; Direct your children's steps; See the needs of your family met; Obtain the fulfillment of God's promises; Offer Godly advice to your children; Lead your children to salvation 
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WH Paperback NEW 
Children are gifts from the Lord. In this practical guide to parenting, Andrew Murray shows the essential qualities of being a parent who loves the Lord. He also shows you how to: Build your family in the Lord; Alleviate stressful family situations; Direct your children's steps; See the needs of your family met; Obtain the fulfillment of God's promises; Offer Godly advice to your children; Lead your children to salvation 
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111 O'Connor, Lindsey WORKING AT HOME
Harvest House Pub.; 222 Pgs. 1990 Paperback Good 
Starting a home business is one way to make your dreams come true. In "Working at Home", author Lindsey O'Connor helps you decide whether a home business is realistic for you. A successful home-business owner, O'Connor provides vital start-up information in one book that might take you weeks to gather from other sources. This book will give you home business ideas, steps to setting up a home business, pitfalls to avoid, ways to keep work from invading home-life & home-life from invading work insight into mastering your time, and Godly principles on which to build your business. 
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112 Otto, Donna STAY AT HOME MOM $11.99 SALE! $8.99
HHP 1997 Paperback; 203 Pgs. NEW 
This book is for women at home and those who want to be...a book that applauds the stay-at-home mom and cheers her on with practical ideas to make the journey an adventure. 
Price: 8.99 USD
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113 Palacios, Ignacio BIBLICAL APPAREL
All. Pub.; 168 Pgs. 1990 1990 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. In the present work, I invite the reader to examine one (though not the only or most significant) way in which the new Christian life shall be transformed: the new pure and holy character shall be evidenced by the absence of pride, lewdness, and shame. This new lifestyle will include even the bodily appearance, for that which is ostentatious or proud should not exist (I Peter 3:34 and I Tim. 2:8-10). Disobedience to the biblical principles of modesty will mar the pure and holy character that God has given the Christian soul. Now, lest the intent of this book be misunderstood, I want to emphasize from the outset that the most important thing in this world is that a person make it to heaven through developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. No one must substitute this personal relationship for anything else, be what it may, including the manner of dress or apparel. Nevertheless, the same Author of His Holy Word tells us that we must leave behind that old life and walk in newness of life. This separation from sinfulness is a vital part of growing in the relationship with God. Therefore, if the christian's manner of attire is also supposed to be different from his/her former manner of attire and lifestyle as a sinner, then it is necessary to know what God says concerning the manner in which a Christian ought to dress. In this book, then, after a brief consideration of the history of the teaching on modesty in the church, the following questions shall be considered about the manner of apparel: 1. Can a person's character be known by the manner of apparel? 2. What is the symbolism of clothing? 3. Can the people of God wear jewelry, luxurious or expensive apparel, and make-up? 4. Is it necessary to maintain a distinctive appearance in regards to hair between men and women? 5. What was the manner of apparel of the people of God in the Bible? 6. What kind of attire should the modern people of God wear? Therefore, let us examine a brief history of the teaching of modesty throughout the centuries, and then we shall study what the Word of God says in order to answer the above questions. 
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114 Palmer, B.M. / Alexander, J.W. FAMILY
SP 1991 Hardcover; 260 Pgs. NEW 
An Essay in two parts. Part I: Chapter 1--General View of the Family; 2. Supremacy of the Husband; 3.Subordination of the Wife; 4. Authority of the Parent; 5.Filial Obedience; 6.Authority of Masters; 7.Subjection of Servants; 8.Collateral Relations in the Family. Part II: 1.Historical Development of the Church in the Family; 2. The Church under Natural Religion; 3. The Church under the System of Grace; 4. The Symbolical Mystery of Marriage; 5.The Church the Family of God; 6.The Family in it's OFfices of Instruction and Worship 
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Harvest House Pub.; 247 Pgs. 1999 1999 1565079175 / 9781565079175 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. "Christian Consumer Advocate" Jim Paris offers biblically sound financial principles and ideas to help you cut expenses and get your money's worth every time. Discover hundreds of ways you can make your money work harder and last longer ---save 30 to 50 percent on clothes; realize tremendous savings on groceries; find the best deals using the internet; invest for financial security and children's education; maintain your home and yard with minimal expense; arrange unique, low-cost vacations; buy furniture and appliances at far below retail value. 
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Harvest House; 247 Pgs. 1995 1995 1565073312 / 9781565073319 Paperback Good 
Paperback. Discover more than 200 proven principles for achieving real financial freedom. What good is financial advice that is too difficult to apply or require more money than you have? What people need today are quick and practical guidelines that can give them a running start on the road to financial freedom. This user-friendly manual provides dozens of simple strategies that you can apply instantly no matter what your financial circumstances. ----Reduce your credit card interest rates by half ----Cut your insurance cost significantly ----Build a powerful credit card rating -----Get out of debt for good ----Free up money to save and invest ----Guarentee your children's college education ---Buy a home without a large down payment ----Stop worrying about your finances. 
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117 Partow, Cameron & Donna HOW TO WORK WITH THE ONE YOU LOVE.and Live to Tell About It
Bethany House; 221 Pgs. 1995 1995 1556615329 / 9781556615320 Paperback Good 
Paperback. Good. Cameron & Donna Partow, living examples that "opposites attract, then attack," have struggled through the highs & lows of working together. Sharing from their background of laboring side-by-side in their family business, Partow Communications, they also bring wisdom from couples in corporations & home-based business in sectors ranging from information services to restaurant management to multi-level sales. The Partows show you how to: Evaluate the pros & cons of working together; Resolve conflict & improve communication; Manage risk; Build accountability without nagging or dominating; Involve children in the family business, & rekindle your relationship apart from the business setting! 
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118 Phillips, Michael E. TO BE A FATHER LIKE THE FATHER
CP Paperback; 309 Pgs. NEW 
Filled with humorous anecdotes and scriptural advice, TO BE A FATHER LIKE THE FATHER provides a wealth of godly wisdom and instruction for today's dads. Peppered with practical ways to model God's fatherly attributes, this encouraging book contains such colorful chapters as: "Spare the Rod and Spoil the children--Fathers and Communication Sugar and Old Spice--Fathers and Daughters. 
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119 Pommerehn, Earl G. WHAT IS A HOME?
O.P.T.S. 24 Pgs.; (no date) Stapled Paperback As New 4 X 6 
This little book deals with making a house a home and providing tender loving care for your children ---being there for them and seeing to their needs at all times. It warns about working mothers not being at home with their children to teach and train them the ways of God. This book will enlighten every reader as to why your children's needs are so important. 
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120 Pratney, Winkie DEVIL TAKE THE YOUNGEST ---War on Childhood
Huntington House; 271 Pgs. 1986 1986 0910311293 / 9780910311298 Paperback Good 
Paperback. Good. Whatever happenedt to childhood? To the time when our children could grow up innocently? When they lived in the security of love, safety & happiness? The young of our time have become a battleground. Exposed to more & more at earlier and earlier ages, children, our children, are being battered, raped & discarded, runaway, throwaways and sacfrifices of a culture that seems to have lost the power to care. There is a war on childhood today. This book is a challenge to that war. It is a call to sign up in the only army that can make the ultimate difference for the future of our world. 
Price: 11.99 USD
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