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1 Ames, William (1576-1633) MARROW OF THEOLOGY, THE
Baker Book Div.; 1997; 253 Pgs. 1997 Paperback As New 
Both Thomas Hooker and Increase Mather recommended the MARROW OF THEOLOGY as the only book beyond the Bible needed to make a student into a sound theologian. Brief, lucid and comprehensive, the MARROW presents the substance of the Puritan understanding of God, the church and the world. Ames shows Puritanism to be an eminently practical religion which stresses individual experience and feeling. Connections run from Ames in the seventeenth century to Jonathan Edwards in the eighteenth and Friedrich Schleiermacher in the nineteenth. 
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2 Bancroft, Emery H. ELEMENTAL THEOLOGY ---Doctrinal & Conservative
Life Line ; 326 Pgs. (reprint) Hard Cover NEW 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" 
This textbook on Elemental Theology is, in the writer's judgment, by far the best and most practical work in existence on this subject. Other works may be more detailed and extensive, with much of the text supported by lengthy quotations from the writings of early Church Fathers, Historians, and Theologians, but Dr. Bancroft's work is a correlation of Bible truth simplified, systematized, and supported throughout by manifold Scripture references, rather than by the writings of men. 
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3 Berkhof, Louis SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY (New Combined Ed.)
Eerdman's 784 Pgs. 1996 Hard Cover Like New Like New 
"This new printing of Louis Berkhof's SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY offers a bit of a surprise and, we hope, a signigicant service to the readers of the eminent volume. For most of its history under the title SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY, Professor Berkhof's work has appeared as a theological system without introduction or prolegomenon.In this new edition of Berkhof's work, we have returned his prolegomenon to its proper place.For Berkhof did indeed write a formal prolegomenon to his theology, entitled introduction to the Study of Systematic Theology.That Professor Berkhof himself intended introduction to be read together with the system is immediately evident.It is also the case that the Introduction was an integral part of Berkhof's address to theology from the outset of his teaching. 
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4 Binney, Amos / Steele, Daniel BINNEY'S THEOLOGICAL COMPEND (Improved) ---A Synopsis of the Evidences, Doctrines, Morals and Institutions of Christianity
S. P. C.; 119 Pgs. 2001 Paperback Like New 
A handy compendium of all the essential doctrines of Christianity; Designed for Bible Classes, Theological Studies and Young Preachers; The great truths of the Church clearly and concisely stated; Properly arranged so mutual connection and dependence are readily seen; Supported at every step by quotations from the errant Word of God 
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5 Boettner, Loraine STUDIES IN THEOLOGY
P&R 1947 Hardback; 351 Pgs. Like New Shelf Worn 
Contents: Chapter I. The Inspiration of the Scriptures; II. Christian Supernaturalism; III. The Trinity; IV. The Person of Christ; V. The Atonement 
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6 Cook, W. Robert THEOLOGY OF JOHN
Moody Press; 284 Pgs. 1979 Hard Cover Good 
This book is a careful, detailed, & scholarly study of all theological truths taught by the apostle John in his gospel, his three letters, & in the Revelation. The book is developed around one major theme ---the person & work of Christ. The theme unfolds in three distinct theological lines; salvation, the Christian life, & the last things. An extensive bibliography is included in this volume, as well as 4 indexes that deal with Greek words, authors, subjects & Scripture references. 
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Fountain Press Freeport, 1976, 470 pgs., PB, good condition 1976 Soft cover Good 
The book opens with an "Introduction To The New Edition" followed by "Advertisement To The Revised Edition". We have next the Biographical Sketch of the Rev. Benjamin Field followed by the Introduction by Victoria Hawthorne. There is also an "Intro duction to Modern Edition" by Schilling and then the "Introductory". There are 21 chapters followed by "Introductory Footnotes" and 18 chapters of footnotes. It ends with an Index. 
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8 Finney, Charles HEART OF TRUTH $18.99 sale! $12.99
BHP 1976 New Bicentennial Ed. Paperback; 248 Pgs. NEW 
In this book and its companion volume, FINNEY'S SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY, are found distinctive truths which swept a nation into consciousness of its need for Christ just before its most horrendous bloodbath. 
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Xulon Press; Reprint of Unabridged 1851 Ed.; 688 Pgs --Vol. 1, 2002 2002 Hard Cover Like New 
Hard Cover. Like New. After 150 years, it is time for the most important work of America's greatest revivalist to be revived. This is the unadulterated theology at the foundation of Finney's revivals. These volumes are a republication of the enlarged, unabridged 1851 London (final) edition. All subsequent editions are arbitrary abridgements almost half the size. Not only is the work before us a highly advanced moral philosophy text and logically tight systematic theology, but it is also a profoundly spiritual and devotional book. These continually interjected devotional elements make for a systematic theology as it was meant to be. Finney could not converse long on any important subject without his heart overflowing with the magnificent theme at hand in a way that vividly opens up the subject to make us see it from heaven's perspective. 
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Moody Press, 1980, 191 pgs., PB, fair Condition 1980 Soft cover Fair 
Soft Cover. Fair. Theological education by extension involves teaching people where they are. It is an approach missionaries are finding to be unusually effective as they train national leaders. TEE combines class and correspondence work. Eleven articles by eight authors give you insights into how to build a TEE program for your area of concern. Their expertise will guide you in all facets of a TEE Program. The articles in this volume include discussions on biblical and educational principles; method; mode ls; and goals of TEE; case studies; discussion on discipleship in general; and leadership in churches. Contributors to this extensive work include Ralph R. Covell; A. Clark Scanlon; Fred Holland; George Patterson; Avery Willis; Terry C. Hurlbert; a nd Lois McKinney 
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SPC Softcover Like New 
VOLUME 2. Paperback. Like New. The tried and true Wesleyan-Arminian theology used by Bible colleges for decades. Hills is firmly dedicated to the Wesleyan doctrine of Christian Perfection, and it shows through in this classic volume. He was also a man deeply committed to the success of the pastor, whether in the pulpit or out of it. The aspiring (or veteran) preacher who avidly studies and follows the admonitions of A. M. Hills will find a trustworthy roadmap to achievement. 
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12 Mackintosh, C. H. DANGEROUS CHOICE! [Small Tract][See our list of Tracts]
10 or more of a title makes them .05 each. SHIPPING COST WILL BE REDUCED RCB Tract 
In this tract, it is described how Christians choose a doctrine or theology, rather than Scriptures in the Word of God, revealed by the Holy Spirit. 
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13 Payson, Edward LEGACY OF A LEGEND
SGCB 2001 Paperback; 163 Pgs. NEW 
Edward Payson was perhaps the greatest Americans minister of the first half of the nineteenth century. Hundreds and even thousands named their sons after him in hopes that they would grow up to be like him. This volume is a fitting introduction to such a great man who walked with God, and longed that others would join him. LEGACY OF LEGEND brings this forgotten saint back to a church desperately in need of heroes. 
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14 Wakefield, Samuel Complete System of Christian Theology (2 volumes)
SPC 1985 Paperback As New 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 
Dr. Wakefield was familiar with Richard Watson's theology. He edited Watson's Institutes and added some important material of his own. It was Dr. Wakefield's conviction that there should be a systematic theology textbook suitable for the student preparing for the ministry. Therefore, following in the same vein of scriptural, theological truth which Mr. Watson had pursued, Dr. Wakefield prepared a comprehensive systematic theology textbook with a literary style easy to read and understand. This work presents a clear scriptural concept of regeneration and Christian perfection just as it was taught by John Wesley and the early Methodists. PAPERBACK 2 VOLUMES Wakefield's theology is an abridgement of Watson's Theological Institutes. The last edition of Dr. Wakefield's Theology was published more than one hundred years ago. This second edition will make available to all who are interested a valuable work unexcelled in the field of Christian theology. 
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Allegheny Pub., 1979, (1852 reprint), 326 pgs., HB, index added, revised & enlarged, like new condition 1979 Hard Cover Like New No Jacket 
Hard Cover. Like New/No Jacket. The opposers of Methodism have, both in their oral teachings & in their writings often misrepresented its doctrines: some, perhaps, ignorantly and very bungingly, some artfully & very ingeniously; and some, we fear, wickedly. By some, we have been represented as teaching that man makes the first step toward his recovery from sin; that we are to expect justification by the merit of works; that in so doing we rob Christ of his crown, and set aside the agency of the Holy Spirit; while not a few suppose that we believe & teach the doctrine of absolute & immaculate perfection. When it pleased God to raise up Rev. John Wesley to be the founder of Methodism, he resolved, through divine help to make the Bible his only guide in all the importa nt doctrines which he embraced, & which he faithfully delivered to the people. 
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16 Wynkoop, MIldered Bangs THEOLOGY OF LOVE
BHP 1972 Hardback; 372 Pgs. Good 
Here is an invitation into a boundless world of inspiration and spiritual enrichment---and, in effect into the realm of the Spirit-filled life, whose essence is love. The chapter headings of this perceptive volume reflect its scope and emphasis: 1. The Clue; 2. Toward a Theology of Love; 3. The Credibility Gap; 4. What is Wesleyanism? 5. A Hermeneutical Approach to Wesley; 6 Man, Made in the Image of God; 7. New Testament Man. 8. Sin and Holiness; 9. The Meaning of Moral; 10. The Psychology of Holiness; 11. Divine Human Interaction; 12. The Function of Faith; 13. The Clean Heart; 14. Christian Perfection; 15. Sanctification--The Substance; 16. Sanctification--The Circumstance 
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17 Wynkoop, Mildred Bangs THEOLOGY OF LOVE---The Dynamic of Wesleyanism
BHP 1972 Paperback; 376 Pgs. NEW 
Here is an invitation into boundless world of inspiration and spiritual enrichment--and, in effect, into the realm of the Spirit-filled life, whose essence is love. The chapter headings of this perceptive volume reflect its scope and emphasis: 1. The Clue; 2. Toward a Theology of Love; 3. The Credibility Gap; 4. What is Wesleyanism? 5. A Hermeneutical Approach to Wesley; 6. Man, Made in the image of God; 7. New Testament Man; 8. Sin and Holiness; 9. The Meaning of Moral; 10. The Psychology of Holiness; 11. Divine Human Interaction; 12. The Function of Faith; 13. The Clean Heart; 14. Christian Perfection; 15. Santification---The Substance; 16. Sanctification--The Circumstance 
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18 Zacharias, Ravi BEYOND OPINION ---Living the Faith We Defend
Thos. N; 360 Pgs. 2007 Hard Cover Like New Good 6 1/2 x 9 1/2 
More than a book of apologetics, BEYOND OPINION will equip you intellectually, spiritually, and relationally "to given an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. 
Price: 24.95 USD
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