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1 Austin-Sparks, T CHRIST OUR LIFE [Large Tract][See our list of Tracts]
10 or more of a title makes them .10 each. SHIPPING COST WILL BE REDUCED RCB Tract 
In this tract, T. Austin-Sparks describes how Christ can become our life...Christ living within us. 
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2 Austin-Sparks, T. SOULISH SERVICE (THOUGHTS FROM) [Small Tract][See our list of Tracts]
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In this tract, T. Austin-Sparks describes what a Laodicean Church is like in the last Church ages. 
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3 Austin-Sparks, T. UNION WITH CHRIST ----A Conference Message $10.99 SALE $8.99
Testimony Book Ministry; 99 Pgs. 1996 1996 Paperback Like New 
Paperback. Like New. Contents: 1. The Meaning of Christ; 2. His Place; 3. Eternal Union With Christ; 4. Creatrional and Racial Union; 5. Marital Union; 6. Vocational Union; 7. Functional Union; 8. Vital and Organic Union; 9. Consummated Union; 
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4 Barnhouse, Donald Grey CROSS THROUGH THE OPEN TOMB $19.99 SALE! $12.99
EP 1961 Hardback; 152 Pgs. Good Good 
In this book Dr. Barnhouse reminds us that "we have a risen Savior who is our living contemporary. Christ has not only saved us for heaven, but He is able to bring heaven into our souls as we daily walk with Him in the power of His risen life." 
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5 Baxter, Richard HOW TO SPEND THE DAY WITH GOD [Large Tract][See our list of Tracts]
10 or more of a title makes them .10 each. SHIPPING COST WILL BE REDUCED RCB Tract 
Richard Baxter gives examples of how to spend your time with God... Sleep; First Thoughts; Family Worship; Ultimate Purpose; Diligence in Your Calling; Temptation and things that Corrupt; Meditation; The Only Motive; Redeeming the Time; Eating and Drinking; Prevailing Sins; Relationships; Closing the Day 
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6 Bosworth, F. F. CHRIST THE HEALER [The $6.85 is only for shipping, any EXTRA will be a gift to RCB}
Baker Books 247 pages 9th Edition Paperback AS NEW 
ANYTHING PAID ABOVE THE $6.85 FOR POSTAGE & HANDLING WILL BE A GIFT TO RARE CHRISTIAN BOOKS. The truths discussed in this book, together with "the prayer of faith," have brought healing within the grasp of many thousands of sufferers who could not have recovered without the direct action of the Holy Spirit. To God be all the glory. Includes picture of F. F. Bosworth. 
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7 Buchan, Angus SECRET PLACE
MB 2014 Paperback; 125 Pgs. NEW 
In THE SECRET PLACE, Angus Buchan explains what this special time with God can mean. He shares touching anecdotes from his own life, and recounts stories from great Christian warriors through the ages, to illustrate the importance of these conversations with God. Having a regular quiet time will help you recover from the demands of life, and you'll find your faith becoming stronger as you grow in the Father.. You'll begin to discover that when you spend time with God, you hear His voice more clearly. 
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8 Chambers, Oswald CONFORMED TO HIS IMAGE $9.99 SALE 6.99
LP Softcover Like New 
Table of Contents: 1. Christian Thinking: Redemption, Man, Sin, New Birth, Repentance, Reality, The Holy Spirit, Natural and Personal Life, Discovering God, Common Christian Thinking 2. The Psychology of Faith I 3. The Psychology of Faith II 4. The Psychology of Faith III 5. Notes on Lamentations 6. Duty of the Heart 7. Holiness 8. The Mature Christian 9. Perfect Love 10. Sacramental Christianity 11. His Certain Knowledge 12. How the Apostle Paul Returns Thanks 13. Problemata Mundi 14. A Fatal Error of Indignant Integrity 15. Divine Paradox 16. Memory of Sin in the Saint 17. Celebration or Surrender? 
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NPDR 1900 reprint Paperback; 498 Pgs. NEW 
This book contains 43 chapters about the life of Chiniquy and his ministry 
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Z 1983 Paperback; 185 Pgs. NEW 
Every detail of the tabernacle points to some aspect of the person and work of our Savior. Then the tabernacle becomes secondarily, a picture of the believer, and the plan of salvation are drawn with stimulating and expressive words to emphasize the message of "Christ in us, the hope of glory." 
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OMP 1999 Paperback; 158 Pgs. NEW 
Loneliness is an inescapable part of human life. We need only look at the personal ads to see the lengths to which people will go to avoid it. Elisabeth Elliot helps us to understand the nature of our loneliness and shows how God can turn it into something beautiful for his glory. 
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SP 2002 Paperback; 245 Pgs. NEW 
God's all-encompassing love hs become the theme of Elisabeth Elliot's long life. For thirteen years she opened her daily radio program, GATEWAY TO JOY, with her signature words, "underneath are the everlasting arms," and now she offers this new collection of her reflections about the security we can find in God's love. 
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RCB Spine Stapled NEW 
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14 Havner, Vance JESUS ONLY [Larger Print]
SCB Paperback NEW 
This is a book about "Knowing Him" and how to make Him Known. 
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15 Heffren, H. C. JESUS CHRIST IS KING! [Large Tract][See our list of Tracts]
10 or more of a title makes them .10 each. SHIPPING COST WILL BE REDUCED RCB Tract 
H. C. Heffren describes how Jesus Christ can become King of your life, with Scripture included. 
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OPTS + RCB 2-Softcovers + 14-Spine Stapled NEW 
1. Bone of His Bone (Going beyond the Imitation of Christ) [Note: This is Mr. Huegel's 1st book. Most Christians that read this book], want all of J. Huegel's other books.] 2. Calvary's Wondrous Cross (The Cross--our center) 3. The Cross of Christ--The Throne of God (Secret of Fruitfulness Living) [Sequel to Bone of His Bone] 4. The Cross Through the Scriptures (Cross---in the Old Testament, in the Mind of Christ, in the Epistles, and in the Apocalypse) 5. The Enthroned Christian (Living the Throne Life) 6. Fairest Flower (Blooming as a Saint in the Wilderness) 7. Forever Triumphant (Secret of Victory in the Christian Life) 8. High Peaks in Redemption (Completing your Full Focus on Christ) 9. John Looks at the Cross (Closer look at the Cross thru John's Eyes) 10. The Ministry of Intercession (Miracle-Working Power Available) 11. The Mystery of Iniquity (Keys to Victorious Christian Living)[Sequel to That Old Serpent the Devil] 12. Prayer's Deeper Secrets or Successful Praying, (Laws of Prayer) 13. Reigning with Christ (Sequel to The Enthroned Christian) 14. That Old Serpent the Devil (Dethroning Satan) 15. Why Jesus (Inspiring & Challenging Encounter) 16. Herald of the Cross, Life & Work of F. J. Huegel (Biography of Frederick Julius Huegel by John E. Huegel, son of J. Huegel) 
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17 Huegel, F. J. WHY JESUS?
RCB; 48 Pgs.; Softcover, Spine Stapled, NEW Reprint of Original, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 
This book is an inspiring & Challenging Encounter. An interesting and unusual book which brings you face to face with Jesus Christ. As you read you will become aware, as never before, of the very special significance of Christ's birth, life, death, and resurrection. And you will know why Jesus is the One person you must either accept or reject. CONTENTS: 1. WHY ANOTHER BOOK? 2. WHY BETHLEHEM? 3. WHY A VIRGIN? 4. WHY THE STAR? 5. WHY TEMPTATION? 6. WHY AN IMPOSSIBLE CODE? 7. WHY SO SEVERE? WHY SO TENDER? 8. WHY NO MIDDLE GROUND? 9. WHY THE CROSS? 10. WHY THE RESURRECTION? 11. WHY THE AMEN OF HISTORY? 12. WHY NOT NOW? 13. Books by or about F. J. Huegel 14. Calvary's Wondrous Cross previewed 
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18 Hunt, T. W. MIND OF CHRIST $18.99 SALE! $12.99
B&H 1995 Hardback; 181 Pgs. Like NEW Like NEW 
This book is an Introduction to the lifelong process of becoming like Jesus. It will help you understand how God works within you and transforms you, continually renewing and reshaping your mind to reflect more closely the mind of Christ. 
Price: 12.99 USD
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STP Spiral Bound NEW 
In Abandoned to Christ, L. E. Maxwell treats the theme which .so deeply moves and fascinates him: "Christ made sin for us." Few writers can set forth the heart of the Christian gospel as clearly and profoundly, or evoke its dynamic appeal with such compelling force, as Maxwell does. Here the revealed mystery of the Cross, where death in Christ becomes a gateway into life and liberty, is brought to bear upon our lives with such concrete effec­tiveness that no one can read this earnest and challenging book and remain unchanged by it. In Maxwell the Christian life once again becomes an adventure - a journey of faith into the here and now where confession, dedi­cation, forgiveness and responsibility are the milestones, and the hope of glory journey's end. 
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20 Maxwell, L. E. CROWDED TO CHRIST $49.99 SALE $39.99
EP Softcover NEW 
In this new book L. E. Maxwell has given thousands of readers a brilliant, sober illumination of what the Chris­tian life is and where it leads; and in such a way, that every page incites the reader to accept its challenge. This is the kind of book which to read is to become another person. 
Price: 39.99 USD
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